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If I’m not working, I’m either at the library or the grocery store. I can’t help it; I love being surrounded by books and food. Probably not at the same time but ya know. Both places just inspire so much creativity!

When I go grocery shopping, I want to be in a fun atmosphere that promotes healthy eating. bfresh is a concept that does that. Their goal is to freshify your life® with affordable foods. Think: fresh produce, affordable organics, and convenience. bfresh currently has stores in Allston and a brand new location in Brighton. I recently stopped by the Allston location and was really impressed with the bright, fun, and friendly atmosphere. Just look at all the colorful signage among fresh food!

IMG_2676 IMG_2677

Meals on the go! Pizza, salads, sandwiches, and more.IMG_2678 IMG_2679 IMG_2680

More on-the-go options.IMG_2681

Fresh ground peanut butter, spices, and honey.IMG_2682

Major bulk bins!IMG_2683

Big bonuses:

  • Grocery delivery is available at:
  • bfresh Mobile®, available in App Store and Google Play, is an app for coupons and sales flyers. Use on the go and save!

If you’re a Boston local and eager to check out bfresh, I have a little gift for you! Shoot me an email and I’ll send you a gift card for $10 off your order. 🙂 christinaorso (at)

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Stay healthy, stay happy!

Ina Garten’s Roasted Salmon with Green Herbs

In case you didn’t know, Ina Garten has some solid recipes. Her Roasted Salmon with Green Herbs proves that. She’s been my go-to chef for a few years because her recipes just make sense. They’re never complicated nor do they require any hard-to-find ingredients. She’s a gem, that lady.

This recipe comes from Barefoot Contessa How Easy Is That?, fabulous recipes and easy tips. Besides the salmon, a few other recipes I like are her Pink Grapefruit Margaritas, Watermelon & Arugula Salad, Chipotle & Rosemary Roasted Nuts, and Roasted Figs and Prosciutto. Hungry now? Okay, let’s get to the salmon.

ina garten roasted salmon green herbs recipe barefoot contessa how easy is that

Roasted Salmon with Green Herbs 


  • 1 (2- to 2 1/2-pound) skinless salmon fillet
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/4 cup good olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup minced scallions, white and green parts (4 scallions)
  • 1/2 cup minced fresh dill
  • 1/2 cup minced fresh parsley
  • 1/4 cup dry white wine
  • Lemon wedges, for serving


  1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Place the salmon fillet in a glass, ceramic, or stainless-steel roasting dish and season it generously with salt and pepper. Whisk together the olive oil and lemon juice and drizzle the mixture evenly over the salmon. Let it stand at room temperature for 15 minutes.
  3. In a small bowl, stir together the scallions, dill, and parsley. Scatter the herb mixture over the salmon fillet, turning it so that both sides are generously coated with the green herbs. Pour the wine around the fish fillet.
  4. Roast the salmon for 10 to 12 minutes, until almost cooked in the center at the thickest part. The center will be firm with just a line of uncooked salmon in the very center. (I peek by inserting the tip of a small knife.) Cover the dish tightly with aluminum foil and allow to rest for 10 minutes. Cut the salmon crosswise into serving pieces and serve hot with lemon wedges.

Notes: Fresh herbs are key!! They really make the recipe, I promise you. If you don’t know what to do with the leftover herbs, use them to make a pesto, dip, or salad dressing. You can also freeze them for later use.

We had this dinner with a really nice pinot gris. Pick up a bottle of J Vineyards Pinot Gris. It offers an “alluring bouquet of lemongrass, Kaffir lime, and Asian pear plus tropical notes pf pineapple and jasmine flowers.” You won’t be disappointed.



Feeling: Hot. So hot. It’s been in the 90s for the past few days and guess who doesn’t have air conditioning? You read that right. Oh boy, do I miss central air.

Watching: The Night Of on HBO. I whipped through all the available episodes and I can’t wait until the new one on Sunday. Holy crap it’s good! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you must. Hurry.

Enjoying: Massive veggie bowls from Life Alive. This is one of the best healthy restaurants I’ve found in Cambridge.

life alive cambridge ma adventurer bowl vegetarian veganMaking: Cookie Chips dipped in chocolate and coconut. How gooood do these look? If any of my blogger friends want to do a review of Cookie Chips, let me know and I’ll hook it up. (They’re one of my SM clients.)

chocolate coconut dipped cookie chips 
Cooking: When I was at my grandparents’ house we made one of Ina Garten’s salmon recipes. I should share this. It was delicious. Yes, I will share this recipe tomorrow!

ina garten fresh herbs salmon
Reading: I just finished The Soul of an Octopus. I don’t get excited about animals very much — yeah yeah — but for some reason am fascinated with octopus. Fun fact: the plural of octopus is octopus…not octopi like most people think. Words of Greek origin are not pluralized with an -i ending. Anyway, this book was a really cool look into the life and personality of octopus.

Wanting: To go to the New England Aquarium. I haven’t been since I was a kid and since most of the above book takes place there…it’s time.

Looking: for cute fall boots! I usually wear booties, but I need a mid-height pair, preferable tan. Any of my petite ladies have recommendations?

Eating: Tomatoes! I love when they’re in season.

Wearing: Just bought this romper on super sale at Old Navy. It’s adorable!

Loving: That my bestie Kaye is coming for a visit this weekend. We always have too much fun.

What are you loving lately?

The Foodery – Boston’s Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service

Episode 2 of my meal delivery posts: The Foodery Boston!

The Deets

The Foodery started when best friends John Bauer and Mike Speights realized that having a busy lifestyle shouldn’t mean having an unhealthy one. They launched in 2012 with a goal of changing how food is consumed. All ingredients they use meet their quality standards and each product gets labeled with ingredient and nutritional information. Food you can trust!

How It Works

Healthy, ready-to-eat meals made from scratch with organic, local and responsibly-raised ingredients. Unlike many of the other services out there, with The Foodery there’s no prep, cooking, or clean up. Your dinners are brought to your door, ready for you to warm up and eat!

The week I ordered I got…

Moroccan meatballs with roasted vegetables and tzatziki sauce
The Foodery Boston delivery service moroccan meatballs

Caraway crusted salmon with roasted beet & wheat berry mix, and a dill sauce.The Foodery Boston delivery service salmon wheatberries

Chopped chicken power bowl

The Foodery Boston delivery service chopped power bowl

Dinners come packaged in either 2 or 4-portions. As a single gal, I like the 2-meal option, but having 4 is nice if I have a really busy week or want to share with a friend.

My Thoughts

The moroccan meatballs were my favorite of the proteins. They had so much flavor and so juicy. The veggies were roasted in garlic and thyme and were really nice. And the crispy potatoes dipped in the tzatziki? Yes, please!

The Foodery Boston moroccan meatballs tzatziki dinner service
Next up was the salmon, my favorite fish. And it had beets, my favorite veggies. I knew this would be a win. I liked the dill sauce a lot. The only thing I’d change about this one would be to use less caraway seeds as they’re pretty strong. Otherwise it was great and very filling.The Foodery Boston salmon dinner

Though I loved the meatballs, the chicken power bowl was my favorite meal overall. I just liked everything about it, especially how the ingredients were chopped itty bitty so that when you take a bite, you can easily get a little of everything. This one had kale, chopped chicken, goat cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, cranberries, wild rice, and slivered almonds with a balsamic dressing. I would eat this every week.

The Foodery Boston chopped power bowl salad

Boston friends, do yourself a favor and check out The Foodery. There’s a new menu each week with plenty of options and a variety of proteins. You can easily adjust the meals to your diet as they are packaged with ingredients somewhat separated. (Dairy and nuts are served on the side.) If you’re interested in signing up, use code HHeatwell2016 for 20% off! Eat well, my friends!