September 18, 2017

Oh, Hello There! Summer 2017 Recap

Long time no blog. So sad! Life has been busy. But in all the best ways. Last time I posted I had just finished my barre certification training. Since then I have been teaching like a maniac — 4-8 classes per week! My schedule has varied because the summer schedule was already set, but now our fall schedule has been implemented and I will be teaching a LOT. No seriously…a lot. By October, my week of teaching will look like this:

  • Mon: 12:15  in Woburn
  • Wed: 12:15, 5:15, 6 in Woburn
  • Thurs: 9am, 12:15 in Somerville (when it opens!)
  • Fri: 12:15, 5:30 in Woburn
  • Sat/Sun: one class TBD

9 classes/week! One of those is temporary so I’ll eventually just be teaching 8/week. That in conjunction with my full-time job at Boston Burger Company is a lot of work work work, but when it’s something you love, it’s hard to complain. Speaking of BBC, I have been with them for 2 1/2 years now and I can honestly say that it is my favorite job I’ve ever had. I don’t even like calling it a job because I truly enjoy all the ups and downs and I still find it hilarious that while being such a health-minded individual, I’m marketing burgers and frappes. Oy. And I so so appreciate their flexibility with letting me teach and the constant encouragement for me to grow as a both a person and an employee. Of course I could talk about work all day long…

…but life isn’t just about your career. This summer was a lot of fun. I didn’t travel much, aside from St. Thomas in the spring, but I spent a ton of time with friends and family.

Boding visited! 

Danielle visited! She lives in RI now and I love her being close to me again. We’re both originally from MA.

I celebrated my birthday with my favorite girls. They are some of the kindest, genuine friends I’ve ever had. And yes, we planned to dress like a rainbow!

My cousin Maddie, a sophomore at Hofstra, spent a long weekend with me and we had the best time frolicking around the city and eating all day and night.

Went to one of my favorite work events, the Boston Magazine Battle of the Burger.

Best Fest with my bestie Dylan!

And the craft beer & BBQ festival where we ate approximately 12 pounds of pork.

My youngest brother turned 21! We celebrated that night and a couple days later I got us tickets to a cocktail class.

All that and lots of beach, pool, new workouts, new restaurants, books, etc. Phewwwww. It was a great summer but I am so ready for fall. I’m kicking off the start of cooler weather with a fun adventure this evening. Make sure to follow me on instagram to see!

Hope you all are living your best life! xx

July 28, 2017

A GREAT Beautycounter Promo: Get a Free Full-Size Cleansing Balm or Body Oil

Ooooh I am excited about this one. While Beautycounter has promos fairly often, they’re usually on smaller or less expensive items. But this time they’ve wowed us with a free full-size product. Spend $150 or more and you can choose from a free Cleansing Balm or Body Oil.

beautycounter promo cleansing balm body oil

Cleansing Balm – What’s to love:

  • Removes makeup so easily
  • Moisturizes skin leaving it so soft
  • Vitamin C helps brighten skin
  • Raspberry and cranberry seed oils hydrate the skin
  • Comes with a 100% muslin cloth, softer and easier than a traditional washcloth

Body Oil – What’s to love:

  • Is instantly absorbed
  • Best applied after a shower to lock in moisture
  • A blend of 13 botanical oils leaves skin smooth, silky, and luminous
  • Grapefruit, sweet orange, and rosemary blend for the scent

I would jump on this pretty quickly because I have a feeling that the Cleansing Balm may sell out. Don’t miss out!!! For more Beautycounter posts I’ve written, click here. Let me know if you’re have any questions about any products or need help choosing makeup colors! 

July 13, 2017

My Picks From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I woke up an hour early this morning, and while at first I was semi-annoyed, that quickly faded when I remembered the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale had begun. Since I began teaching barre, I’ve been buying workout clothes like crazy. Not that I didn’t before… 😉 My favorite Zella leggings are always in this sale so I knew I’d scoop those up. But of course, I didn’t stop there. Here are my picks!


I have three pairs of these leggings and wear them for both workouts and with tunics/sweaters. Clearly they’re my favorite. I also snagged these wild open knee leggings, these sheer panel leggings, these pearlized leggings, and these intriguing leggings.


How pretty is this sleeveless lacy top? This ruffle top is precious. The v-neck tee looks so cozy and I love the side tie. The peplum top is such a classic and can be dressed up or dressed down.


How cozy is this long cardigan? All of these make me crave fall.


I’ve been wearing AG’s for years and this pair is a classic. They will last a long time. A more affordable option. Love the hem on these black jeans. Same hem but in white. I’d still wear them year-round!


My favorite category, always! The cutest ruffled romper, another for a night out, a beautiful midi dress.


Can’t forget these. I always look forward to booties season and this is the perfect transition shoe until then. Then I can wear these, then these.  I already have these but swear they’re the most comfortable Converse I own. It’s all in that adjustable back!!

The sale is open now to Nordstrom cardholders and will open to the general public on July 21st. Not yet a cardmember? Sign up here!

June 28, 2017

It’s Official: I’m Now a Barre Instructor!

Over the years of writing this blog, I’ve tried so many different different fitness routines. As a child I did gymnastics, but my teenage and college years were spent pretty lazy. After a 45 pound weight loss after college (yes, if you can believe that), I slowly incorporated fitness into my life and realized how important it was to  me. My passion for exercise was fueled by not only the physical impact it made, but the mental. Exercise brought me a sense of routine and a relief from my constant anxiety. I truly believe that, along with sleep and healthy eating, that having a regular fitness routine healed me from my panic attacks.

As I became more experienced in the healthy living world, trying various studios in Charleston, running as many 5Ks I could, and even having a personal trainer, I realized that I truly enjoyed the fitness community. I made great friends at the gym and was constantly encouraged by the positive influence they had on me. Around that time I was deep into blogging and often chronicled my races, gym routines, and music playlists — always wanting to encourage my readers. I can’t tell you how many times I was asked “will you please be my trainer?”, “will you help me with a meal plan?” and “you should teach a class!” There were a couple times I did sub in random classes  (let’s never forget the time I did a spin/hula hooping class) but I never quite had the confidence to think that I was qualified to tell someone else how to work out. BUT WHY NOT? I simply didn’t have the courage to put myself out there enough to just do it. That, and I was never quite sure what I really wanted to teach. That is, until I found Barre N9ne.

Last fall, my coworker Kim told me about a barre studio that was 3 minutes away from our office. Barre was always one of my favorite routines but I hadn’t found a place up here that gave me a good workout. I needed something fun and exciting but also challenging and rewarding. Little did I know it was 2 miles from where I worked!! One evening, we tried a class with Rebecca and I never looked back. I only told one person this — my boss — but I immediately knew that I wanted to teach. I just knew I had to and I was going to. I was under the impression that the studio hand selected potential instructors until early March when they announced auditions. I was thrilled (and nervous!) but knew it was the news I was waiting for since November. After tons of encouragement from my boss that not only could I do it, I had his support along the way and he convinced me I would be a great teacher. I auditioned in March, then spent all of June training, shadowing classes, practicing for hours, and creating routines for our practice classes. And now I’m thrilled to say that I, along with 5 other amazing ladies I went through training with, are officially certified.

In just over 6 months of attending the studio, I have felt an wonderful sense of community and friendship with the girls I have met. Tanya has created an incredibly special space for women to work out in a welcoming, uplifting atmosphere. I am so grateful to be a part of the team and to help B9 grow. And the best thing is this: Many of the veteran instructors told me that in training they met lifelong friends — barre besties if you will — and I hoped to do the same. And yes I did! Dylan and I have bonded as two girls originally from the Northeast who went to school in the south and have a shared affinity for all things pickles, barre, books, and wine. A fabulous friendship if you ask me! barre n9ne studio woburn andover danvers

Needless to say, if you’re in the area and want to come take my class, I would *love* to have you. I teach in Woburn until a fourth location opens in Somerville’s FitRow. I’m psyched and hope you all come visit! I promise to tone your tush and make you laugh!!!