The Friday Five

1. Reading:

2. Listening: Hip, hip, hooray! Alesso has a new song! Listen to “Heroes (we could be)”.

3. Eating: Sooo maybe I’m not eating this, but I’m for sure chewing this! When I first saw this at Target I thought NO STOP IT TOO EARLY! But then I remembered it was 50 degrees out, and to me, that is nearing winter temps, so I grabbed it anyway. I now realize that 50* in Boston is not winter and I’m in big trouble. However, this gum is delicious! It’s the perfect combination of creamy & minty yet very refreshing.

IMG 3734 e1411104278611 500x500 The Friday Five

4. Bookmarking: Oh my gosh. These Toasted Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies are just what I need this weekend. In the words of Tom Haverford, treat yo’ self!

Toasted%20Almond%20Chocolate%20Chip%20Cookies%20065 The Friday Five

5. GIFs!

my commute from my bed to the couch

hz1Jwh0 The Friday Five

when i see samples at whole foods

tumblr inline nbsougxBCW1ro2d43 The Friday Five

trying to fix my friend’s hair before we go out

tumblr inline nbusu456Ex1r79k32 The Friday Five

when i try on my fall clothes from last year

tumblr nc1z0bYGK01ql5yr7o2 250 The Friday Fivetumblr nc1z0bYGK01ql5yr7o1 250 The Friday Five

when my roommate makes fun of me for being cold in september (ah!!!)

tumblr inline nbwo86B3oc1ro2d43 The Friday Five

when someone tries to take a candid photo of me

tumblr inline nbiawuZFPw1ro2d43 The Friday Five

happy friday friends! have a good one!

If I was stuck in a car for 5 hours…

What would I need?

There’s the age old question, “If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you bring?”

Ok, let’s be real. The chances of getting stranded on an island are slim. But getting stuck in a car? HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. Living in the city means I drive a lot less, but it seems that when I do, it’s for a work event that’s far outside of the city and/or I get stuck in traffic for at least an hour. Blech.

99% of the time I’m driving alone. 1% of the time I’m relaxed and enjoy the quiet time. 99% of the time I go a little stir crazy. If I could have it my way–as in POOF! I’m in traffic, I want these things ASAP–here’s what I’d have:

  • Nancy. Homegirl rode from Charleston to Boston with me back in April. We stopped in Jersey overnight, but we ended up being in the car together for 16+ hours. She may have cringed at least 5x at my driving, but I never once cringed at her. My bestie entertained me the whole time, by reminiscing about our adventures since we were 16 and being the best DJ. I’d gladly be stuck in traffic with her any day.
  • SPOTIFY! There isn’t much I do without my music playing. Whether I’m streaming a recently made playlist or letting the radio do its thing, I’ve always got the tunes on.
  • An assistant. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve actually had the thought “Oh, if I had an intern right now…” I would have him check my email, google stuff for me, update my calendar, read to me, feed me. Wait, what?
  • Snacks. God forbid I go 3 hours without nourishment. My favorite car snacks are gum, Chick-fil-A lemonade, and Krave Jerky. I promise I’d share with my assistant.
  • My cell phone. Well, duh. Why? Because I’d use my GPS to get the helllllll-o out of a traffic jam.
  • A pillow for my butt. I’m serious you guys. I drive stick shift and my god, my let leg cramps up so badly in traffic. If I had a pillow it’d be a lot more comfortable. Not to mention this midget would be able to see the road much better. icon wink If I was stuck in a car for 5 hours...
  • Camera. Given that my cellular device has a pretty awesome camera, that’ll suffice. There have been plenty of moments I was glad I could snap. I see some crazy stuff when I’m driving.

IMG 1852 e1411005118577 500x500 If I was stuck in a car for 5 hours...

True Life: Cambridge.

What would YOU need if you were stuck in the car for at least 5 hours?


My Grocery Staples

One of my goals this month was to spend less money dining out. This equates to spending more money on groceries, but that’s perfectly okay with me. It always amazes me how far I can stretch a dollar at the grocery store compared to at a restaurant. Even shopping at Whole Foods, you’re still spending a ton less than eating out.

It’s funny to think how often I’m in the grocery store–both for work and personal reasons–but I’d like to think all this experience (ha) has given a good idea of what staples to buy at which stores. I buy the majority of my groceries at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and farmer’s markets. Now that I live up north and am close to Wegman’s, I’ll sometimes load up on staples there, too. That place is THE BEST. I think of it as the Disney World of grocery stores.

Anyway, here’s a list of what I almost always have in my kitchen.

1. Almond/Soy milk. I go back and forth with almond and soy, depending on my mood. I do always buy the unsweetened/plain variety because the others usually have too much sugar. I also stick to plain versus vanilla or chocolate in case I need to use it in a dish. I love Silk soy milk but if it’s not on sale I buy Whole Foods almond milk.

0002529360023 500X500 My Grocery Staples

2. Almond Butter/Peanut Butter. I switch up my nut butters for a couple reasons. While yes, almond butter has much better benefits, let’s be honest: peanut butter tastes a thousand times better. You can get the cheapest raw almond butter at Trader Joe’s, for about $6.99. Always go raw!

PA311301 My Grocery Staples

3. Eggs. I think eggs are a perfect food, chock full of vitamins and protein. Plus, they’re super versatile in both cooking and baking. When I’m feeling lazy, eggs are always the answer. I try to buy mine local whenever possible. I do think it is worth the higher price tag.

eggs 08 My Grocery Staples


4. Greek yogurt. I eat Greek yogurt almost daily. I usually buy the 32-ounce tubs because you get the most bang for your buck. 75% of the time I buy plain, as the other flavors are full of sugar, but if I find a limited edition or seasonal flavor I’m all over it. Fage, Siggi’s, and Chobani are my favorite brands. I think TJ’s is disgusting.

 My Grocery Staples

5. Greens! I most often buy kale, but occasionally pick up collard greens, romaine, and butter lettuce. I use kale in juices and smoothies, sautee it with garlic and onions, toss it in an omelet, or make a massaged kale salad. I find that lacinato kale is easier to digest.

lacinato kale My Grocery Staples

6. Apples. This is the one fruit I never get sick of…and I’d like to think it keeps me from getting sick, too. icon smile My Grocery Staples I like a sweet and slightly tart apple. My favorites are Jazz, Honeycrisp, and Pink Lady.

honeycrispApple380 My Grocery Staples

7. Assorted veggies. I usually pick up bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and asparagus.

brussels sprouts vitamin c lg My Grocery Staples

8. Chia seeds. This isn’t a weekly grocery buy, but I surely eat it throughout the week. I get a 1 lb. bag that lasts me a while. I typically sprinkle chia over my Greek yogurt, but also use it in smoothies or oatmeal.

chia seeds1 My Grocery Staples

9. Chicken breasts. I buy my chicken from Whole Foods because of their high standards for poultry and meat. No hormones or antibiotics, ever. It just tastes better too. Their chicken is so much more tender and juicier, I swear!

10.Avocados. I consider avocadoes to be another perfect food and my favorite healthy fat. I eat avocado with a dash of salt & pepper or eggs.

7e1eb970 e83a 44ff 94ed ba3fefd40b40 My Grocery Staples


11. Cheese. This list is reminding me how much I love dairy. Cheese is great for a low-carb, high protein diet. My favorites are feta, halloumi, goat, and mozzarella. If you’ve never had grilled halloumi….get on it!

12. Treats. You know I’d never make a super healthy list without having some sort of indulgence on it. Pleeeeease. I’m so glad that dark chocolate and red wine have antioxidants so I don’t feel totally guilty for these two. icon wink My Grocery Staples Favorites: Lindt A Touch of Sea Salt and Edna Valley Pinot Noir.

lindt chocolate My Grocery Staples01813820402 display My Grocery Staples

What are your grocery staples? If I was to come over to your house, what am I guaranteed to find in your kitchen?

Loving Lately

1. Oooh, ooh, oohh! I found my new go-to chardonnay. Last Friday after a nice 4 mile run, I dragged my body to my local wine store. I asked one of the guys for an oaked chardonnay (my fave white lately) and within .2 seconds he says “THIS” and points to a bottle of Creme de Lys.

creme de lys chardonnay 166x500 Loving Lately

I’m going to high-five that man next time I see him because it was delicious. It’s super creamy with a lush mouthfeel. It’s silky and bold with hints of pear and pineapple. At my store it was only $11.99 too. Go get some!

2. Have you guys heard of Sole Society? They’ve got super cute, affordable shoes and shipping is always free!  I snagged this pair of leather wedges for only $28. Yeah, yeah I’ll only be able to wear them a couple times this year, but I couldn’t pass up a deal like that.

Screen Shot 2014 09 15 at 9.38.31 PM Loving Lately

Just FYI, they’re a bit narrow. I am usually a 7.5 but got these in an 8 and they fit perfectly. So order a size up!

3. I rarely ever buy chapstick, but I just found a new kind I really like. Remember when everyone was obsessed with the eos lip balms? So 2012. The new craze is going to be Soft Lips CUBE. I have the pomegranate blueberry flavor and love it. It glides over your lips better than eos, smells delicious, and adds just a bit of shine. And unlike eos, it protects with SPF 15 sunscreen.soft lips cube pomegranate blueberry 377x500 Loving Lately

I found them at Target where they’re also available in fresh mint and vanilla bean.

4. The weather in Massachusetts has me really nervous. It’s been in the 60s during the day and 50s at night. YIKES. It’s September. You should’ve heard my Grammy tsk-tsking over my shoulder as I tried to buy this embellished halter top.

limited embellished halter top 383x500 Loving Lately It’s so much prettier in real life. Here’s the pic I took in the store.

the limited embellished halter top sequins 375x500 Loving Lately

But sweaters, I need to focus on sweaters!!!! :0

5. And to round out this super girly post, how about a ridiculous photo? Every time I get my hair highlighted, I feel like Medusa. Just look at this.

photo 32 399x500 Loving Lately

And yes, that is Krave Jerky on the counter. Don’t tell me I’m weird for bringing snacks to the salon. No way I’m sitting there for 2.5+ hours without a snack.

Happy Monday! xo