April 23, 2014

Pretty Little Pieces

Shopping in Boston > Shopping in Charleston. There’s no doubt about that. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve stayed on board with my old job (remotely) so I’ve had income since I’ve moved. Thank ya Jesus! Between living with a teenager who loves to shop and living near my Grammy who finds any excuse to get out of the house, I’ve have a healthy dose of retail therapy. Let’s look at some pretty things I’ve found!

Jewels from Forever 21

Mixed Media Chain Link Necklace

Irridescent Faux Stone Necklace

Neon Geo Studs

forever 21 neon geo earrings studs.jpg

BCBG d’Orsay Pumps (found at Marshall’s for $27!)

bcbg max azria paris jaze d'orsay pump black

The highly coveted NARS Orgasm Blush. This stuff is perfect. It deserve a whole post that I’ll probably write later.

nars orgasm blush

Spring clothing from Old Navy

Oxford Shirtdress // Striped Dress // Halter Neck Maxi //  Poplin Crepe Dress

Button Front Top // Printed Tank // Printed Crepe Top

What fun purchases have you made lately? What do you like buying most: clothing, jewelry, shoes, or makeup?

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  • Teri

    I bought a pair of beautiful nude wedges from DSW but they’re too small. And I got a Panama hat from jcrew factory but its huge and looks ridiculous.

    I want those dresses!

    • finding stuff that fits perfectly isn’t always that easy, i know! the dresses come in petite, so those WILL fit!

  • itzyskitchen

    Did you mean to type shopping in Boston is better than shopping in Charleston? If so you have the sign the wrong way 😉 Lots of great buys! Love the shoes!

    • haha yes, ding dong! thanks for calling me out on that!

  • Karen @ Runner Girl Eats

    I plan on going to Old Navy on my lunch break because I’ve heard soo many good things lately! I have not been shopping in a longgg time.

    • so many good things! and there’s usually more online.

  • I’ve clearly had a problem with buying dresses and necklaces….I just found some major scores from F21 🙂

  • I loveeee the Nars blush! Seriously the best investment!

    • no kidding. i’ve been a MAC blush user for years, but after reading so many wonderful things about nars, i took the plunge!

  • lately i have been buying swim suits! i need to find a few good ones for my trip to the Bahamas xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  • Nikki @ The Pink Growl

    I went to Old Navy last weekend and they do have some really cute little dresses right now!

    • yeah, they definitely do it up right in the dresses dept!

  • Sheanna Caban

    Those shoes are fabulous and I need them in my life, like, NOW!

    • you can find them online for cheeeeap!

  • Shelby Hanchey

    Cute pumps! Loving Old Navy right now, too. I got the fluttery blue bandeau bikini top from them yesterday.

    • remember when i said i wouldn’t get anything floral? the DAY i told you that, a floral dress that i ordered came in the mail ahahha

  • Biana Perez

    I love the necklace – so pretty!! Huge fan of the blush as well!! I haven’t been to old navy in a while – but I might have to make a trip!!

    • so pretty and sooo inexpensive! don’t be shocked if i’m wearing one of them on tuesday! 🙂

  • Lauren Bochicchio

    love the necklaces!! And I have heard so much for so long about that blush…good thing I have an Ulta gift card!

    • i don’t think ulta sells it (sephora does!) but you must at least go try it on in the store!

  • I like the faux stone necklace! It’s so pretty and you can wear it with so many different outfits!

    • isn’t it fun!? and yes, that’s exactly why i chose that color over the blue iridescent. 🙂

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