March 16, 2015


going to Charleston this week…for the first time in almost a year! I can’t believe I’ve been gone this long. Can’t wait to see if anything has changed!

bringing presents for my lovely friend Amanda. Her wedding is the reason I’m headed South. 🙂 So excited for her to be married.

planning fun things for my brother and I to do when he visits later this month. I’m thinking the science museum, the Taza chocolate factory, and lots of eating!

watching 50 Shades of Grey. I just downloaded it and so far, so good. A little cheesy, but that was expected.

enjoying a delicious brunch from La Brasa yesterday. I love this place! I started with a spicy Bloody Mary, garnished with a shrimp, so New England:

la brasa bloody mary brunch

…and to eat, I had eggs and brisket. So. so. good.

la brasa somerville brunch eggs benedict brisket

deciding on all the outfits I want to bring on vacation. I’m so freaking excited to not have to bundle up! 60-70 degree weather, here I come!

spending less time on the computer, more time with friends and family.

reading The Cure for Everything: Untangling Twisted Messages about Health, Fitness, and Happiness.

feeling nostalgic and reflective. Heading back to Charleston makes me think of things I miss there, but also makes me appreciate the change I made here in Boston. I really do love both cities!

loving the weather being in the upper 40s. Yes, 40s. The other day it got to 48* and I was so excited it was pathetic. I even rolled down my sunroof and took my jacket off. HA!

signing up for Darby Smart. It’s a monthly subscription box with DIY projects based on the latest fashion and home trends. Each box comes with a project and all of the supplies needed to make it. I hope I get a jewelry kit… and I’ll be sure to blog about my experience!

realizing that facebook is boring. And annoying. And instagram is my jam.

considering selling my Keurig. I just don’t use it anymore and all the news about how bad the k-cups are for the environment…just not worth it. Plus I’ve found that I really like Whole Foods beans more!

What’s new with you? Answer one of these below!

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  • itzyskitchen

    yayyyy! How long are you going to be here for? Can we coffee?

    • i’ll be there for a few days!! i would love to squeeze in some time… we’ll be in touch!

  • I never could break down and get a Keurig so I don’t blame you. I also don’t’ blame you for getting super excited about 40s in Boston. I’m telling ya, I felt so so SO bad for the poor Bostonians this year with the weather. Mother Nature clearly had to teach Boston a lesson or something. The Darby Smart box sounds nifty!

    • hahah i think she’s mad we won the super bowl!

  • Jennifer Pug Pug

    I have never been to Charleston. I want to, but for some reason, it just hasn’t happened yet!

  • Letizia@thefitlabel

    Have fun in Charleston!

    I am going to Lyon (France) with my boyfriend in 2 weeks and I am super excited. The food is supposed to be amazing and I heard the old town is really beautiful.

    Those eggs and brisket look delicious! I am currently loving rice bowls. I don’t know why but I’m in a huge rice phase.
    I haven’t seen 50 shades yet but I really want to.I have read the books but I still want to see how they filmed certain scenes 😉

    • thank you!! oooh that’s so exciting. have fun!

  • Amy

    Awesome! Would love to see you if you have time!

  • Slow your roll with the sunroof and jacket off. 48 is still cold! haha! I’m headed to Charleston today and can’t wait to get there! Safe travels friend!

    • hahah! it’s so warm for us! and that’s so pathetic, i know… have fun!

  • Rebecca P.

    That book sounds awesome 😉

  • Sheanna Caban

    Facebook IS boring! I’ve been realizing that too. I’ve actually been considering just deleting the account….But, I have family that doesn’t live close, so it’s a good tool to feel more connected to them. Plus, I kinda have to have it for my job. I still can’t get with it on Instagram. I very rarely take pictures at all. It never occurs to me to snap a photo. Also….That shrimp in your drink is kind of creeping me out.

  • Christina Sotherden

    Charleston is such a fun place; I am so jealous! My parents are actually going this weekend too; must be a great time to go!! Wedding events on top of that will make for a fantastic weekend! Loving these little steps of higher temperatures in getting closer to spring!!

  • Kerr

    I can’t believe you’ve been gone a year!! Lots of new yummy places to eat 😉

    • CRAZY! ok what are your favorites!?

  • Ahh that’s so exciting you’ll be here! There are a few new restaurants, but I really don’t think anything has changed big time. The weather is going to be so perfect for a wedding!

  • Nikki @ The Pink Growl

    I’m all about the Instagram life too! Hope you have a great trip to Charleston! the weather has been great here the past week – and I’m sure it’s even better there since they are a little more south.

  • yay Charleston!! Can’t wait to see pictures from their wedding, I know she is going to be gorgeous and it’s going to be one heck of a party!

  • I’ve never had eggs and brisket together before, but oh my wow that looks good!

    Have fun in Charleston!

  • now thats a reaaaalll bloody mary! with the perfect crustacean in it hehe. looks like fun there. oh and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

  • katiesperk

    Safe travels! My car said 81 when I left the office!!! Where is the wedding?

  • Where did you get your Keurig from? I got mine from Costco and when I upgraded to the Nespresso machine I took it back 2 years later and no questions asked…..they are the best!

  • IG has always been my jam 🙂

    I watched 50 shades twice with different group of girlfriends, I love the soundtrack

  • charleston!!! ok well next time you visit we gotta get together for lunch 😉 xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  • Cori

    The environmental aspect of the K cups and the want to use the WF beans can be answered by using the reusable basket! We have had ours for years and never ever buy the boxes of individual cups! Also, loving your blog from the Northshore!

    • oh i do have the reusable cup! i need to find that, ha. awww yes another massachusetts reader – yay!! thanks for following! 🙂

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