January 3, 2018

My Favorite Amazon Purchases from 2017

A couple years ago I made Target runs like it was my part-time job. I was there all the time, for anything and everything. Then Amazon Prime smacked me upside the head and said “Come to me.” Now I spend $20852098520508 getting shit shipped to my doorstep because it.is.easy. Truth be told I don’t spend that much money (jokes), but actually much less than when I was going to Target. Why? Because we all know that Target sucks you in and you end up buying loads of crap you didn’t need in the first place. Amazon doesn’t really do that to me. The best part is that I no longer have to write (and then lose, and write again) shopping lists; Once I think of something I need I pull up my Amazon Prime app on my phone and click to buy. Boom, we’re done. Ugh it’s so easy I truly don’t understand why some people don’t use it! But I do understand why Amazon is slowly taking over the world. Ahem, Whole Foods. If you’re not signed up for Amazon Prime, it’s $99/year for free shipping on tonsss of items, plus loads of benefits like free streaming music, videos, monthly books, and more.

Here’s a look into some favorites I bought last year. Sensible stuff, fun stuff, ridiculous stuff too.

A 4-piece all-weather car mat set for TWENTY DOLLARS. I bought a new car last month and Acura wanted to charge me like $70 dollars for their branded mats. No thank you very much, none of that. Amazon to the rescue.

A shitload of Tupperware. My roommate and I lose these things to a level that could be considered a skill. Honestly where do they go. I think we need an Amazon subscription for this actually. But on a serious note, these are great. They last a long time. Until you lose them.

This tanning mitten. If you’re using any tanning sprays or lotions, you gotta get this mitten. It’s crazy soft and your product will never go on streaky. It’s magical.

L’Oreal Paris Elnett Hair Spray. This is a prime example of something I’d go to Target for and come out with 50 other items. Instead, whenever I’m running low on hair spray, I just order another bottle and avoid Target and its money-stealing tactics.

A million Sharpie pens. This is one of those things I bought for work because in addition to being a social media queen, I am also an artist. I’m totally kidding, I can barely write my name and not forget to cross the t and dot the i’s. But I do like these for note taking in my calendar, using specific colors for different activities or social media accounts. 

The best corkscrew wine opener. I read about this on some fancy wine review website and immediately bought it. One, because I trust fancy wine review websites and two because it was the cheapest one on the list and came highly recommended. $10 will get that wine into your mouth quicker. I actually really like this corkscrew though. It, um, goes in smooth? Serious.

A pom pom hat. Boston is 8* right now and if I could wear two of these on my head at the same time I would. I see a lot of girls up here wearing these and I think it’s because that big ass pom pom is actually so cute in real life. And there are a million colors to choose from. In fact I might finish up this blog post and order another color bc I love them so much. Oh, and you can wear it two ways: pull it all the way down on your head so the pom is straight up, 5-year-old kid style, or push the forehead part back and wear it slouchy. So basically look like a kid or look like an old lady but either way, totally in style.

Ok, now tell me your favorite Amazon finds! What else do I need/not need to buy?


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  • when i got my new car, i legit said I WANT WINTER MATS AND I DONT WANT TO PAY AND I DONT THINK I SHOULD CONSIDERING WE JUST SIGNED FOR 2 CARS….so they threw them in LOL.

    • oh trust me, i TRIED THAT!!!!!!!! friggin stubborn holiday scrooges!!!!

  • Hannah Longmore

    You are SO right re: Amazon vs. Target. I still go to Target maybe 2-3 times a year and spend half my paycheck…Amazon wish list does get dangerous though.

    My 2017 best purchases: pantyhose/tights for work, non-Sephora beauty products (body lotion, face wash, all the Korean skincare, etc. CHEAP!), a pair of Chinese Laundry wedges that I wore all summer long, and protein powder – way, way more affordable there than anywhere else!

    I want to try Amazon Pantry in ’18!

  • OMG get out of my head because I was totally thinking of doing a post like this! Love that hat btw – have the same one in tan!

  • I pretty much since having Patrick buy something on Amazon every day. For being such a tiny human, he sure requires a lot of stuff 😉 That hat is adorable and I think I need it. It’s getting into the 30’s down here so I know it’s dang cold where you are. Those mats are a major score!

  • Brittan Culclasure

    Tempered glass cell phone screen protectors! They are name-brand for $16 vs the $60 at the cell phone store. Love your list!

  • Brittan Culclasure

    I totally just went to buy the mats but of course the tan ones are $12 more. Blah!!!

  • Alyssa @ lifeofblyss.com

    okay okay okay I need that tanning mit. and tupperware goes missing like socks in the dryer. WHERE DOES IT GO?

    my best guess is in the bowels of kitchen drawers…

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