November 8, 2016

My Picks for the Nordstrom Fall Sale

Man, oh man, I was missing out on Nordstrom when I lived in SC. Of course I could’ve shopped online, but until I moved back up north, I hadn’t experience all the glory of this wonderful department store. (But, pssst, I do really miss Belk. Their shoe sales were no joke.) Nordstrom has really high-quality pieces, the most liberal return policy ever (aside from Zappo’s), and the best sales. The reason why I love their sales so much? Because they actually put seasonally appropriate items on sale. No need to buy summer tees in November. You can buy sweaters on sale too! Here are my picks.

Athletic Wear






Hopefully none of you missed the Mascara Madness sale!!! I scooped up 4 new tubes and I’m good until the next one in March. 😉 Happy shopping, ladies. <3

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  • Teri

    dangit, now I have even MORE things in my cart. I’ve got to pare down. HOW DID I NOT KNOW MASCARA MADNESS WAS A THING?!!


  • I’m loving the skinny crop jeans plus AG jeans are always a favorite. I NEED that cape. So cute!

  • Biana Perez

    Oh man – between this and the sephora sale my CC is not going to like me! xo, Biana

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