August 27, 2014

Things That Drive Me A Little Crazy

Join me in sharing what’s driving you a little bonkers lately.

1. I’m usually pretty careful about how much toothpaste I put on my toothbrush but this new tube I have is giving me issues. As I was walking around the house scrubbing away, my mouth was suddenly full of a LOT of foam. I kid you not, I swallowed a little and started choking to the point where I thought I might throw up toothpaste. I mean what the heck kind of chemicals are in this paste that makes it foam up to the point of making me choke? I mean I was literally foaming at the mouth…

2. Every time a FedEx or UPS truck drives by my house, I’m like a dog waiting for her owner to come home. I stare at the window praying it stops in front of my house to bring me a package. When it doesn’t stop, I pull a mini mental tantrum in my head wishing I got an order. What’s worse is when I come home, see an actual package, and realize it’s for my roommate and not me. Sad.

3. When people on instagram go like-crazy on your photos, hearting like 10 in a row…but DON’T follow you. Listen chicks, if you just liked at least a handful of my most recent photos, I’m gonna guess you’ll probably like the future posts in my feed. Just sayin’. This isn’t gonna make me follow you. #stubborn

4. Pedestrians when I’m driving/Cars when I’m a pedestrian. How messed up is this? When I’m walking/running and I near a sidewalk, GUESS WHO IS GOING? ME. Massachusetts will slap you with a $200 fine if you don’t stop for a pedestrian at a sidewalk and when I’m walking, I like to just jump straight into the street. A)Because I feel daring sometimes or B)I usually am not even paying attention and am in a rush. But when I’m driving…pedestrians make me insane. If they’re on a crosswalk, you go girl, walk on with your bad self. But when they’re just randomly walking in the middle of the street, oh my god don’t make me use my horn.

5. My work events include anything related to food, fitness, or wine & beer. We go to some pretty kickass places and meet really fun people. Every now and then we meet a super strict vegetarian who just isn’t a fan of jerky. That’s all fine and dandy until they call us meat killers. Yes, this has happened at least 3x. I have no problem with anyone being a vegetarian–more power to ya!–but is that comment necessary? I proceed to hold it together with a slightly awkward grin.

6. Pumpkin spice everything being here in AUGUST. WHYYYYYYY. Ok, I’m happy for you PSL lovers who seem to be *thrilled* that it’s here early, but it doesn’t stop there. Like I said in my last post, I saw the Pumpkin Spice and Candy Corn M&Ms in Target already. Why do we seem to rush the seasons away? I will hold onto Summer as long as I can. These white jeans aren’t coming off my body anytime soon.


And this is why I drink wine! Cheers!

What little things drive you crazy?

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  • Cate Hartnett

    I refuse. REFUSE to stop for pedestrians if they’re not in a crosswalk. What’s worse is when they are right next to the damn crosswalk and are waiting forever to cross. Um, if you stepped two feet to your left, you’d have crossed by now. Ugh. I am that stereotypical Boston driver!

    • HAHAH as soon as i saw “REFUSE” in all caps i started cracking up!!

      • Cate Hartnett

        Haha I did the same with your toothpaste story!

  • suzMA

    LOL! You are now a Bostonian! 😉

  • Biana Perez

    #3 drives me insane and I’m with you – will not follow you just for liking my photos lol! And I totally know what you’re saying about being a pedestrian – since well that’s me the majority of the time LOL…but drivers here just CANT drive!!

    • agreed! yes you’re mostly a pedestrian but i bet you don’t walk out in front of traffic!! haha

  • I’m LOVING that Maya Rudolph gif.

    I obsessively track my packages online. It’s probably a sickness. I’m going crazy right now because something was supposed to be delivered Monday and is now just floating along somewhere in the USPS world – probably in Texas. Hoping the tracking gets fixed soon!

    • she is so great… oh my gosh, i am insane with my tracking links. sometimes i’ll bookmark them so i don’t have to dig them out of my email again. sick! oh no, missing packages are the worst! like get out of the limbo and get to my house!!!

  • Meat killers? Really? That doesn’t even make sense. Animal killers. Cow killers. Pig killers. Yes. But isn’t meat already dead? (p.s. my favorite food as a kid was jerky. Not kidding)

    It drives me INSANE when people are too lazy to take their grocery cart back to the grocery store or cart corral thing. Even more crazy when there’s no parking and carts are now lined up with parking spaces because when one person does it so does everyone else and I need a place to park! Raging.

    Gah, I’ve missed your blog. More blog reading commences now.

    • i know! it sure doesn’t make sense.

      ohhh i used to be bad about the shopping cart thing but i always return it now! respect! haha

  • buying textbooks. ugh. kill me.

  • Umm yup, I agreed with most of these. Especially the pumpkin stuff- I’m already not nearly as gung-ho about pumpkin as most bloggers, but if it is still in the mid-90’s here, there is ESPECIALLY no way you’re getting me to get excited about pumpkin!

    • yeah i’m not really on the pumpkin bandwagon in general either. i mean sure it’s nice like once or twice but people go nutty for it!!

  • hahaha 4 is so true! And I’m definitely with you on traffic and just poor drivers in general! I think every time I get in my car I never want to have to drive again! I do the same thing with the UPS truck when i see it… then realize it’s going to my neighbor, not me!

    • that’s how i feel lately too, just wish i could give up my car!

  • itzyskitchen

    I was nodding to all of these! WHY do people just like a million of someone elses photos and not follow them? Stop trying to get mass followers…annoying! And yes- CROSS IN A CROSSWALK. And if a pedestrian is in a crosswalk, STOP bahhhh. I agree- lets hold off on the pumpkin everything for at least another couple weeks…

    • it’s so weird…like like like like but no follow. c’monnnn.

  • Hahhaha oh my gosh, #3 YES!!! Drives me literally crazy….

  • Erin @ The Grass Skirt Blog

    I am the same way with UPS and Fed Ex! I get so annoyed when a package comes and it is for my husband.
    The Grass Skirt

  • Kate

    I’m the same way as #4. I also hate pedestrians when I’m a pedestrian. It drives me crazy when people are just casually strolling (I got places to be, yo!), but what’s even worse is a group of people who are walking slowly and taking up the entire sidewalk, and you’re just stuck behind them trying not to step on their heels or you have to do that passing maneuver and literally get on the grass or road to pass and huff the entire time you’re doing it so they know you’re annoyed. I also hate when you’re approaching a group of people taking up the sidewalk, going the opposite direction as you, because almost always, they never move out of the way and literally will bump into you if you don’t get onto the grass.

    Basically, I hate people in general it seems.

  • haha yep i was the same way yesterday waiting on my amazon delivery! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  • Amy

    That puppy!!!!! EEEkkkkkk! Told you I have puppy fever! So glad to know why you drink BMJ!!!

  • Lauren @ i had a big lunch

    Oh my gosh I totally know what you mean about people and their STRONG opinions. I’ve worked in almost every industry (food, drink, retail, office work) and some people just need to have their voices heard, even if it’s uncalled for and totally out of your control. And the pedestrian/car/bike conundrum is one for the ages…whichever one I’m doing at the moment, I think I’M in the right. It’s the worst driving in the city!

  • I just love the GIFs to go along with all these! what the heck kind of toothpaste are you using

  • Elise Nichols

    I am with you on the whole cars/pedestrian thing! I HATE pedestrians if I’m in a car but when I’m the one walking I will always shoot a car a death look if they don’t stop for me!

  • You know I love a good rage post 😉 Girl try driving in FL it takes road rage to a whole new level!

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