April 4, 2017

Hungry? You Do NOT Want to Miss the April BurgaBox

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wtf is a BurgaBox? And why is this girl always talking about burgers?” As I’ve mentioned before, my full-time job is the Marketing Director for Boston Burger Company, a restaurant group with 3 locations, a food truck, a catering division…and even a meal subscription kit. BurgaBox launched late last summer and mimics the same model as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, etc…but with MUCH crazier food. And much heftier portions. Trust me.

christina orso hungry meets healthy boston burger company

Think burgers, fries, mac & cheese…on steroids. It all started when I got a Hello Fresh box delivered to the office last year and my boss started questioning my sanity. Why, as someone who loves food and cooking so much, would I ever order a box telling me what to do? Um, because it’s awesome. Convenience. Inspiration for future meals. Less visits to the grocery store. Again, convenience! Some heads got to talking and we realized there was no reason we, as a restaurant group, couldn’t do this ourselves. People go nuts for our burgers, visiting from all over the country because they’ve seen us on Guy Fieri’s Triple D or Rachael Ray. To say we have a following is an understatement. Let’s make our fans even happier by giving them the option to get our food on their doorstep. We pack up the ingredients and send them straight to you; you cook the food and fall in love with how delicious it is…then you order more. Check out this video from our launch.

What’s my role in all this madness? You guessed it, marketing. I handle all the photography, videos, recipe & ad designs but also collaborate with the team on recipe development, monthly themes, and more. This month, I was more involved than ever. The April BurgaBox recipes were developed by yours truly. It’s got a southern theme inspired from all those years I spent in South Carolina…and all that amazing food I ate during my time there. 

What’s in it?!

The Southern Belle Burger – with fried pickles, pimiento cheese, bacon, spicy ranch

Mac & Greens – our 4-cheese mac & cheese amped up with jalapeño, bacon, and collard greens

Sweet Potato Fries – with bacon, blue cheese crumbles, and a honey mustard drizzle

The burger and fries you cook and assemble yourself, but the mac & cheese comes prepared for baking. And on top of that, you also get our Boston baked beans and coleslaw. You can order for two or four…though I’m telling you now, the 2-pack is enough for 4. It is a LOT of food.

Hungry now? Shake your head yes. If you want to try this box (you do!), use this link and code CHRISTINA20 for $20 off your box. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below or shoot me an email. You’re going to love love love the food.

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