March 7, 2017

Here’s What I’m Bringing to St. Thomas

I feel like I’ve been prepping since the moment I booked my flight. It’s been rudely cold here again and I’m itching for some heat. Oh, and a tan.

As usual, Target saved the day when it came time to buying new bikinis. Every year they’re really on their game with the trends. I ordered a bunch and ended up keeping these 4.

pink scalloped | blue strappy halter | navy pinstripe | pink pineapple

The Jet Set by Beautycounter. I am a horrendous packer and try to bring everything with me so I figured this will help me cut down on the products I need to pack. The set include the citrus mimosa body wash, citrus mimosa body lotion, daily shampoo and conditioner, charcoal cleansing bar and a travel bag. It’s on sale right now and I think I can squeeze a few mini bottles in that bag. 😉


Then, for when I’m on the sand I’m going to use their Protect Suncare line. No way I’m not shielding my face from the rays. That’s one thing I’ve been super conscious about in my 30s.

SPF30 Sunscreen (on sale!) | SPF15 Lip Balm

Maestra. I get so so anxious flying and the only thing that keeps me calm is immersing myself in a good book. I’ve heard great things about this thriller so it’s coming with me! Anyone have any beach reads? (I prefer thrillers or non-fiction!)

Of course I’m bringing snacks, too. When don’t I? Let’s hope my Almond Butter Stuffed Dates are TSA approved.

Anyone have any beach reads? (I prefer thrillers or non-fiction!) Who’s already a Beautycounter fan?

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  • Super jealous of this trip! I’m the same way when it comes to flying- I have to have a good book to fully concentrate on! I really liked The Couple Next Door and The Good Girl!

    • definitely a book and crossword puzzles. i will check those two out — thank you!

  • yay! so jealous. it’s cold and rainy here and i would love to be on a beach right now.
    non-fiction: the glass castle, three cups of tea. if you want a weird bio, the heroin diaries (nikki sixx of motley crue was one messed up dude for a long time).

    • i knew i could count on you!!!

    • Teri

      I second the glass castle! SO good.

    • Sheanna Caban

      I need to read the Nikki Sixx book! Thanks for that suggestion!

    • Alyssa Loring

      The Glass Castle is a good one!

  • I LOVE the blue bikini!!!! I’m super into the string there! I’m going to St Barths this summer, so I need to get my packing list soon!

    • it’s SO cute on! very flattering and not as revealing as i thought haha. yes, you need it for St. Barths!!

  • Teri

    I loooooooove Beautycounter products! I had no idea that travel kit existed! I need it!! It has so many of my favorite things and I have a few trips coming up! Perfect!

    And uh, can I please go with you on your trip??

    Book recos – Girl at War (historical fiction), Essentialism (non-fiction) and Modern Lovers (fun, easy read).


    • Yes, you need it for your next vaca!! COME WITH ME ON ANOTHER!!! Thanks for the book recs!!

  • Sheanna Caban

    SO FUN! When are you leaving? I’m a WRECK on flights, too. I’m actually heading to the doc for some xanax for the Spain trip next month. A book just won’t cut it. Cute bikinis! Good suggestions on the packing front, too. I have an issue with overpacking as well.

    • hahah i don’t blame you. i ALWAYS overpack. and wear like half the stuff i brought. oy.

  • Shenine

    Holy cow Almond butter Dates!!! amazing, how have I never seen these before. You are in good company with the flying anxiety, Now that netflix let’s you download episodes, i just load my phone up with Grace and Frankie and that makes me feel so much better.

    • you must make them!!!! i totally forgot netflix lets you download now. GREAT idea, thanks girl!!

  • Alyssa Loring

    Target is my go-to for bikinis! They always have the best stuff.
    Alyssa | feathers and stripes

    • agreed!! i’ve had some that have lasted a few years too, so even though they’re inexpensive they’re not bad quality either 🙂

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