April 10, 2014

The Friday Five: Fun Web Finds, Chrisley Knows Best, Salads, and GIFs!

1. Reading: 

2. Watching: Have you guys seen USA’s new show, Chrisley Knows Best? Jersey boy Matt introduced me to this ridiculousness. Todd Chrisley is both outrageous and hilarious. No filter whatsoever. His two daughters kinda bug me (the southern accents, oh my gosh), but his two younger sons crack me up. Mom seems to be just a supporting role in all the madness.

usa network chrisley knows best

Who watches? Agree or disagree: Chrisley may or may not be in the closet.

3. Eating: Yesterday my aunt, grammy, and I walked around downtown Concord, the town where I was born. It’s got such a cute little downtown with shops and a couple eateries. We stopped in Main Street Market & Cafe for lunch. They’ve got a huge menu full of salads, flatbreads, panini, and baked goods. Naturally, I ordered what sounded like my dream salad: beets, avocado, goat cheese, mandarin oranges, topped with seared salmon and a citrus vinaigrette.

main street cafe bakery beet salad salmon avocado goat cheese citrus vinaigrette massachusetts

It was so perfect for me, but so…meh. It looks beautiful but was actually bland. Sad! My aunt and grammy said the same thing about their orders; the turkey cranberry wrap and the pesto chicken panino sounded amazing, but were bland as well.

Main Street Market and Cafe on Urbanspoon

4. Bookmarking: Pan Glazed Chicken with Kale & Basil

5. GIFs!

life as a short person

when my favorite wine is on sale

my level of excitement for every meal i eat

how i feel about shopping at the mall

and online

have a lovely weekend! xo

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  • itzyskitchen

    Bummer about the salad! Looks gorgeous!! That gif about being short is amazing 🙂

  • LOL at those last two gifs!!

  • Cara

    So glad I am not the only one who thinks that about Chrisly dad. The show is a train wreck that I can’t stop watching! 🙂

  • Extremely unethical life hacks for the win! I could never pull the steak trick but I’d pay someone else $50 to do it. 😉

  • Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

    Hahaha that “life as a short person” gif is so true.

    Happy Friday!

  • I’m not going to lie I kinda like that Chrisley show but I can’t watch it if Marks home because all their accents drive him nuts hahaha. You were in downtown Concord awwww that just made me happy and sad all at the same time! What does that say about my character with some of those life hacks I was like “that is awful but I wish I could pull off some of those”. Hope you have a great weekend girl!

  • hahah im an online shopper too 🙂 it’s the best! and i need to start watching that chrisley show again haha xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  • Stacy G

    I definitely prefer online shopping as well. I have an uncle that reminds me a bit of Chrisley haha!

  • Biana Perez

    bahahaha your gifs are too funny!! Chrisley knows best is amazing – thank god they gave that man a show!! Chicken with kale and pesto – yes please – you can come over and make it!! 🙂 Happy weekend friend!

  • Katie Anne

    Omg yes!!! I’m not alone

  • Hana

    Umm, could he be any gayer?

  • Meg Henning

    oh my gosh yes chrisley knows best i watched it yesterday i kept saying to myself is this guy for real? i couldn’t stop watching it thank goodness there were like 4 episodes in a row of it on

  • Rach

    #4 from that list of weird stuff girls say to each other made me laugh because my suitemate in college totally asked me that just a couple of days after we met. I remember thinking “wow, so this is college…” haha!

  • Hana Shaaban

    Chrisley is totally in the closet…especially after watching him explain how his clothes are organized by seasons!

  • Catherine Crain

    Chrisley Knows Best…all your thoughts are mine exactly. It’s addicting in an amazingly annoying way haha. & he’s obvi super metro….but they have like 5 kids so clearly….*cough cough*.
    PS always love these GIFS!

  • Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork

    OMG-those GIFs are so me! Especially the mall vs. online shopping. Cannot deal with shopping in the mall/in store. And every meal is exciting to me, mostly because I get to eat. In fact, am planning my lunch in my head right now even though I won’t be eating it for a little while longer. 😉
    Too bad about the salad–looks delicious!

  • Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork

    P.S. My dad keeps raving about this 90+ brand. Basically, the high-priced brands want to keep their prices up, so they sell off the excess (instead of letting it go bad) to this brand and they re-label it without the original brand, but knowing it has a 90+ rating. I haven’t checked it out yet, but definitely will.

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