April 15, 2013

A Day In The Life: Eats and Treats!

Thank you, thank you for filling out my survey. It means a lot that you guys gave me such constructive criticism. It really helps! So many of your responses made me chuckle. From the responses I’ve already received, I promise that:

  • You don’t have to worry about the GIFs going anywhere, at least not from Friday posts.
  • I will open up more about deeper stuff/personal struggles. I try to keep things light on here, but if you want seriousness, I’ve got it! You want to know where my parents are? Ahhhh. One day.
  • More food and recipes? Yes!

One common response that I noticed was an interest in a day of eats for me. I never wanted HMH to become one of the blogs where the writer just posted about what they ate all day. That’s too boring for both you and me. However, an occasional post for inspiration and ideas never hurt anyone! Here’s a typical day from this past weekend.

Breakfast: Coffee, a poached egg with avocado and sriracha, fiber cereal with skim milk and berries.IMG_4049

Snack: A handful of these almonds. Grab a can if you see them!

Lunch: 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese, avocado, tomatoes, popchips, purple potato chips, paprika hummus.


Afternoon snack: A handful of berries and a spoonful of almond butter.

Dinner: Roasted beets with balsamic glaze and gorgonzola, lamb burgers with garlic yogurt sauce, a goooood glass of pinot.


Unpictured/random eats: ginger chews, a pickle, a couple pieces of dark chocolate, Yogi bedtime tea.


I try to eat a big breakfast, a medium lunch, and a small dinner. I snack throughout the day to keep my metabolism up, and I rarely deprive myself of dessert. That said, dessert is usually small — a couple pieces of chocolate, a handful of M&Ms, a flavored Greek yogurt, etc. On a typical day, I eat much more vegetables than shown here. Each day is different depending on how busy I am or what I ate the day before.

Feel free to use this post for ideas on what to eat, but please understand that what’s right for my body may be different than what’s right for yours. After losing 45+ pounds since college, I’ve learned what works and what my limitations are. There will be days when I indulge more than usual (typically on the weekend) and there will be days when I cut back. Depending on the time of month, I have days when I’m ravenous and nothing satiates me, then I have days where food doesn’t appeal to me. It all evens out. I am not a dietician and can only give you suggestions based on my experiences and what has worked for me. That said, if you have any questions, ask away and I’ll be happy to answer what I can. : )

Next “typical” post should be a week of exercise. What do you think?

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  • itzyskitchen

    I want to dive into the AB. Seriously addictive. All looks good to me. I am definitely a little bit of this little bit of that person too. I have trouble eating one simple thing at a meal

    • i know! i love a good snack plate…or i just snack all day long.

  • mariafalls

    Your meals look so gourmet! I think everyone wants to adopt your grandparents, as I’m assuming these meals were at their house. You bloggers make wine look so good. I might pick up a bottle to make me feel sophisticated.

    I’ve thought about opening up about family stuff on my blog, but my family reads my blog and my story is rather boring – divorced parents when I was young, happy childhood regardless, full of awesome memories. One cool thing is that I met my half sister at my wedding. She came along with my dad and I swear she’s my twin and I had a Parent Trap Moment. We even sound alike. Except she’s four inches taller than me (sibling envy) and her legs go on for days. Maybe I’ll write about her.

    [End book]. Thank you for never considering the removal of the GIFs.

    • aw, thanks! yes, just come over with me next time.
      oooh yeah, i never knew all that about you. i want to have a parent trap moment! ha

  • Life’s a Bowl

    Sounds somewhat silly but I tried beets because of your addiction [er, posting about them all the time] a while back – now I always add them to my Whole Foods salad!

  • Lisa

    Love posts like this! I find your idea of balanace so inspiration. Sometimes, I struggle so having you give advice like this and what works for you is really helpful!

  • Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    I’m always curious as to other people’s eating habits – and I’m looking forward to seeing the typical week of exercise!

    I’m the same way with dessert – I love it, so why deprive? I just try to keep the portion size in check and I’m good.

    • glad you have the same outlook on dessert. depriving would make me sad!

  • Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin

    I had no idea you lost over 45 lb since college! Damn, way to go girl!

    I’m glad the GIFs are staying. 😉

  • Ashley Morris

    Love homemade AB. I only buy it on occasions because it never lasts more than a few days in my pantry! I did not know you lost that much weight- I thought you were always petite! As a fellow shortie I would love to know how you lost the weight and how you kept it off 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah B

    Ohhhh I want a before & after pic!! Good for you. Virtual high five.

  • Megan

    I knew you lost weight, but damn! 45 pounds?!? You rock AND you still look amazing! 🙂 Good job, friend.

    • haha yeah…when we graduated i was 143…same as nancy and we thought it was so funny. too bad she’s 5’8 and i’m 5’2…

  • That’s pretty awesome that you lost that much weight since college. Really amazing, actually :).

    Your food looks pretty tasty, especially the breakfast. Like you, I also try to do most of my eating at breakfast and lunch and eat a smaller dinner. I eat a lot of fruit and almonds as well, things like that are clean, healthy, and fill you up :).

  • I love posts like this, and I’d definitely be interested in seeing a week’s worth of exercise. 🙂 I used to eat heavy to light also, but lately, I am all screwed up and eat light to heavy.


  • You lost 45 pounds since college?? I can’t ever imagine you with that weight. I’m not sure I believe it… 😉 I’m weird and enjoy the what I ate posts, so feel free to post one every now and then. I also second the more personal posts because I like to feel like I ‘know’ who I read about and you’re one of my favs!

  • I didn’t know you had lost of a ton of weight. Have you ever written about it??

  • I didn’t know about the big weight loss either! We all want a before and after pic!

  • Nichole

    I try to eat the same as you, bigger breakfast, but sometimes it’s tough. Not a huge morning person, just like my coffee.

    Blue Diamond Almonds are beyond addicting. Seriously, my fave snack.

  • Now I want berries… and wine. Yum.

  • Kerr

    That looks like a delicious and healthy day. I am dying for some avocado now!

  • Meg @ A Dash of Meg

    I really enjoyed this babe 😀 It was really interesting and you did a great job at addressing this topic! I had no idea about your weight loss, though! Good for you honey.

    Anyways, breakfast looks amazing and I’m drooooling over the beets! YUM

  • I actually LOVE this post! I think it’s so interesting to see what people eat in a typical day. You should start doing WIAWs every Wednesday 🙂

  • I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…(fat photo, that is)


  • Had noooo idea about the post-college weight loss! I like your strategy of larger meals earlier in the day and snacks throughout. That’s pretty much what I like to stick to as well…huge dinners never sit well with me!

  • Yes, definitely love more serious posts. 🙂 However, I also love your GIFs and all the general hilarious-ness of your blog. 🙂 And ps. I love poached eggs. We went on a cruise and all I ate for breakfast were poached eggs every day. SO yummy!

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