January 20, 2015


I got this survey from my pretty friend Lia. Check out her blog — she’s awesome! Let me know if you take this survey too!

enjoying the weather being in the 40s. did i just say that? i did. over the weekend it was 44* and when i walked outside i thought “oh wow, it’s warm. no jacket!” WHAT.

debating on starting Whole 30 or the 21 Day Sugar Detox when i return from NYC. i’ve read so many great things about friends who have done Whole 30 and i know i’d really enjoy it. with the exception of 2 mini OCHO bars, i’ve had no added sugar since January 1. (sue me, i was in a long meeting and that’s all we had at the /superdigital the office! :P) but the 21 Day Sugar Detox takes it to a higher level, reducing many “sweet” foods and carbs to completely reset the palate. both plans focus on quality protein, healthy fats, and unprocessed foods to recreate new habits. thoughts on either? i’d love your input!Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.00.39 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.00.12 PM

bringing my ipad to bed with me every night. i know, electronics in bed should be a no no, but i really like it for doing crosswords, catching up on the news, and redditing.

working all the time? ha. along with krave and ocho, i’ve been helping out more at /superdigital whenever i can. right now they’ve got me working on julian edelman’s website emails. oh you guys, some of his fan mail is amusing. people love that guy. look at this face, how can you not?

getting excited about the super bowl. i’m thrilled to be here for a year that the patriots are in it. since moving here, i’ve been blow away by how much this state loves their sports. the fandom is pretty serious. and now that they’ve made it this far? like 50% of people i see each day are wearing some sort of fan gear.

thinking of signing up for another half marathon. i’ve done one, in january 2013. immediately after i thought i would do another one that same year, but then i kind of just stopped running. i found that i didn’t enjoy running as much as i enjoyed other fitness activities. and i still feel that way, but i liked the routine and the challenge of training for something. i also would love to beat my PR and try a half in a new city. i’ve heard really great things about the one i’m contemplating: the run to remember in may.

watching parks & recreation, friends, and the bachelor. i’m sad parks is in its last season, and i’m thrilled i can watched friends over and over, but i’m bored with this season of the bachelor.

cooking i’ve been baking spaghetti squash & meatballs a lot lately. it’s super easy, healthy, and filling. tip: trader joe’s has a really good marinara sauce that has no added sugar in it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.07.50 PM

daydreaming about a vacation. there are so many places i want to go! i want to check out austin next. i’d also really love to go see my gparents in asheville. i’m actually surprised i haven’t been back to charleston since i’ve moved…but sadly i have no desire to. it’s weird.

going to nyc in 3 days! brooklyn here i come!

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  • My friend Susan (2catsandchloe.com) has done 3 Whole30’s and is currently doing a Whole60. She has nothing but positive things to say about the experience.

    • Sheanna Caban

      I consulted her blog A LOT before starting Whole 30! It was such a great resource for me!

  • Brynn Guster

    Please, please tell me how you get your spaghetti squash to come out perfectly?! Mine turns into a big blob.

    • oooh so i cut mine in half, put it in a pyrex baking dish with an inch or so of water (to create steam) and roast for like 40-60 min, depending on the size. then i let it cool and scrape it out with a fork. 🙂

  • 44?! ok i know that is a heatwave in winter boston… i wont tell you how warm it’s going to be in charleston today 😉 xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    • hahh i don’t want to know! but i hope you’re enjoying it! 🙂

  • Andrea

    Run to Remember is a great one! I’ve done it once and running it this year. Totally do it!! I’ve never tried Whole 30 but my sugar addiction is off the charts and I might need to.

    • oh that’s so good to know! thank you! and maybe i’ll see you there. 🙂

  • Amy

    Have an amazing time in NYC! I’ll pretend that you didn’t say that about Charleston. The bachelor sucks…again…done with the whole show! Good to know about that sauce!

    • i know, i feel like i’m just watching it for the crazies. i can’t wait to see who the virgin is! (doubtful she’s telling the truth.)

  • amelia

    Good for you for no sugar except for those bars! I’m trying so hard myself, however I’m finding that when I’m tired and breastfeeding hunger strikes, I reach for carbs aka chocolate/ Lara bars/ wine/ tjs cheese puffs (

    • ok now i want cheese puffs!!! good job on setting meal plans. that is something i’ve never actually done. and with a baby! you da bomb mama!

  • ahhhh welcome to NYC and have a blast in BK! love my city. 🙂 my boyfriend is a Pats fan, too, so he’s stoked for that, and i’m stoked that Katy Perry is doing halftime. we both win.

    • aw, thanks for the welcome! if you have any BK recs, let me know!!! katy’s show should be awesome!

  • HMC

    I also highly recommend the Run to Remember (I’ve done it a bunch)–awesome flat course and you get to finish running through the City which I love.

    • aw thank you, good to know! i know, the course looks really great.

  • itzyskitchen

    I did Whole 30 ( as you know), I liked the concept…but some of the rules are too out of whack for me. I think a Whole14 would be a better idea! I didn’t like living without peanut butter for an entire month :). Whoop for a half marathon!

    • one thing i was reading that people complained about was that they didn’t celebrate food, and they felt guilty wanting to eat certain things that are normally considered healthy. whole 14 — you’re onto something!!! i still need to look up all the foods they allow/ban.

  • Nicole

    If you ever want to come to Austin, know you have a tour guide!

    I feel like I should buy spaghetti squash in bulk I make it so much. I love doing it with meat sauce using italian sausage. I also make a burrito bowl out of it. Any excuse to put guacamole on something.

    • thank you for that!! i’ve been saying i want to come for years… i need to just do it! mmm i like the idea of using sausage too. ooh i’ve never done a burrito bowl. that’s a great idea, thank you!

  • So jealous your team is in the Super Bowl. Maybe one day the Bengals will get there. You know my thoughts on Whole30, let me know if you have any specific questions or need more details about the plan.

    • yes, you’ve definitely been my inspiration. reading your posts is what really got me thinking i wanted to try it. i appreciate all your input!

  • Sheanna Caban

    I’m currently on Day 21 of The Whole 30. This is the BEST experience and the best decision I could have made for myself. I did it for a number of reasons, but mainly because of digestive issues and just feeling generally AWFUL. The Whole 30 eliminates all sugar except for fruit (meaning whole fruit, NO FRUIT JUICES) and you REALLY have to read your labels. You would be SHOCKED. It also eliminates soy. Soy is in every damn thing. Obviously, there is also the elimination of legumes, grains and dairy as well. That means no peanut butter, and no quinoa. That part wasn’t a problem for me, really. Since starting W30, I have eliminated all digestive issues that I previously had that have plagued me for YEARS (15+), and I have dropped 2 pants sizes! It’s important to remember that W30 is a diet reset, and I am using it basically to find out what my “trigger foods” are. You can end the plan after 30 days, but you really don’t have to, either. It’s ALSO important to note that in doing a Whole 30, that the focus is on health and your psychological responses to food. This has been nothing short of a fabulous experience for me, and I thank my lucky stars that I found out about it. I don’t think I will give up this lifestyle any time soon. I have NEVER felt better!

    • i love love love hearing your thoughts! i’m so happy it’s been so great for you. 21 days in, you’re almost there. and holy smokes 2 pant sizes? you must be so proud. you NAILED it with what you said about it being a diet resent and finding out trigger foods. i am doing it to become my own little science experiment and find out what my body tolerates well, and what it doesn’t. is it weird that i’m more sad about no quinoa and peanut butter than no sugar? bummer. email me more of your thoughts as yu finish up! and i would LOVE you forever if you had any advice or tips for the journey. xoxox

      • Sheanna Caban

        Absolutely, Christina! I was going to take your advice and start a W30 Blog, but then craziness ensued. I’ll send you an email after Day 30 with some tips and tricks and basically how things went from Day 1 to Day 30.

  • Kelsey

    I loved a whole30 that I did before Thanksgiving. My favorite part is that you eat until you’re full (ghasp!). So many diets focus on restriction and small portions – it was a relief to not worry about the scale or calories for the whole30. I lost 5 lbs, slept great, loved cooking/experimenting, and relieved a chronically upset stomach/slow digestion. Oh, and I kicked my crystal light & diet coke habit!! I just marked my calendar to do another one between Valentines and St. Patrick’s day! If you do it, read the book – it is a quick read and helps it all make sense.

    • very interesting. i do love that they don’t focus on the scale, or amount of food, but the quality of the food. i’m so happy you’re stomach is better! but even more that you kicked your fake sugar habit. that’s REALLY impressive. you should be proud!

  • lea

    whats the name of the marinara sauce? We like the roasted garlic kind but I haven’t check the ingredient list

    I would say do Whole 30 first then sugar detox after 🙂 Just my opinion, I did Whole 30 for about 20 days then found out I was pregnant then could only stomach crackers 🙁

    • i think it’s just the trader giotto’s one. it’s a smaller jar than the others — maybe 12 oz?

  • Emily M

    I’m on day 3 of the 21 sugar detox. I like that there are levels. I’m doing level 2. I really like the recipes she gives you plus her cookbook practical paleo is amazing. I got a terrible headache at the end of the day on day 2 that finally went away this afternoon. The nice thing is the book tells you what to expect day by day which really helps you know that what you are feeling is ok. I’m excited to see what the results will be related to elminating carb and sugar cravings.

    • i was thinking about doing level 2 as well. i need her cookbook! so would you say you ate a lot of sugar before? be honest, i must know! haha. i just ask bc i gave up added sugar 3 weeks ago and i really don’t feel THAT different. BUT…i still had booze on the weekends so maybe i just didn’t do it right haha

      • Emily M

        I didn’t think I ate a lot of sugar but maybe I was eating more than I realized…fruit & chocolate being my biggest amounts. I also went a little overboard on the weekend to say goodbye to chocolate & alcohol (using a friend visiting as an excuse). By the way have you been to Cuchi Cuchi yet in Cambridge? I just discovered it this weekend & their drink menu is pretty amazing!

  • alyssa @ life of blyss

    Umm, I like his face a lot. At first glance, I was hoping he was your friend so you could hook me up.

  • I am such a nerd for this being what stuck out to me the most in this post haha but what app do you use for crosswords???

    Also thumbs up to spaghetti squash and meatballs! It’s pretty much my #1 man pleasing healthy meal. Apparently they can’t say no to balls…

  • Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork

    You’re working on Edelman’s website emails? Oh, man! Can’t wait till the Superbowl. #deflategate be damned!

  • I really want to do a 21 day detox. I have been trying to unsuccessfully cut back sugar this month and failed horribly. I think strict guidelines to follow will help so much. I’m off to go read more about whole 30 and 21 sugar detox.

  • Mary Sue Somyak

    Whole30 is the best! I’m on day 25! I’ve been sharing recipes and such on my blog weekly, feel free to check them out!

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