November 5, 2014

Winter Weather Wear + the first flurries

I knew the only downside of moving back to New England would be the weather. I lived in Charleston for 16 years (O-M-G!) and though I survived my first 13 years in MA, I wasn’t sure I could embrace the cold the same way. I mean what was I thinking giving up that glorious heat? While yes, New England clearly has four seasons where Charleston has um, hot and cold, I was going to have to revamp my wardrobe accordingly. And by that I mean I needed all new winter clothing. Part of me dreaded the expense, and then part of me thought it would be fun buying new stuff. In order to fathom throwing buckets of money into clothes for my least favorite season, I went on a mission to try to find cute things. Warm cute things.

After oodles of research and advice from friends and Reddit (<—yes, I went there), I settled for this baby.

Land’s End Shimmer Down Parka

With a 30% off coupon, I managed to pay only $125. Not too shabby! It’s one of Land’s End’s warmest coats, that’s water-repellant and made of 600 fill power down. I love that it has a snap-off hood, fleece-lined pockets, a hidden two-way zipper, and is petite!

My second big purchase: boots. Ugly, ugly boots. So many people recommended I buy Sorel boots, but no. I can’t. No matter how warm they might keep my feet, they’re atrocious. Instead I opted for a New England staple: L.L. Bean “Bean Boots.” Yeah, they’re pretty ugly too, but the pair I tried on was super warm and comfortable. Sold.Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.08.40 PM

They also sell these things that slip over the bottom to help with traction. You can all look forward to hearing about the first time I bust my ass on ice. Just wait for it. My roommate also said she’d like to record me shoveling out my car for the first time. I said she could as long as I have a warm beverage in hand: coffee + Bailey’s.

Speaking of, I have to mention that there were already some flurries here on Sunday. It was a whopping 32 degrees and lightly snowing so my roommate and I decided to have a cleaning party. By noon we were ready to reward ourselves with an adult beverage. We forced ourselves to walk, rather than drive, the 1/2 mile to the wine store. With a boozy coffee in tow, it wasn’t so bad! And yes, I realize I could’ve put on full-length yoga pants, but I’m trying to make my body adjust. 😉

Next up: accessories. My roommate recommended I buy multiples of gloves, scarves, and hats in case one pair gets dirty or lost. With that said, I checked out Old Navy for their less expensive options. They won me over with their color selection. I found a bunch of great items in “Polar Bear” and “Pinot Noir” which will look great with my navy coat.

old navy winter weather wear scarf gloves hat performance fleece cable knit

fleece tech gloves |fleece-lined knit cap |sweater knit pom pom hat |cable knit infinity scarf |fleece inifinity scarf|knit gloves

To my southern friends: Don’t laugh. And please pray for me.

To my northern friends: What else do I need? Y’all can pray for me too.

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  • Remember the excitement of getting the LL Bean catalog every year and picking out all your cold weather gear??!?! That and backpacks with your initials on them 😉 I’ll pray for you girl that is for sure! You can always come and visit me in FL!

    • YES!! hahah! i just got a super thick catalog and was like omg the memories!!! seeing the new colors was always so fun. and the backpacks…i had SO many with so many different monograms/names/nicknames. good lord. and yes i may take you up on that offer!!

  • itzyskitchen

    Praying! When we moved from San Francisco to Boston, I was sick for literally 4 months (I got pneumonia from the Boston ocean water in the middle of the summer…). Stay warm! My body is in total southern mode (and I hope never have to change it out) 🙂

    • how did i not know you lived in SF?? that’s on my list of places to visit!

  • Genevieve

    Hand warmers! I usually keep a couple in my purse for the super cold mornings that I just can’t do it. They are also great to keep in your pocket for when you forget your gloves! http://mobile.walmart.com/ip/Hot-Hands-Value-Pack-10pk/17808715

  • LOL i had a LL bean coat for 7 years in chicago.. those things last! and they are worth every penny. Im not convinced with the gloves you picked up…be prepared you might need to double up on really cold days. and invest in some super thick man socks to keep your feet warm! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    • i do have some warmer gloves, i forgot to mention that! man socks, yes!

  • Amy

    I love that down coat! I may or may not have ordered something similar this weekend after our high was 42. Love those boots. I don’t think they’re ugly at all!!!

  • Christine Estler Higgins

    I actually think bean boots are super cute! I waited too late to order mine last year and it was almost spring before I got them. I’m so excited to have them for this fall and winter!

    • haha yeah, they’re not terrible. did you get the shearling lined ones? they’re so soft inside!

      • Christine Estler Higgins

        No, but those sound amazing! I live in KY and wanted to be able to wear them a few seasons and thought the lined ones might be too warm.

  • Nikki M

    You’re going to need some thicker gloves, especially for shoveling! Invest in a cute headband ear warmer for when it’s chilly but you don’t want to walk around with hat head for the rest of the day, they are life savers. I also really love Smart Wool socks!

    • i did get some thicker ones, i forgot to mention! ear warmer, yes!

  • I love cold weather so much. Which is unfortunate since I’ve lived in the south my entire life.

    Also, if you need another insanely warm coat, check out this one from J. Crew. It has a layer of thinsulate in it, so it’s super warm, but not bulky. I’ve had mine since 2006, and even though it’s rarely cold enough here to wear it, it’s one of my favorite articles of clothing ever.


  • Elise Nichols

    Oh honey I feel for you! You got some cute stuff though and I love that parka! One thing I figured out that I needed was some kind of tight to go under my jeans/pants. I was always warm up top thanks to several layers but my legs were always freezing!
    ~Elise @ highheelsglitteringeyes.blogspot.com

  • I really want a pair of bean boots, but I’m worried it’s not cold enough here!

    • get the ones that aren’t shearling lined!

  • Lainey

    The down coat is the best investment ever. I am rather unlucky when it comes to work travel and have to go to places like Chicago, Minneapolis, & New Jersey during November – February and I couldn’t do it without my thigh length down coat. I would suggest some thick wool socks as well as some thicker gloves. Also a fleece ear warmer. I love my bean boots but usually end up in hunters with liners.

  • Eeek snow…. I’ve secretly always wanted the “ugly” boots (didn’t people call them duck boots?). Good luck – you can brave it!

  • Biana Perez

    I actually can’t believe you think sorel boots are atrocious…I think they are so much better than the bean boots – now those I can’t get into!! Layer, layer, layer is my only piece of advice! 🙂

  • Lindsay

    From Upstate New York: a really good quality ice scraper with a brush on the opposite end. And a really good quality snow shovel. Preferably one with a metal edge to chip through the ice that will build up. BTW, this is a two handed job, not one that can be done holding coffee. Sorry!

    • Yeah, that was a joke

    • Sheanna Caban

      I remember living in Upstate New York during the big ice storm of 1990. Ice scrapers….Good call!

  • Those boots are so cute! I love them! I actually think the Sorel boots aren’t that bad. It looks like you’re all set for winter! Maybe a pair of ear muffs?!

  • Sheanna Caban

    You’re going to look ADORABLE all bundled up! I can’t count how many times I’ve busted my ass over ice from all the years I lived up North. Shoveling out your car is never fun either…Especially if you have to park on the street and those damn snow plows come along in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning and end up turning your car into a snow bank! That was the worst.

  • bean boots are a staple i only really wear on snow days. 🙂 they’ll be perfect for you up there!

  • Sheanna Caban

    I had to look up the Sorel boots….I think those are CUTE! I almost kind of wish it was cold enough here to wear them…Almost.

  • Brynn Guster

    Would you mind sharing how the fit goes on the jacket? I am looking at snagging one and wonder if the size is true or how it runs. Thanks!

    • of course! i think it fits pretty loose…well enough to fit a big sweater. i bought an XS Petite and it fits nicely and covers my butt. the sleeves don’t go over my hands but they land right at my wrists where they should. it’ll be fine with gloves. i’m 5’2 and 110ish–hope that helps!!

      • Brynn Guster

        Thank you, that is super helpful! I am 5’3 and usually go for petites as well, seems to fit better overall.

  • Violet

    I got a pair of bean boots (my first) this year and they are amazing! It hasn’t been too cold here so far but they are amazing for the wet weather which is pretty much a constant for my city. My advice is lots of thick, cozy socks and a really snuggly outfit to change into as soon as you get home.

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