September 18, 2017

Oh, Hello There! Summer 2017 Recap

Long time no blog. So sad! Life has been busy. But in all the best ways. Last time I posted I had just finished my barre certification training. Since then I have been teaching like a maniac — 4-8 classes per week! My schedule has varied because the summer schedule was already set, but now our fall schedule has been implemented and I will be teaching a LOT. No seriously…a lot. By October, my week of teaching will look like this:

  • Mon: 12:15  in Woburn
  • Wed: 12:15, 5:15, 6 in Woburn
  • Thurs: 9am, 12:15 in Somerville (when it opens!)
  • Fri: 12:15, 5:30 in Woburn
  • Sat/Sun: one class TBD

9 classes/week! One of those is temporary so I’ll eventually just be teaching 8/week. That in conjunction with my full-time job at Boston Burger Company is a lot of work work work, but when it’s something you love, it’s hard to complain. Speaking of BBC, I have been with them for 2 1/2 years now and I can honestly say that it is my favorite job I’ve ever had. I don’t even like calling it a job because I truly enjoy all the ups and downs and I still find it hilarious that while being such a health-minded individual, I’m marketing burgers and frappes. Oy. And I so so appreciate their flexibility with letting me teach and the constant encouragement for me to grow as a both a person and an employee. Of course I could talk about work all day long…

…but life isn’t just about your career. This summer was a lot of fun. I didn’t travel much, aside from St. Thomas in the spring, but I spent a ton of time with friends and family.

Boding visited! 

Danielle visited! She lives in RI now and I love her being close to me again. We’re both originally from MA.

I celebrated my birthday with my favorite girls. They are some of the kindest, genuine friends I’ve ever had. And yes, we planned to dress like a rainbow!

My cousin Maddie, a sophomore at Hofstra, spent a long weekend with me and we had the best time frolicking around the city and eating all day and night.

Went to one of my favorite work events, the Boston Magazine Battle of the Burger.

Best Fest with my bestie Dylan!

And the craft beer & BBQ festival where we ate approximately 12 pounds of pork.

My youngest brother turned 21! We celebrated that night and a couple days later I got us tickets to a cocktail class.

All that and lots of beach, pool, new workouts, new restaurants, books, etc. Phewwwww. It was a great summer but I am so ready for fall. I’m kicking off the start of cooler weather with a fun adventure this evening. Make sure to follow me on instagram to see!

Hope you all are living your best life! xx

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  • Biana Perez

    it’s been such a fun and full summer for you! You and your cousin are twins!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  • oooh, where did you get those leggings (4th photo?)

  • I’m glad you had a good summer and whoah, good luck with that barre teaching schedule! But it never feels like work if it’s something you love. I do like seeing your burger and shake pics on Instagram and if I ever go to Boston, I want to go to that restaurant! I hope you have a great Fall, especially since you legitimately have Fall there unlike Charleston, and that things keep going well with work, teaching, and life.

  • you’re back! sounds like a great summer was had. i love that you’re now teaching!

  • Layne Dettor

    You’re back! I missed your posts. Your summer looked liked you were just surrounded by loved ones which is the best way to spend time. Happy Fall!

  • It sounds like you had an awesome summer!! I’m not sure when I’ll have a boston trip on the agenda but when I do, I’m totally going to take one of your barre classes!

  • Yay Hofstra! My alma mater 🙂 I love barre – so cool you got certified! I had to take a week+ off cause of a work trip but I can’t wait to go back and get my butt kicked. 🙂

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