May 2, 2017

Foods Making Me Happy This Week

1.Thanks to one of the guys in our catering kitchen, I’ve been making the easiest but super tasty chopped salad. All I do is mix grilled chicken, chopped romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, shaved red onion, roasted red peppers, and cilantro, then toss it with a little bit of salt & pepper, olive oil and a LOT of lime juice. Yes, lime juice. Trust me, you need to try this. Kim and I could not stop eating it!

2. Speaking of salads, I will never get tired of the Southwestern Salad from b.good. It was the first salad I tried there and I still eat it 2-3x/week. Arcadian greens, avocado, grilled corn, tomatoes, black beans, toasted corn, chipotle puree, and balsamic vinaigrette. Sometimes I swap out the dressing for a roasted red pepper vin they have. It’s so good!b.good southwestern salad

3. Switching into unhealthy gear for a second, this month’s #freakfrappe special at BBC is the “Frappe, Crackle & Pop”. This one was a joint effort between Frappe Daddy and me. He gets all the credit for the perfect name.

4. Over the weekend my friend Jess and I went to brunch at Earl’s in Assembly where she lives. We actually hang out in her area a lot because there’s a bunch of good shopping and restaurants we can hop around to. Sunday morning, we rolled right downstairs because I needed this avocado super toast. It had poached eggs, smashed avocado, olive oil, tomatoes, radish, sriracha, and toasted toasted hemp seeds.

Their Bloody Mary’s are really good too. Mostly because they come with salami and pickles…and I always add olives.

5. There’s another cooking video on my instagram from last night. Check my stories to see how I made a Fig Glazed Pork Loin from Home Chef. And ya know, watch my shenanigans. Hilarity all around. Watch before it expires around 6pm!
fig glazed pork tenderloin brussels sprouts carrots home chef
Happy eating!
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  • Sheanna Caban

    That first salad is happening in my house this weekend. It’s set. Decision made. It’s Whole30 approved, so it’s on! (Yes, I’m doing that again.)

  • Christine

    I love making salads for lunch, but get bored easily so I’m always looking for new ideas. This one sounds great for next week!

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