November 14, 2017

Loving Lately – November 2017

Hello dolls! If anyone of you see me in real life any time soon, feel free to slap me upside the head for not blogging in so long. (Erica, it’s probably going to you — please be gentle!) Here we go!

1. Seasonal RXbars! Pumpkin and Gingerbread flavors? YES. I’m not typically a fan of pumpkin-flavored anything, but these bars are awesome because instead of an artificial pumpkin flavor, you get hints of cinnamon, ginger and cloves. They really should call it the Pumpkin Pie bar. And the Gingerbread flavor is a dream, with all spice and ginger. seasonal rxbar gingerbread pumpkin spice

2. New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz – I saw these sneakers on instagram and the next day I owned two pairs. They come in a variety of the cutest fall colors; I scooped up the light grey pair and the copper rose pair, though I’m calling it rosé. They are incredibly comfortable and best for short-distance running, cross training, or lifestyle wear. Like most New Balance shoes, they’re extremely cushioned with extra support. Right now they’re having a sale with 15% off orders of $99+ which is precisely why I convinced myself I needed two pairs. $130ish for both is a deal. Meanwhile I’m sitting here trying my hardest not to buy the Elderberry and the Indigo…

3.  Dylan’s wedding! About a month ago, my bestie Dylan and her husband got married in the Boston Public Garden. This is how badass this couple is: they were originally planning a wedding for next spring, but wanted to avoid all the planning and expenses that come with your typical ceremony. They toyed around with the idea of hitting up City Hall (*my* future plan for sure), but instead decided to just wing it FOUR DAYS later and get married downtown in the park. Armed with flowers from Trader Joe’s, a beautiful dress from Amazon Prime (I kid you not), and Boston Burger Company’s banker as her officiant (I can’t make this stuff up), they had the loveliest fall wedding. And I got to be her photographer! I by no means am a wedding photographer, but we said screw it, let’s do it…and it was awesome. Here are a couple I took from their big day.

Isn’t she a beauty! And the weather that day…ahh, fall in New England.

4. The November frappe at BBC. It seems that I can’t go a post without mentioning my employer. Try not to gasp/drool on your keyboard/book an immediate flight to Boston when you see this month’s special.

This is the “Pecan’t Believe Our Pies” frappe (yes I get to name them and yes I usually pick an obnoxious pun). It’s a bourbon pecan frappe with a pecan pie, maple frosting, sweet potato fries, and bourbon pecans. The pie, oh that pie!!!

5. Lucy Celebrates Gratitude Study. Years ago I bought an iphone case from the Lucy Celebrates shop. Her store has transformed over the years and she now sells Christian-based intentional planners and stationery. I subscribe to her emails and right now she is sharing a gratitude study for the days leading up to Thanksgiving — gentle reminders about what this season is truly about. On Day 1 she shared a beautiful quote and message.

Her message: “Gratitude for your gifts turns what you have into enough. He has intentionally given us our gifts in perfect measure. If we are not careful, pride and comparison will steal our joy from receiving or recognizing our blessings. Always remember, if you needed a certain gift or talent to fulfill your purpose, God would have given it to you.”

If anyone would like me to forward them the email from yesterday as well as those going forward, don’t hesitate to ask: christinaorso@gmail.com. Sending you all love and blessings this week!

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  • Biana Perez

    That is amazing that they whipped that wedding together in 4 days – just goes to show you that all that matters is who you are marrying!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  • Obsessed w that wedding. Currently planning mine and I was sooo close to eloping or just getting it done @ city hall. But on the other hand a big party feels like us….

  • I love her bouquet! Especially that sunflower! i also love her dress (cant believe it’s from amazon prime!)

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