June 24, 2013

Sunday Confessions X

Ten weeks of these confessions and you’re still reading!? Wowwwwwww y’all must be crazy too.

1. When I was younger my mom signed me up for dance, tap, and ballet. After a few classes of each, the instructors took her aside and gently told her, “So we think Christina should try our acting classes instead.” THIS GIRL COULD NOT DANCE. I was so awkward.

2. Child Xtina was just as aggressive as she is now. This face is killing me. Also, who decided to put me in red socks with red shoes? That’s also too aggressive.

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 11.46.43 PM

2. Do you guys remember my friend Matt who I used to hang out with all the time? He moved back to CHS for the Summer. At the pool the other day, I wasn’t looking/paying attention and he grabbed my bathing suit and tied me to the chair with his bike lock. And then left me like that for a solid 5 minutes. Mortified. I almost killed him.

3. Since we’ve been friends, Matt has managed to lock me in a closet at a party, made me ride in his trunk because I put expensive cocktails on his tab (ha!)…

…and completely soaked me when we were washing his car one day. It’s like having the older brother I never wanted!

4. When he and I went grocery shopping to stock up his new apartment, we got a little excited in the wine department. The cashier asked us, “Are y’all having a party?” Matt responded, “Sadly, no. Just preparing for the week.”

5. Last Sunday night I started squealing/screaming and jumping up and down with excitement. Boding goes “Omg what?!? Did you get a job? Are you getting married?” ….”No, DJ EV just favorited my blog post!” I’m a loser.

photo (2)

6. There are 13 bottles of hot sauce in my refrigerator right now. Some like it hot? I apparently like it on fire.

photo (4)

7. It took me 23 minutes to do my makeup on Saturday night. Apparently I am a drag queen.

8. Saturday night eats post bar: 3/4 of a blueberry Clif bar, lentils, quinoa, and bacon. I’m getting really good at this 2 a.m. feasting thing.

9. I am the worst texter. I type too fast because I have too much going on at once. I clearly don’t proofread before I press send either. Exhibit A:

photo (3)For the record, that is Eric, not my real dad.

10. Exhibit B: I 100% meant to text DANIELLE this. Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe this guy is still talking to me. photo (1)

Someone take my phone away.

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  • itzyskitchen

    hahaha- the last conversation is awesome. Love. I can’t believe he tied you to the chair. Yall have a hilarious relationship. He should guest post!

    • so embarrassing. yessss matt should!

  • Matt sounds like so much fun! How do I become friends with him?! Hahah. And #10 is my worst fear – I’ve texted the wrong person on too many occasions, but it’s only been a bad text once.

  • Amy

    OMG I cannot believe you text that to a guy. Girl. You’re a trip!

    • i’m telling you, i am THE worst at texting.

  • I am cracking up at the photo of you in the trunk! I love your Sunday confessions posts!



  • Emily

    1. LOVE your throwback pics, allll of ’em
    2. Shoes in pic #3 are TO.DIE
    3. Miss you

  • Ashley Hrovat

    That text exchange is killing me! I don’t know who “that guy” is, but he sounds like a keeper- he played that off like a champ!

    I would have been oh so very mortified and probably have tried to get my number disconnected, haha.


  • Oh my, that last one made me cringe for you! haha! Luckily you’e cute enough to get away with that one unscathed. Reminds me of my crazy texting antics of the college years…

    • seriously, me too. it was funnier the next day reliving it…ugh.

  • Kaye Johnson

    i really can’t wait to meet matt!! y’all better scoot over and let me spend the night…or i’ll just kick boding out of his bed again!!

  • Becky

    Ha I once meant to text my best friend, Stephanie, “Hey I’m going out to dinner with that guy I met at the bar last night but I’ll meet you later” and turned out I texted Stephen…a guy I was going on a date with the following night. Oops!

    • i LOVE that!!!! totally something i would do.

  • Jason Harrison

    I want to give you my number just for the chance that I could receive one of those random messages. Where did you find that Tabernero, I read your post on Friday about how its replacing your Srirachia obsession so it must be great. And remind me never to soak you with a hose because you did not look pleased.

    • HAHA!! you have to buy it online for now. it’s sooooooo good.

  • That shopping cart looks great!

  • Kelly

    Haha not to be creepy, but prettyyyy sure I saw you at Trader Joe’s last night :p

    • what!!! you should have said hi! it was definitely me, looking like a hot mess express passenger. hha

      • Kelly

        Haha I thought about it, but I looked like a hot mess myself and I didn’t want to interrupt your conversation with the checkout boy :p

  • you are hilarious. these texts are making my day

  • dddd89

    Hey I listen to DJ EV too in Cleveland!!!

  • These posts, along with your friday ones are easily my favorites.

  • Nichole

    The honesty in this is unreal. Freaking hysterical!

  • Kerr

    I am jealous of your hot sauce stash!

  • Anonymous

    OH my goodness your text convos are seriously too funny… I just almost peed myself.


  • Lily R

    That is exactly what my cart looks like EVERY time I go to Trader Joe’s!

  • Hahaha those texts. You should send the anal family vacation one to that one site with all the embarrassing typos! Also, if the SD he’s talking about is San Diego, you should ABSOLUTELY visit, it’s amazing. I don’t even live there….but I wish I did.

  • Melissa Vause Feetham

    Do you think “that guy” might read this and realize he’s being ..well… that guy? hahaha!

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