May 26, 2017

Five Fun Things 5.25.17

1. I just started reading The China Study. My old roommate (Hi Lucy!) read it years ago but I was intimidated by how large of a book it is. Well, that’s because it’s the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever.

Based on decades of research, the book details how what we eat impacts our overall health and clearly explains how a diet too rich of animal protein increases our risk of disease. While the book doesn’t totally bash animal protein, it does promote a diet full of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. The KISS version from me: EAT REAL FOOD. But if ya wanna read all 496 pages, go right ahead. 😉

2. I read like a maniac. Always have, always will. For the most part I like to hold an actual book, but at night I read on my iPad. I just signed up for the Texture app for unlimited access to over 200 magazines. Right now the deal is 14 days free, then $10 for 3 months. Um…cheap!

3. There’s a new Beautycounter promo!! And this one is so gooood. Last time it was free travel-sized goodies, but this time, FULL SIZE! When you spend $150, you’ll get one of these for free. If you need help with choosing products, leave me a comment or shoot me an email.beautycounter memorial day weekend sale review

4. If you’re a fan of seltzer water, you need to try Polar’s new summer line. I usually only like a couple of the seasonal flavors, but there are a lot of winners here.

5. GIFs!

every day, wondering what is wrong with the people in my office

suffering on my second round of whole30 (i’m on day 20!)

future me, the day after whole30 ends

when all you want to do is wear wedges bc you’re 5’2

every time i cut shallots. every time!

wait, not in your 30s?!


8 more years to go. 😛

have a beautiful weekend!

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  • Oh yes, I’ve heard a lot about the China Study- it’s been a big hit for a while. I love seltzer, so I got to try to find that brand!

  • Sheanna Caban

    I keep forgetting how much younger than me you are. Not that it’s like a million years difference or that I’m ancient or anything (but yes, I feel ancient). I’m technically done with my Whole30, but I’m gonna keep going.

  • Leslie

    I love to read magazines on my iPad. You may want to check with your local library; our library has an a digital section on the website and via Zinio we can read over 100 different magazines each month for free.

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