March 10, 2013

Two Great Deals for Charleston Friends

Hey local friends! I just purchased two deals that I couldn’t resist sharing with my neighborhood readers.

First up, earlier this week I bought the Living Social deal for Bella Forza Studio. For just $37, you get a month of unlimited classes. I jumped right on this deal because a) a month is typically $74, and b) there are a good variety of fun classes I want to try…

  • athletic conditioning
  • barre
  • cardio focused barre
  • cardio and strength training
  • HIIT
  • yoga

That’s a really good mix of workouts if you ask me. I’m determined to try them all. Who’s up for doing this with me? Sign up!!

The second deal I bought was for a $7 manicure at Studio Nail and Spa. I’ve gotten several manis here and they always do a great job. The men who work here are stinkin’ hilarious too. The studio is located in the Shelmore shopping center off of 17. Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 8.57.40 PM

Who’s with me for a date of exercise and fancy nails?

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  • I just wish cool stuff would come to West Ashley!! I saw those deals and they’re great, but I wouldn’t save any money after driving to MTP to use them =(.

    We do have a great new-ish frozen yogurt place though… and some good restaurants. I will give it that :).

  • itzyskitchen

    I just saw that 7 dollar deal! I need to try that place! Thanks gal

  • Amy

    That mani deal is right up my alley. I’m ashamed to admit that I have purchased countless workout groupons that I never redeemed. #wasteofmoney #hatetoworkout

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