Weekend Things, from Boston to Maine

I kicked off the weekend with some sangria and girl time at Barcelona Wine Bar. On Thursday night, a few of us Skimmbassadors (ambassadors for The Skimm) met for a bit. It was really cool to meet the other girls and we want to meet up once a month!

 Weekend Things, from Boston to Maine

On Friday I went to Tenoch Mexican for the second time. I went last week for tacos and needed more! I’m determined to try all 11 of their varieties. And then I’ll move on to the other entrees. 😉

The first visit I had chicken, fish, and carnitas + chorizo. The fish was definitely the best.Screen Shot 2015 04 23 at 9.53.01 AM 500x500 Weekend Things, from Boston to Maine

Friday I chicken, carne asada, and pork with pineapple. Of these, I liked the chicken best.IMG 8141 e1430085419793 500x500 Weekend Things, from Boston to Maine

I also walked around the city soaking up the sunshine. It was really pretty.FullSizeRender 26 500x500 Weekend Things, from Boston to MaineIMG 8096 e1430085218470 500x500 Weekend Things, from Boston to Maine

On Saturday, my friend Joe and I drove up to Maine for a friend’s restaurant opening. We were lucky to have really nice weather and some extra time to explore. We stopped at the beach…IMG 8155 e1430085256137 500x500 Weekend Things, from Boston to Maine

and then drove over to see the Nubble Lighthouse.IMG 8163 500x500 Weekend Things, from Boston to MaineThat evening we headed to the restaurant for an insanely delicious meal, but I’m saving that for another post. It deserves all the attention!

Sunday morning we had brunch at Roost Cafe & Bistro in Ogunquit. Bloody Marys were necessary. And man, they were good.
IMG 8198 500x500 Weekend Things, from Boston to Maine
I kept my meal simple: 2 over easy eggs, home fries, and a side of delicious smoked salmon.

IMG 8199 e1430085327289 500x500 Weekend Things, from Boston to Maine

Have a good one, friends!

Spring Fashion + Vinylux Nails

Warm weather approaching! I’m thrilled. After an insane winter, I am more than ready to walk around without a jacket on. Hell, I was psyched when I didn’t have to wear mittens anymore. In hopes to speed up the warmer temps, I’ve been buying some spring clothing here and there. Here are my favorite recent finds…most of which are on sale!

J. Crew Cinched Waist Top

 Spring Fashion + Vinylux Nails

Gap Eyelet Embroidered Peplum Top

Screen Shot 2015 04 20 at 10.09.08 PM 404x500 Spring Fashion + Vinylux Nails

Forever 21 Abstract Geo Embroidered Shorts – these are SO cute in person and actually nice quality for only $17.90

Screen Shot 2015 04 20 at 9.58.51 PM 488x500 Spring Fashion + Vinylux Nails

Forever 21 Geo Print Romper

abstract geo print romper Spring Fashion + Vinylux Nails

LOFT Arrow Embroidered Scarf

Screen Shot 2015 04 20 at 10.00.16 PM 376x500 Spring Fashion + Vinylux Nails

and my faaaaavorite purchase right now: TOMS Natural Woven Diamond Wedges

NATURALWOVENDIAMONDWOMENCLASSICWEDGE 10004966 H 1450x1015 Retouch 500x350 Spring Fashion + Vinylux Nails

On another note, let’s talk nails for a second. I’ve been told by many friends not to get a gel manicure because my nails aren’t very strong. They tend to break and peel pretty easily and the gel might do too much damage. That said, whenever I do my own nails, they chip after 1-2 days, no matter what top coat I use. Trust me, I’ve tried them all. My eyebrow gal Mina, who knows everything, suggested I try Vinylux. Vinylux is a weekly polish that’s made by CND — the same company who makes Shellac polishes. I tried a Vinylux manicure for the first time last week and it DOES last a week. After 7 days, I had minor chipping just around my thumbs. I was so impressed.

Rather than getting weekly manicures, I picked up two bottles of polish to try at home. They run $10.50/bottle at Ulta. I got the Vinylux Top Coat  and the Grapefruit Sparkle pink polish, shown here. It’s a very light pink with a hint of shimmer. It reminds me of another favorite pink, OPI’s Princesses Rule.

cnd vinylux grapefruit sparkle duo Spring Fashion + Vinylux Nails

Anyway, I just painted my nails tonight and will definitely report back with my findings. If these nails don’t chip for another week I’m gonna be PSYCHED! If not, back to Mina’s magical powers I go. 😉

Favorite Spring fashion trend? I’m loving the tassels and pom poms!

Shellac, gel, or regular polish?

Touring My Own City

Sorry if I’ve said this like a million times, but I love how much there is to do in Boston. So much to see, learn, eat… I love it!

Last week Fenway was abuzz for opening week. Some tickets fell into my hands — thank you roomie! – and my friend Joe and I went to a Red Sox game.

IMG 7947 500x500 Touring My Own CityIt was a really special day to be at the park. Boston was celebrating One Boston Day, the anniversary of the marathon bombing. The day was to honor the resiliency, generosity, and strength of our city. FullSizeRender 1 500x500 Touring My Own City

The weather was glorious. Sunny and in the high 60s. My Charleston readers probably just gasped, but yes, that’s my new “warm.” :O And I’m sure my CHS friends know Joe! He moved back to MA not long after I did. Apparently Lindsay and I aren’t the only ones who wanted to return to this awesome place. IMG 7943 500x500 Touring My Own City

The next day, Lindsay and I finally went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Every Third Thursday the museum hosts an event for young professionals to gather, connect, and enjoy the museum while enjoying wine and cocktails. There is free music in the courtyard, talks in the galleries, and arts in the the studio. How gorgeous is this courtyard?
IMG 7962 500x500 Touring My Own City

I wonder if they do weddings here. 😉IMG 7965 e1429645611673 500x500 Touring My Own City

We weren’t allowed to take any pictures inside the exhibits, but I will say that there was a ton of art. Definitely check this place out.

After the museum, we headed to The Gallows in the South End. We’d both heard tons of great things about this place and it did not disappoint. They’ve got a bunch of share plates, burgers, and poutine. We started with Scotch Egg (crispy pork sausage wrapped soft cooked egg) and the Brussels Sprouts with maple tahini, fresno chili, farro, and sesame seeds.
FullSizeRender 2 500x500 Touring My Own City

Ohhhh man, those Brussels sprouts were so good! They were sweet, spicy, and savory. I couldn’t get enough of the tahini sauce. The egg was good in an interesting way. One of those things that you’ve gotta try once, but wouldn’t need to again.

We also split the Nashville Style Fried Chicken. I hate that you can’t visualize the dish from this sad photo, but it was really good. Indulgent and totally unhealthy, but good. It had a cayenne brown sugar glaze and was served over toast with pickles. Delish!FullSizeRender 3 500x500 Touring My Own City

Coming from Charleston, Lindsay and I both have high standards for food. We realize how spoiled we were there. The Gallows is definitely a restaurant worthy of multiple visits. Everyone kept raving about the burger so that’s on our list!

Do you like visiting the museums in your city? Favorite indulgent dish while dining out?

Darby Smart DIY Projects + April Box

Let me preface this post by saying that I am *not* crafty. Unless it’s channelling my inner 13 year old to make friendship bracelets, I’m probably shying away from anything involving a glue gun. Well, until recently. Enter Darby Smart.

Darby Smart is a fun space on the internet where you can find ideas and supplies for DIY crafts and projects. I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon it, but once I did, it was like the Pinterest board for crafts. So many to look at, so many categories. After browsing for a little bit, I noticed they had a monthly box too. Well, we all know I’m obsessed with trying those, so I signed up for the April box.

That was back in March, and I knew I wanted to make something while I waited for my first box to arrive. I browsed through the crafts again and found a really pretty DIY for an agate necklace. I mentioned it in a post last week, but here it is again:

IMG 7917 500x500 Darby Smart DIY Projects + April Box

It’s easy to get started. Once you find a project you like, click on it to purchase all of the supplies, and edit colors/styles where necessary, and have it shipped to you. It’s that simple and the box arrives very quickly with everything you need. Except the directions — you do have to look those up on the site.

I was really pleased with  my first project, but I had no idea what my April box would contain until it arrived. Surprise! It was a DIY perfume kit. I’m actually allergic to most perfumes; they give me bad headaches or I sneeze uncontrollably. At first I was I thought this kit might be a bust for me, but then I realized with the simple ingredients I’d probably be okay making some.IMG 8013 e1429626750398 500x500 Darby Smart DIY Projects + April Box

I was given grapeseed oil that would be mixed with three different scents: geranium, lavender, and cucumber melon. The instructions guided me a bit, but it was up to me to make a potion I liked. The bottle I prefer more has mostly cucumber melon with a hint of lavender for a light, refreshing aroma. It was really neat playing around with the different scents and creating something just for me. I honestly had no idea that’s all you needed to make perfume and it took me less than 10 minutes to make two little bottles. I think these would be perfect to pass on as gifts. I definitely will be saving the rest of the scents to mix with others I buy in the future. IMG 8014 e1429626761285 500x500 Darby Smart DIY Projects + April Box

darby smart april DIY box perfume 500x500 Darby Smart DIY Projects + April Box

If you want to get started crafting, you can use my link here and the code HOWDYDARBY for $10 off your first order. The box prices vary by craft, but the monthly box is only Let me know what you make!!