August 10, 2016

Book Review and Giveaway: Szen Zone by Gary Szenderski

I’ve been on a reading kick lately and my most recent read was Gary Szenderski’s latest book, Szen Zone. The book is a complilation of heartwarmign and inspirational short stores that inspires us to create change and work towards creating a positive lifestyle.  Topics covered include productivity, letting go of the past, embracing the potential of the future, and learning to take chances.

Change is inevitable — maintaining a positive outlook through it all is where some of us struggle. So many of us are anxious and stressed out and, like many of us, I’m constantly trying to find ways to improve my quality of life. This starts with accepting change and then staying motivation to take on what’s next. Szen Zone is a great collection of upbeat stories on positivity, joy, mindfulness, and hope.

What I loved about this book: It’s not super preachy. It’s inspiring and enjoyable to read. The stories are short, so you can read in its entirey, or come back to it different throughout your busy week. At the end of each story, the author leaves you with some thoughts and a “Szenippint” quote that drives the message home. Grab your highlighter — you’ll want to remember some of these!

I’m giving away a copy of Szen Zone to one of you! Giveaway details below. Good luck!

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  • Sheanna Caban

    I’m very sarcastic, so a lot of people tend to think that perhaps I don’t have the most positive outlook a lot of times. My humor can be really self-deprecating and oftentimes biting. It’s just who I am. HOWEVER, I tend to maintain a positive outlook on life through mindfulness and creating habits of gratitude. I let people know that I’m grateful for them (often) and I start my day by thinking about what I’m grateful for. Gratitude perpetuates positivity.

  • Biana Perez

    It’s sounds like a really great read and I actually love when I can take something away with me – like a quote or way of going through life!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  • I try to maintain a positive outlook by practicing gratitude. my boyfriend and I often try to say 3 things we are grateful for. it helps put things in perspective.

  • Nicole Prša

    I am back on a reading kick as well! Trying to get through my digial library books before they expire 🙂

    I try to stay positive by staying in the moment and letting “Future Nikki” deal with the issues that worry me but aren’t affecting me RIGHT NOW. 🙂

  • Nicole

    If you’re asking how I keep a positive attitude 100% of the time? Not happening. How I keep a positive attitude as much as possible? I remind myself that everyone has problems and none of us have the same ones. I remind myself that I have so many blessings that I take for granted. I remind myself that in order to enjoy the sun, I have to also embrace the rain. There is no good without bad. I remind myself that I’m so blessed to have woken up today. I remind myself that I am spiritual. For me, that means I am on the journey that God intended. I am not supposed to understand what gets thrown at me along the way but I can try every day to put my understanding in God. And I also embrace the beautiful chaos, read as often as I can, put myself first as often as I can and just love other human beings as much/as often as I can. Obviously I do a lot of talking to myself and my brain never shuts off. LOL.

  • Melissa

    To maintain a positive outlook on life, I try my hardest to talk to others when I’m feeling stressed or upset, do some journaling, and spend time reading books, quotes and positive affirmations.

  • Sarah B

    Books like this can be tough for me. I gravitate towards them, but if they are at all “cheesy” or preachy, I’m immediately turned off. I need to be hooked in within a few pages, otherwise it’s hard for me to stick with!

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    I read my bible and trust in God’s plan for my life.

  • Jamie

    Hang and vent to friends.

  • Christine

    First, I’m so glad you’re back to blogging! Second, I sometimes struggle to keep a positive outlook, but when I find myself being overly negative I remind myself of all the positives in my life!

  • Saundra204

    I live in a situation where being positive is a daily struggle. I wake up and reflect on my day ahead. I am determined to be a positive in this negative world. Smile at everone, be nice to everyone, NO negative thoughts.

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