December 28, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. I am the queen of last minute…everything. Procrastinating is my specialty. 5 days before NYE, I realized I like none of the dresses in my closet. Typical female right here. So, I purchased a new one. Piperlime is my friend.


2. This chart. That grey area is why I try to stay single. Ew.image

3. I go to Hall’s Chophouse a lot. Their beets make me drool. After blogging about them here, they put me up on their website. Boom.image

4. So I guess I have to go back to NYC. Several reasons to travel have popped up (HELLO LUCY), including a new restaurant in the Upper West Side. @PetrossianNYC tweeted me to inform me of Jacob’s Kitchen. Should I book my flight now?image

Fried pickles in NYC = #bestofbothworlds. SERIOUSLY.

5. My Xbox avatar wears spandex!IMAG1299

I just remembered that I have cookie dough in my freezer. Gotta go.

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  • Wow you got your first Christmas card already? I need to get started on mine :X. Love those earrings! So simple and can be worn with pretty much everything. A definite score. Your pictures with your friend are so cute! You both look like fun girls!

  • Helen Gash

    Hahaha that Christmas card makes me laugh, that is exactly what I’m not trying to do this year. Love the dress. Loving your blog too!


  • itzyskitchen

    Those earrings are cute! And that store is the best! LOVE that quote-  so true. Have a good Wednesday

  • I moved again. So I imagine, even if I sent out my new address to everyone, that my cards will show up two weeks after christmas after being sent through all the mail forwarding…

  • That hummus is good, you will love it!

    Love you!!

  • hunger games is THE BEST!! I could not stop reading the series. You’re going to love the net books as well.

  • So are you going to mail him a card back?

  • Sarah Gillian

    best hummus ever! if you are a fan of tuna, making tuna salad with that and a little spicy mustard = delicious.

  • Sheanna

    You used the word “sike.”  That just happened.  We let that happen.  I might not have heard that word since 1989.

    Also….I really love that dress.  I FINALLY found a dress to wear to the Spine Party this year.  Thank you for all of your help.  You rock my world, missy!

  • CUTE CUTE CUTE dress!! I love!

  • Francesca Battye

    Cutie earrings! Happy wednesday

  • Sonnchris4

    Almost fininished w/ The Hunger Game series. Good read!!! Not something I think I would of chose, but sooooo glad I did.
    Keep us posted

  • I’m taking #10 as personal. Hunger games didn’t last long with me. I marinated in bed until they were complete. 

  • Isn’t it magical?! OMG.

    Heheh. We always connect our comps to our lounge tv (which is huge and HD) and watch Dom Mazzetti videos. In Hi Def. Meow.

  • Love the dress and you must hook me up with a copy of the book!

  • That card rocks!  Love it..haha.

    And you are going to rock that dress girl!

  • kushrebecca

    ahh I need that bumper sticker, I love mermaids!!

  • Lucy

    do you love the book? heard awesome things about it. will you email me the pdf? xxoxo

  • hahaha that card is funny. Looks like something i would write on a card to a friend.

  • The Hunger Games trilogy were sooo so good! I know you won’t be able to put it down 🙂

  • Kerr

    I read the first one Monday, the second one tonight, and I’m going to buy the third tomorrow!

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