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April 21, 2017

5 Fun Things 4.21.17

1. I’m so excited that so many of you have entered my Beautycounter giveaway! I’m pumped to make someone’s day special but also to keep you all informed of how awesome the products are. Don’t forget, winner or not, you can always email me if you want to chat. Enter here!

Beautycounter Jet Set Collection Giveaway

2. I mentioned Trader Joe’s Everything Spice a few posts back, but howwww good would they be on hard boiled eggs? Ok, everything deviled eggs. I need a whole post for this!

3. Portion control wine glasses are a thing. So…yeah. Grab a set of four here. And don’t blame me when you’re filling them up twice.

4. Tell me you’re excited about The Handmaid’s Tale starting next week. Be my best friend and watch it with me!!!!


5. GIFs!

bumbling like…

rationalizing every message like

handling creepy responses like

what i really do at work…and it’s justified

trying to float through life like

have a GREAT GREAT weekend! today is your day and you are beautiful.