January 9, 2018

New Food Finds – January 2018

I put 2017 at first. How long does it take to stop doing that each new year? Oooops. You know I just love sharing new food discoveries with you guys so here are some gems I’ve recently found.

I love anything and everything beets, so I’ve tried a few beet hummus varieties in my day. I don’t care for the Trader Joe’s one at all, but my usual favorite was from Lantana (formerly Eat Well, Enjoy Life). The other day at Wegman’s I spotted a new one by Ithaca Cold Crafted. I would never expected that to be the brand name for a hummus, but they clearly know what they’re doing. This is delicious! The key ingredients that make it so delicious, IMO, are the fresh squeezed lemon juice and the crushed red pepper. It’s nice and zippy, not at all spicy. Do yourself a flavor and go find this

I’m sure many of you have heard of, or tried, ACV shots. Maybe you’ve added ACV to hot water with lemon and cinnamon. #guilty Maybe you’ve just taken shots. #alsoguilty. But if that just ain’t your thang and you need it to be prepped for you, welcome Vermont Village Vinegar Shots into your life. They come in 5 different varieties that range from mild to pretty damn hardcore. My favorites were the Blueberries & Honey, Ginger & Honey, and Turmeric & Honey. Read about ACV benefits here and get sipping.

For the past couple of years I’ve been a Larabar ambassador. I’ve tried a ton of the flavors, but somehow hadn’t tried the Chocolate Cookie Dough Flavor. Never tried a Larabar? They’re a great snack with 5 clean ingredients or less. They have a dense, chewy texture from dates and nuts. And they’re awesome. Especially this newly discovered flavor. Other flavors I love: Blueberry Muffin, Carrot Cake, Gingerbread, Mint Chip Brownie, Pecan Pie, and Snickerdoodle.

Ok, hang with me one sec. This one is an oddball. Who’s tried GG Crispbreads? As I said in my instagram story the other day, these things basically taste awful. I used quite a different word to describe them in my story (starts with S ends with T, you’re welcome), but hey, I’m still eating them. Here’s why: each cracker is only 20 calories, 4 grams of fiber, and 2 net carbs. Yes you are eating cardboard but you need to just think of it as a vehicle for other, much more delicious foods. Like that beet hummus up there. Once you put something on them, they’re truly not that terrible. I eat 2 for breakfast with either hummus or avocado and a couple of eggs and thanks to 8 grams of fiber, I’m full for quite a while. But there’s one thing I should mention: when you are eating these things, make sure to drink a lot of water. I’m sure you can all figure out why . 😉


Trader Joe’s Carrot Spirals. These are awesome in a pinch. You can top them with any type of protein, but they’re great with meatballs and a spicy red sauce. I also like topping mine with a fried egg for breakfast. Trust me on that one.

Ok, let’s move on to beverages. I’m not much of a tea drinker, but every winter I grab a few kinds to have in rotation. When I was in Montreal I discovered a deeeelicious flavor: Forever Nuts. It’s a jumble of almonds, apples, cinnamon, and beetroot and because of that last ingredient, it steeps bright pink. Seriously, about as pink as the beet hummus. #pinkdrink

I would be remiss not to mention any wine on this list. Please embrace the fact that the wine I’m about to share with you retails for $5.99. It is from Trader Joe’s after all. Wish Flower California Red is my new jam and if you’re at all into red blends, pick this up and report back. It’s fruit-forward, a bit tart, and smooth. Great finish. And again, $5.99. Just do it people.

I stole that picture from the internet for you guys. There is a lot going on in that photo. You’re welcome.

But on a serious note, I share a ton of new products, recipes, and daily whims on my instagram stories. Follow me here and stay hungry!

January 5, 2018

The Friday Five 1.5.18

Holy moly, remember when I used to post The Friday 5 each week? I think this was most of y’all’s favorite post!! And don’t you worry — of course I included gifs!

  1. Reading: I don’t think anyone believes how often I read. I always, always have a book in my bag, on my bedside table, and honestly sometimes just a couple inside my bed. While I sleep. Been doin’ that since I was a kid — who needs a little spoon when you can curl up to a book? Kidding. I typically read non-fiction, thrillers, or anything to do with marketing, but last fall I dipped into the poetry world. If you are a female and have not checked out either of Rupi Kaur’s books, you are missing out! Her poetry is simply beautiful. It is raw, powerful, and uplifting. She truly has a way with words. Check out  Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers.rupi kaur poet
  2. Listening to: I’ve gone through phases of enjoying podcasts, but lately I am really into one in particular: The Skinny Confidential. It’s a male and female’s perspective of all things health, wellness, business, and relationships. It’s educational and hilarious. The couple recently married and their back-and-forth banter is hilarious. I learn something new in every episode.
  3. Shopping: Well, in case you missed my top Amazon purchases of 2017, you can read that here. Aside from that, I bought this backpack from Lululemon and have been wearing it nonstop. I lug around a lot of crap for work (laptop, camera, lenses, let’s not start on how heavy my makeup bag is — jk), and it kills my shoulder carrying a tote. So I said screw it and got a backpack. It’s a thousand times more comfortable aaaand I can shove my gym clothes in it. 
  4. Working on: I’m going to do a separate post on this, but I’ve started a closed facebook group for all my ladies doing great things. I’ll explain in more detail later, but if you’re someone who wants to join an online community full of passionate chicks, come hang with us HERE! It’s all about empowering, exciting, and engaging one another to reach our goals and be the most successful version of ourselves. I’ve always kicked myself for not listening to my grandmother and joining a sorority in college, so this is about as close as I’m gonna get. Minus the keg parties. Unless anyone wants to… 😉 
  5. GIFs!

saying goodbye to 2017


when someone asks me what my 2018 resolution is

talking myself up before the gym

hopping into january in boston

working at home during snow dayssss

walking around at work – all day, every day

within seconds of eating

happy, happy friday! go do something good. xo

January 3, 2018

My Favorite Amazon Purchases from 2017

A couple years ago I made Target runs like it was my part-time job. I was there all the time, for anything and everything. Then Amazon Prime smacked me upside the head and said “Come to me.” Now I spend $20852098520508 getting shit shipped to my doorstep because it.is.easy. Truth be told I don’t spend that much money (jokes), but actually much less than when I was going to Target. Why? Because we all know that Target sucks you in and you end up buying loads of crap you didn’t need in the first place. Amazon doesn’t really do that to me. The best part is that I no longer have to write (and then lose, and write again) shopping lists; Once I think of something I need I pull up my Amazon Prime app on my phone and click to buy. Boom, we’re done. Ugh it’s so easy I truly don’t understand why some people don’t use it! But I do understand why Amazon is slowly taking over the world. Ahem, Whole Foods. If you’re not signed up for Amazon Prime, it’s $99/year for free shipping on tonsss of items, plus loads of benefits like free streaming music, videos, monthly books, and more.

Here’s a look into some favorites I bought last year. Sensible stuff, fun stuff, ridiculous stuff too.

A 4-piece all-weather car mat set for TWENTY DOLLARS. I bought a new car last month and Acura wanted to charge me like $70 dollars for their branded mats. No thank you very much, none of that. Amazon to the rescue.

A shitload of Tupperware. My roommate and I lose these things to a level that could be considered a skill. Honestly where do they go. I think we need an Amazon subscription for this actually. But on a serious note, these are great. They last a long time. Until you lose them.

This tanning mitten. If you’re using any tanning sprays or lotions, you gotta get this mitten. It’s crazy soft and your product will never go on streaky. It’s magical.

L’Oreal Paris Elnett Hair Spray. This is a prime example of something I’d go to Target for and come out with 50 other items. Instead, whenever I’m running low on hair spray, I just order another bottle and avoid Target and its money-stealing tactics.

A million Sharpie pens. This is one of those things I bought for work because in addition to being a social media queen, I am also an artist. I’m totally kidding, I can barely write my name and not forget to cross the t and dot the i’s. But I do like these for note taking in my calendar, using specific colors for different activities or social media accounts. 

The best corkscrew wine opener. I read about this on some fancy wine review website and immediately bought it. One, because I trust fancy wine review websites and two because it was the cheapest one on the list and came highly recommended. $10 will get that wine into your mouth quicker. I actually really like this corkscrew though. It, um, goes in smooth? Serious.

A pom pom hat. Boston is 8* right now and if I could wear two of these on my head at the same time I would. I see a lot of girls up here wearing these and I think it’s because that big ass pom pom is actually so cute in real life. And there are a million colors to choose from. In fact I might finish up this blog post and order another color bc I love them so much. Oh, and you can wear it two ways: pull it all the way down on your head so the pom is straight up, 5-year-old kid style, or push the forehead part back and wear it slouchy. So basically look like a kid or look like an old lady but either way, totally in style.

Ok, now tell me your favorite Amazon finds! What else do I need/not need to buy?


January 2, 2018

New Items Added to the Beautycounter Winter Sale – 30% off and free shipping on me!

I know I *juuust* posted about this last week, but of course I have to share good news. Then I swear I’ll resume to regular blogging in 2018. Heh.

Ok so! The new, and even better, items added to the Winter Sale are. Don’t forget – if you use my link or place an order through me, I’ll reimburse your 5.95 shipping on orders $50+. Now, to the newly added products…drum roll…

Facial Mists! All three are alcohol-free and can be used to prep skin, moisturize, and set makeup.

How to use each one:

  • No. 1 Brightening – for a dull complexion, the Vitamin C and lime pearl extract in this mist will reduce age spots and brighten skin
  • No. 2 Plumping – this is great for those concerned with dryness and elasticity. This will plump skin and, in turn, reduce fine lines
  • No. 3 Balancing – this one is great for absorbing excess oil and calming redness. Those who have issues with acne will love this one.

Cleansing Cloths – Three 100% cotton muslin cloths are softer than a traditional wash cloth and therefore gentler on your skin. Beautycounter fans love using these with the cult fave Cleansing Balm.

Rose Neroli Hand Soap – My hands get soooo dry in the winter so I prefer using this soap to any other.  How does it hydrate so well? Lots of organic shea butter, organic marula oil, and organic mongogno oil. It has a light floral scent too!

Hair products! If you’ve been curious about the shampoo, now’s your chance.

Or give the Sea Salt Spray a try. I have naturally wavy hair so I like this for days I don’t feel like blow-drying my hair. Spray, scrunch, and go!

Now here’s one I haven’t tried but know people love. The Glow Shimmer Oil. I would use this straight out of the shower as a moisturizer with a bonus shimmery glow. Lord knows our pale winter skin would benefit. 😉

Last but not least, baby items!

Included in the sale is the Baby Wash, Protective Balm, and Soothing Oil. Keep those kiddos safe too! Babies have even more sensitive skin than we do, so keeping the chemicals at bay is definitely preferred.

Let me know if anyone has any product questions. See all the other sale items here. Happy safer beauty shopping!