February 8, 2015

Whole 30 Challenge: Week 2 Recap

Week two was much, much easier. My first week of Whole 30 was a challenge in many ways: navigating the grocery store, reading tons of ingredient labels, and getting into the groove. While some of that was actually fun for me, my emotions were all over the place on days 6 and 7. I was scared I was going to feel like a hormonal teenager for a while, but luckily it’s been smooth sailing since day 8. And actually, it’s been really great. I’ve been more upbeat and easy going than usual. There was only one day last week when I felt a little anxious, but it quickly passed. Friday was the only day I had trouble with a craving; I really just wanted to settle in with a glass of wine after a long meeting. But nope, I didn’t give in.

whole30 grocery shopping wilson farm lexington

Instead of giving you a daily breakdown like last week, here’s a list of what I ate throughout week 2.


  • fried eggs + bacon + avocado
  • hard-boiled eggs + apple + avocado


  • grilled salmon + stir-fried veggies
  • turkey meatballs + spaghetti squash + homemade pasta sauce
  • cod with roasted tomatoes + basil
  • indian butter chicken (don’t worry, no dairy in my recipe)
  • butternut squash soup with apple & ginger — recipe soon
  • baked rosemary & oregano chicken breast
  • carnitas salad from chipotle (the carnitas are the only whole 30 approved item!)
  • roasted purple potatoes + carrots
  • collard greens with bacon
  • a lot of sauteed veggies (bell peppers, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, kale)


  • nuts & seeds mix (walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds)
  • dried apricots
  • plantain slices cooked in coconut oilbutternut squash soup ginger apple brussels sprouts salad apple walnuts collard greens bacon whole foods ink block south end boston

I’ve always been a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast, so I’ve been perfectly fine eating having almost the same exact breakfast every day. In fact, I’ve eaten more bacon on Whole 30 than ever and I love that. It took me a while to find a sugar-free bacon and I was thrilled to find the Wellshire brand at a nearby Whole Foods. Not all the stores carry it so keep your eyes peeled or ask the meat department to order it for you. They will!fried eggs wellshire bacon eggs

I’ve been keeping a food/mood journal and each day I write down how far, percentage-wise, I’ve come. Watching the percentage increase definitely encourages me. I also look forward to my the Whole 30 newsletter each morning. It’s packed with tips and recipe ideas, but what I like the most is that it tells you what changes your body is going through and explains the physical reactions you’re encountering. When I was super moody and snappy, my newsletter basically told me I wasn’t going insane.

As I type this, I’m wrapping up Day 15 and am thrilled to be halfway done. But to be honest, two more weeks seems like a while! Right now I don’t miss ANY foods, which is shocking to me. I do want champagne though. Those bubbles!!! I bought seltzer water to mix things up, because let’s face it — water, tea, and coffee get boring.

Ready for week 3! Let me know if you have any questions! And if you’re also doing the challenge, how are you feeling!?

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  • Meg

    I love following along with you, love! So happy you’re feeling awesome xo

  • Way to go, you’re almost done! I’ve never committed to a strict diet plan but this one sounds appealing! It includes the food I generally eat throughout the week (weekends are another story…hehe) Do you have more energy? Any weight loss? Sleeping better? Have you grown angel wings!!?

    • thank you for the kind words!! i’ll def give you more details, but quick answers would be: yes more energy, yes weight loss, sleeping better…no, which is weird bc everyone else does. and no i’m still a little imp over here hahahha xo

  • I have a goal to do the Whole30 this year and I love reading your experience. Now I just need to find a time on the calendar that works! Nice Job!

    • yay, do it!! it’s for sure important to find the right time. you definitely need to be in the right mindset. i know you’ll kick ass at this.

  • amelia

    All of your food looks and sounds amazing. You are definitely not deprived by any means. I mean, bacon? So good! It’s funny how some people think ways of eating such as whole 30 and paleo restrict too much. However, one thing I have found with eating paleo, is that it is so much easier, faster and simpler to meal prep. Not only that but I feel like it really resets the palate and tastebuds.
    You’re rocking this. Pshhh wine. That glass will taste so much better enjoyed with friends when your 30 days are up!
    Btw, I want that soup and I need to try the butter chicken recipe.

    • well said, not deprived at ALL! love love love all your thoughts. anytime someone is like “ugh what CAN you eat?” i’m like “bacon.” enough said. so true about it being simpler to meal prep. less ingredients = less mess for me. well, sorta, haha.

  • I love hearing your reviews on this! How are you doing with the no dairy part of it?

    • funny you ask bc dairy is the one thing right now that i want NOTHING to do with. the thought of it makes me shudder.

  • Sheanna Caban

    Great job! Can you post the butter chicken recipe? I would love to make that! My 2nd round is going smooth-ish….Turns out that on a second round, you still have the emotional hardships you encounter on the first round. This weekend wasn’t the best. Also, PMS…Double edged sword. Alex should have just gone out of town.

    • for the indian chicken i blended 2 recipes: one from Against All Grain and one from Paleo Takes 5. honestly i wouldn’t recommend it…i wonder why you had the emotional hardships when you only took a day off? interesting.

      • Sheanna Caban

        It probably had more to do with PMS an environmental factors. It was a stress-y week. Not looking like I’ll be getting too much relief this week, either. Meh, better times should be ahead. Onward!

  • Those meals all look so good! Keep up the good work friend!

  • Biana Perez

    Your meals all look so good!! I think snacking is where I’d have the hardest time with! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

    • it has been for me, mostly bc i tend to eat out of boredom. whole30 tries to break you of that and encourages you to eat 3 big meals and snack less. i don’t know that i 100% agree with that way of eating, but i am snacking less…but i can’t resist my nightly snack!!

  • You are doing awesome! Your meals look delicious, too. I want to try that butternut squash soup.

  • Brynn Guster

    Out if curiosity, what is your goal with Whole30? Just wondering as this goes for a duration if time vs something like paleo that seems more of a lifestyle. Is it to reset, weight loss? I’m so intrigued by W30.

    • great question! mostly it’s to reset my palate & digestive system, nix the need for something sweet after dinner, stop being a “grazer”, nix mindless eating, and focus on quality foods that make me feel good rather than make me “happy” (ie chocolate.) as far as weight loss goes, yes that’s a bonus but not my main focus, ya know? i also wanted to commit to a 30-day program as i think it has more of a lasting effect, both mentally and physically. i would love to turn this into a lifestyle!

  • You’re doing great and all the food looks anything but bland!

  • OKAY you make Whole 30 look really really good. Like sometimes I see Whole 30 diaries on Instagram and I’m like (monkey over hands emoji x a million) because everything just looks so boring. Or mashed up. Or something. You, my friend, are slaying it though! Can we please see that non-butter butter chicken, too?! I’m so intrigued and too lazy to Google 😉

    In 2 weeks I will raise a glass to you!!

    • it really can be delicious if you use lots of fresh herbs & spices!! it’s amazing how simple my recipes have been but still so good. honestly i think it’s the simplicity that DOES make them good bc you can actually taste all the individual flavors. ya know? no mashed up baby foods over here!!! so the butter chicken…eh, honestly i wouldn’t recommend it. i had to force myself to eat the leftovers bc i didn’t want to waste it. it was a mix of two recipes from Against All Grains and Paleo Takes 5 or Fewer. if i find a better one i’ll let ya know!!

  • Alissa

    What is that below the squash soup? It looks so good! And ditto on the salmon and veggies–can you please share the recipe? I am SO bad at making stir fry, since I refuse to use the bottled sauces…so mine end up tasting kind of muddy and generally bad :/
    And I, too, must have some sort of evening snack…usually just fruit and yogurt, but it def. helps me to not eat a “dessert” or get the late-night munchies.

    • that would be a brussels sprouts & apple salad which i will be posting either tomorrow or next thursday!!! so stay tuned! 🙂 🙂 as far as the stir fry goes, not gonna lie, that was from whole foods. but i watched them and all they did was stir fry in olive oil! i couldn’t have most of their sauces so i just told them to use that. i would say make sure you have enough oil in the pain so the veggies don’t burn and start out with a little seasoning and add more as you go/taste.

      • Alissa

        Thanks, Christina!!

  • Danielle Matesi

    I felt the same way about not realizing I had that much self control. I never ever thought I could go a month without sweets. It’s crazy how this program helps you stay focused, isn’t it? Sounds like you’re doing great!

    • seriously!! and alcohol, haha. how did you do reintroducing stuff? i’m getting nervous about it.

      • Danielle Matesi

        The reintroduction was important for me because it was the main reason I did the program. I would feel sick a lot, and I never knew what caused it. It was hard to introduce one thing and continue to eat everything else Whole30, though. I had wine the first night (obviously), then the next day I introduced sugar, which was tricky to do without also introducing dairy and/or grain! A few days later I introduced cheese and grain kind of around the same time, which probably wasn’t the best idea, but at that point I was so over it, haha. I basically realized that the combination of all of these food groups together is bad, but dairy really affects me the most. It’s so interesting to really see the effects!

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  • Gabby

    I love your blog on your Whole30 journey. Today is Day 1 for me, and I found the link to your website during my flight today. (I travel full-time, to a different location every week, so it’s going to be a huge challenge for me to be able to secure ‘clean’ food every day for 30 days.) I’m EXTREMELY interested in the item below the butternut squash soup. Looks like it has apples and walnuts, and I can’t figure out the rest. It looks like something I could eat every day!! Would you possibly be able to share your recipe for it? Also, did you do ‘recaps’ from weeks 3 and 4? Thanks so much!

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