October 2, 2018

O Organics Has Your Snacking Needs Covered

Tracking PixelThank you to Shaw’s and Star Market for hosting this fun event!

I recently went to such an inspiring event hosted by Star Market and Shaw’s supermarkets. Both retailers exclusively feature the O Organics® line of USDA certified organic products. Shaw’s and Star Market created this line to provide delicious, healthy and affordable snacks that everyone will enjoy. Both supermarkets are well-known in the Boston area, but I had no idea just how many products were in the O Organics line.

Upon walking into the event, we were presented with an enormous spread of healthy foods: fruits, vegetables, cheese, crackers, you name it! Let me walk you through this amazing setup… First, a juice, tea, and coffee bar. Can you spot the cinnamon? I love a dash in my coffee. Try it!

A smoothie bar with a variety of milks, honey, and frozen and fresh fruit.

Blueberry banana smoothie for me, please!

A snack bar featuring O Organics Pita Chips, Mild Salsa, Hummus, Mini Blue Corn Chips and more.

There was another table with more kid-friendly snacks like Sailor’s Loot (cheese puffs), Banana Chips,  and Crispy Pea Snacks (love these!). 

We watched a couple of cooking demonstrations that included making these super tasty Mochachino Energy Bites. I can’t wait to make these. They were sooo good and the only sweetener was honey and dates! 

After the cooking demonstrations, we all sat together to make our own bento boxes. These boxes are a great way to meal prep…or snack prep!

I also like that you can see all of your food in one place, rather than have a bunch of tupperware floating around. A complete meal, all in one please. Easy, breezy. In my bento box, I put fresh veggies, banana chips, a hummus cup, hard-boiled eggs, and cheese slices.

I was honestly pleasantly surprised to see how many products they have that are geared toward healthier eating — for both children and adults. The items ranged from sweet to savory, so no matter what you’re looking for, there’s something to choose from, knowing you’re getting a healthy, organic, and high-quality product.

I’ve already got some ideas on how to use some of these products for my next girls’ night in. I’m thinking a giant snack plate with fresh veggies, hummus, cheese, pretzels, and pita chips. And I’m thinking those honey graham crackers will make for some incredible s’mores! Tis the season!

Thank you to Shaw’s and Star Market for inviting me to this event!

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