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Current Celebration // Last weekend we celebrated my roomie’s birthday and next week is mine!

Current Confession // I just checked my bank account, and over the past 30 days, I’ve had 33 transactions at Whole Foods. What. the. In my defense, I’m in them almost every day for work, so it’s usually a coffee or drink here and there but DAMN. That is absurd…and very eye opening.

Current Product Find // Watermelon water!! (WTRMLN WTR is the brand name.) Someone was raving about it so I picked up a bottle. At over $3 a pop, it’s certainly a frivolous purchase, but I had to at least try it, right? It’s really, really good.

wtrmln wtr 500x500 |Currently|

The only ingredients are watermelon flesh, watermelon rind, and lemon. It’s really refreshing…and not gonna lie, would be great with vodka & fresh basil. Because it’s stupidly expensive, I just made my own by blending fresh watermelon chunks and part of the white rind in my Blendtec. My advice is try the bottled kind once for fun, then make your own at home.

Current Plan // I just spent an hour planning out the next 10 days of work. I’ll be all over MA, RI, and NYC. Anyone going to the Fancy Foods show next weekend? I’m so so excited.

Current Book // I rarely drink Italian wines, but I recently discovered one that I love. In an effort to learn more about Italian varietals, I picked this back up off my bookshelf.

Kevin Zraly’s Windows on the World Complete Wine Course

WOW 30th Cover |Currently|

Current Purchase // This cute dress from Target…


and these wedges from Sole Society. Use this link if you want 20% off your purchase! I’ve been really pleased with my purchases from Sole Society and their prices are fair for good quality items.

jenny night taupe 1608 |Currently|

Current Drink // This wine I mentioned earlier: G.D. Vajra Langhe Rosso. It’s a delicious blend of Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera with small quantities of Albarossa, Freisa and Pinot Noir. It’s fruity and crispy and the ideal food-friendly wine.1342157981 7275 375x500 |Currently|

Current Holy Moly // I’m about to be 31. What?? Cue a nervous breakdown.

Current Show // Remember like a month ago when I said I never watched the news, but that The Skimm kept me up to date with the world? Just kidding, I now watch it all the time. I get so excited when I have time to watch Good Morning America and now I’m even turning on the nightly news after work. I guess it’s about time I start paying attention to politics, too. Freaking 30s.

Current Want // WORLD PEACE? But seriously. The Charleston shooting has been on my mind so much. I cannot believe such a horrific incident happened in my old city. Such a sad, senseless act. Though my heart breaks for the victims and their families, I am truly amazed at how well the city has come together. And I’m even more proud that they’ve handled this peacefully and with such grace. Did you see the bond hearing where the victims’ families *forgave* the shooter? Wow.

Current Obsession //  Body Combat (Les Mills) has become my favorite class at my gym. I also bought a Groupon for the Muay Thai studio my roommate goes to and I’m pumped for my first lesson. Have any of you done Muay Thai or kickboxing? Shoutout to Kathy who was my inspiration for buying that Groupon. I love reading how much she raves about Muay Thai. It sounds like an incredible, butt-whooping workout.

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Product Spotlight: Naked Juices (and a giveaway!)

You guys know I love a good juice cleanse. I’ve done a few 3-day cleanses and really enjoy the reset. I also occasionally pull out my juicer to make some drinks at home. And once in a while I’ll actually the bottled kind in stores. While I like juicing, I don’t love the lack of fiber. Some brands, like Naked Juice, are blends of the fruit that do give you the benefits of fiber.

FullSizeRender 6 500x442 Product Spotlight: Naked Juices (and a giveaway!)

Lugging out the juicer at home can be a pain. It’s super messy and takes a while to clean up. I like the Naked Juice line as a good grab-and-go option. I’ve been going to the gym in the mornings lately, and it’s easy to take with me to drink on the way to work. They’ve got a ton of flavors, too. I recently tried their newest flavors:

  • Berry Nutmilk is gluten free, vegan, and dairy free. It’s contains 26 blueberries, 8 blackberries, 2 raspberries, 1 strawberry, 24 almonds, 1 3/4 apples and 1/3 banana.
  • Bright Beets contains: 2 1/2 beets, 1/3 carrot and a hint of ginger.
  • Kale Blazer contains 5 3/4 kale leaves, cucumber, 15 spinach leaves, celery, oranges and apple with a hint of ginger and lemon.
  • Chia Cherry Lime contains 10,000mg chia seeds, 10 1/3 cherries, 3 2/3 apples, lime and plum. Because of all the Omega-3s chia seeds have, they’re a great source of fiber, calcium, and iron.
  • Chia Sweet Peach contains 10,000mg chia seeds, 1/2 peach, 1/2 orange, 1/6 mango and 2 3/4 apples.

Of all the flavors, I really liked the chia juices. Though the chia seeds aren’t whole, they give the juice a nice texture.

IMG 9213 e1434328411744 500x500 Product Spotlight: Naked Juices (and a giveaway!)

The Chia Sweet Peach was my preferred flavor. So good!

IMG 9212 e1434328397745 500x500 Product Spotlight: Naked Juices (and a giveaway!)

I like that the label lists what’s inside. Puts things into perspective!

IMG 9217 e1434328430697 500x500 Product Spotlight: Naked Juices (and a giveaway!)

Want to win a handful of coupons for free Naked Juice? In the comments section below, tell me which flavor you’d most like to try. For additional entries, share this giveaway post on facebook, instagram, or twitter and let me know that you did! Giveaway ends Sunday, June 21st. Good luck!!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

The Friday Five 6.12.15

1. Reading:

2. Listening: The new Galantis album is FUN! The whole thing is essentially a great workout playlist. One of my favorites is “You” that came out back in April.

3. Eating:  The hunt for the best tacos in Boston continues. On Monday night, my fellow fitness blondie Caroline and I went to Ladies Night at Acitrón in Arlington. For only $25 you get a skinny marg, an app, an entree, and dessert. That is a deal. Fantastic margarita, chips & salsa.

IMG 9053 500x500 The Friday Five 6.12.15

I got the ceviche appetizer which was kind of a letdown. There was only one type of fish and it had red onions — BLECH.

FullSizeRender 3 500x500 The Friday Five 6.12.15

My tacos were good. I had the chile verde (chicken), the cochinita pibil (slow roasted pork + pickled onions), and the al pastor (pork + pineapple). The chicken was my favorite. The beans & rice that came with it were even better.

FullSizeRender 4 500x500 The Friday Five 6.12.15

Dinner was good and I’d definitely go back for that deal…but great chats w/ my gal is worth even more!

4. Bookmarking: Beet Apple Carrot & Ginger Slaw. Honestly all these ingredients make for my favorite juice blend. But I’ll take the extra vitamins + fiber in the form of a slaw any day.Screen Shot 2015 06 11 at 10.53.08 PM 365x500 The Friday Five 6.12.15 5. GIFs!

when people talk about politics

tumblr npqm6ftkmZ1ql5yr7o1 500 The Friday Five 6.12.15

when someone asks me if i know who i’m voting for next year

tumblr inline npr7rvsgKm1r79k32 500 The Friday Five 6.12.15

every day when my bosses tease me

tumblr npskbtPuWf1ql5yr7o1 500 The Friday Five 6.12.15

pre- friday night wine tasting

tumblr npsmqm3PXC1ql5yr7o1 500 The Friday Five 6.12.15

post tasting

tumblr inline npr7o1E6d91r79k32 500 The Friday Five 6.12.15

when my friend tries to convince me to stay out for more drinks

tumblr inline npra2vxzpz1r79k32 500 The Friday Five 6.12.15

trying to get out of it

tumblr nphcrhtFIb1ql5yr7o1 500 The Friday Five 6.12.15

the next morning

tumblr inline npnn9scgWL1r79k32 500 The Friday Five 6.12.15

have a lovely weekend!! <3

POP! Goes the Color

I’ll never be a girl that favors neutrals over bright colors. Yes, I love a good pair of black jeans, a leather jacket, and crazy high stilettos, but those are staples. I prefer fun, colorful pieces paired with neutrals. And lately I’ve been all about the bright pinks. Here are some favorite items I’ve recently purchased.

Pouch with beaded tassels – This picture does not do this clutch justice. It’s so so cute in person!

Screen Shot 2015 06 09 at 9.03.15 PM POP! Goes the Color

Beaded Tassel Layering Necklace – down to $8.98! The beads are clear on a hot pink strand.

Screen Shot 2015 06 09 at 9.05.38 PM 324x500 POP! Goes the Color

Gypsy Queen Halter Cover Up – This is so fun!

Screen Shot 2015 06 09 at 9.10.39 PM 326x500 POP! Goes the Color

FingerPaints Nail Polish in Warhol Wannabe – Love this color and it’s pretty durable. The Amazon picture doesn’t make it look neon like this pic, but it really is.

61%2Bgwv99vFL. SL1500  POP! Goes the Color

Old Navy Patterned Chiffon Tank – It’s sheer so wear a cami underneath.

Screen Shot 2015 06 09 at 9.25.41 PM 287x500 POP! Goes the Color

Embroidered Kimono Jacket – I wear this with a teal cami underneath and my hair in a top bun. This is definitely a favorite! Also comes in black.
Screen Shot 2015 06 09 at 9.29.21 PM POP! Goes the Color

I haven’t bought these (yet) bc I can’t decide if they’re terrible or adorable. They’re part of the Luau 574 collection and I swear the name just tempts me even more. Such a sucker for marketing.

 POP! Goes the Color

So sorry if this post has blinded you. 😉

Favorite color lately? Neutrals or pops of color? Or both?!