February 7, 2017

Green Chef Organic Meal Kit Service Review

I’ve made it clear that I’m on a mission to try all of the meal subscription kits out there. After all, the restaurant group I work for has one…so it’s kiiiinda just R&D, right? Just say yes.

The most recent kit I tried was Green Chef, a USDA-certified organic meal kit delivery service. Each week, they feature easy-to-master recipes that use fresh, seasonal ingredients. Recipes typically take about 30 minutes to make. Of all the subscription kits out there, I think they offer the most flexibility and dietary options:

  • 2-Person Plan (3 dinners a week for 2 people)
    • Omnivore: For those who like variety, this menu has meat, seafood, and vegetarian dinners.
    • Carnivore: This menu features meat and/or seafood in every dinner, plus veggies.
    • Gluten-Free: Always gluten-free with meat, seafood, and vegetarian dinners.
    • Vegetarian: More than just salads, each dinner makes veggies the star in unique, delicious ways.
    • Paleo: Eat like an caveman. This paleo menu is rich in fresh produce and proteins.
    • Vegan: Plant-based with natural, specialty ingredients.
  • Family Plan:  2 dinners a week for a family of 4
    • Omnivore or Carnivore

I chose the Paleo option, as that is the plan that most closely matches my lifestyle. The week I ordered, I received the following meals. Click the link for the full recipe!

Chicken Waldorf Salad

Green Chef chicken waldorf salad paleo recipe

This salad had all the right elements: sweet, savory, crunchy, and hearty. A bowl of kale topped with chicken, roated squash, apples, cranberries, celery, and a creamy celery seed dressing. The dressing base was coconut milk which added another punch of flavor.

Orange Ginger Salmon

Green Chef paleo recipe orange ginger salmon turnips snap peas

This meal was the first I made; I always cook the seafood dinner first when it comes from a meal kit. Bc, ya know, food safety. Some of the other kits I’ve gotten have seafood that is just okay, but this salmon fillet was really great and a nice sized portion. On the side were roasted parsnips (so good!) and a curried cabbage & snap peas slaw.

BBQ Beef Mini Loaves

Green Chef BBQ Mini Meatloaf Brussels sprouts paleo recipe

I don’t cook a lot of red meat at home, but I’m always pleased when it comes in a subscription box. That sounds weird, but let me explain. Red meat isn’t my go-to protein (seafood is), but I enjoy it when I do have it. This dish was such a comfort meal. And you can never go wrong with sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts.

What I liked about this box:

  • The variety of menus. Having a paleo option is a huge plus for me as I don’t typically eat grains and most boxes pack the heck out of them bc they’re cheap.
  • The box was packed well. Nothing spilled, leaked, or broke.
  • Each dish had multiple veggies.
  • Many of the ingredients were pre chopped. the sweet potatoes, for example, were cut into tiny cubes. huge bonus!

There’s no commitment with Green Chef and you can skip weeks when you want to. All you have to do is choose the meals that fit your lifestyle and wait for the box to show up on your doorstep. 2-person plans range from $10.49-$14.99/meal, depending on which option you choose. The good news is that all new users get $50 off their first box with this link.

Which boxes have you tried and liked?

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  • I haven’t tried this one yet! I’ve tried Blue Apron and it was so much chopping! I then tried Sun Basket and that has been one of my favorites yet. Will definitely look into this one!

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