March 27, 2014

The Friday Five: Weeknight Wonders, Rectify, Caramel Sea Salt Bars, Pretzel Chicken, and GIFs!

1. Reading: Weeknight Wonders by Ellie Krieger. Though I’ve never watched any of Ellie’s show on Foot Network, I’ve been intrigued by many of her recipes online. This book features simple, healthy meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less.

 Recipes I want to make:

2. Watching: After spending Saturday packing up my U-Pack box, I relaxed by binging on Netflix. Rectify, a six-episode miniseries, about a man who has to put his life together after spending nearly 20 years on death row. He is released after DNA evidence brings his verdict into question and the show begins with him leaving prison. I told Amy how I was immediately hooked, and she ended up watching them all too. We’re excited for Season 2 to start this June. Have you seen this?

rectify sundance netflix

3. Eating: Ooooh these bars. Fiber One came out with a Target exclusive flavor: Caramel Sea Salt. For some reason, I thought it would be just “pretty good” but it surpassed my expectations. I ate it in like 30 seconds and contemplated buying another. But for the sake of my digestive tract, I resisted. These would be so good crumbled over plain Greek yogurt or topped with a peanut butter or maple syrup drizzle. If you’re not near a Target, you can get a 3-pack on Amazon here. Worth it!

fiber one sea salt caramel bar 90 calorie target

4. Bookmarking: Pretzel Chicken with Honey Mustard Dressing.

5. GIFs!

minutes after saying i should give up sweets for a bit

anytime i try to watch the news

how i imagine the beginning of my going away party

how i’ll probably be by the end of the night

how i feel on fridays

how i feel on sundays

my reaction when a guy checks me out

have a wonderful weekend! xo

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  • Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

    I don’t have that cookbook, but I have another cookbook by Ellie Krieger and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried from it!

    Happy Friday!

  • itzyskitchen

    LOVE Ellie’s recipes. Her 4 cheese macaroni (with squash) is amazing. That pretzel chicken looks good too. I can’t believe you’re leaving so soon 🙁

  • Amy

    Gah I’m so excited for you but I’m sad that you’re leaving. Ugh. Soooo bitter sweet. Yes, I’ve binged on every show possible (except for Suits, I’m trying to get Dave to start it) and I’m totally bored at night. That cookbook looks like a must for my current life situation!

  • Thanks so much for sharing my pretzel chicken! I hope you like it 🙂

  • yummm that pretzal chicken looks good! and that last GIF is the best 🙂 ha have a great weekend and a good going away party (is it this weekend?!) xo jillian

  • That sounds like a totally acceptable progression of the night….champagne followed by vodka 😉 I have had that pretzel chicken pinned for so long I really need to get around to actually making it one day! Happy Friday girl!

  • Nikki @ The Pink Growl

    That Tom & Ann gif is me today!!! Love it! And girl have you had the Fiber One Brownies??? SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!

  • Aww, your going away party gifs are probably right. So much adventure ahead, though! Happy Friday!

  • Sheanna Caban

    WARNING: I might cry on you at that going away party (even though we’ve only met in real life once). Like, literaly, ON you. I have a lot of feels all the time that are usually just waiting for a reason to escape and land on someone else. You’ve been warned.

  • Biana Perez

    Your gifs make me so happy!! You are hilarious!! Hope you have the best weekend!!

  • Yes to that tuscan kale salad! YUM. Per usual your gifs are the jam.

  • Shelby Hanchey

    Ellie Krieger is kinda awkward on tv but I bet her recipes are good ha. Cannot WAIT to try out Rectify – we need more show options! I made pretzel chicken a while ago (recipe on blog) and it’s so, so good!

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