Puma Fitness Spring Workout Gear

It seems as though it’s easier than ever to look cute while exercising. The new technology that many companies have developed has allowed us to feel both comfortable and feminine. New, fun workout gear is one of the best motivators for getting out there. Why not feel good and look good?

Thanks to FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA, I received an adorable outfit perfectly fit for spring. My cousin Maddie and I dressed up in the new gear to see if it could keep up with our active lifestyles.

puma fitness fitfluential6 357x500 Puma Fitness Spring Workout Gear

Let’s check out the pieces.

puma.jpg. Puma Fitness Spring Workout Gear1. Gym Tank – features coolCELL technology – highly functional materials that draw sweat away from your skin. Pros: The back has the most adorable woven straps and it’s an awesome shade of green. Cons: It is oddly shaped and the boob area is really weird. Can we say double boobage?

puma fitness fitfluential.jpg 500x400 Puma Fitness Spring Workout Gear

2. Gym All Eyes On Me Jacket – also has coolCELL technology. The back has anatomically placed air-flow features for superior temperature regulation during exercise. Pros: Super comfy and it has everyone’s favorite feature, thumbholes! Cons: It runs pretty loose (I’m wearing an XS) and the boxy shape is not flattering for females.

3. All Eyes On Me 3/4 Gym Tight – It’s made of LYCRA® SPORTyarns that provide freedom of movement and moisture-wicking properties. Pros: Cute zig zag design and extremely light material. Cons: The material is so thin that it provides no lift or sculpting whatsoever. It’s pretty much like wearing nylons.

4. Mobium Elite v2 Running Shoe - Designed specifically for women, it adapts and expands as to the foot as it moves. Pros: Super cute pastel colors, extremely lightweight, and cushioned. Cons: I would wear these for walking, but never for running. The fit seems to be made for a narrow foot.

puma fitness fitfluential5 2 500x362 Puma Fitness Spring Workout Gear
Of all the pieces, we both liked the jacket best. It’s loose fitting, we love the thumbholes, and the pocket in the back is great for your ipod/keys. We liked the top the least bc of its odd shape and how weird it made our chest look. It wasn’t very comfortable either. The straps are so cute though, so hopefully they’ll update the look accordingly. icon smile Puma Fitness Spring Workout Gear

What features do you look for when buying new fitness gear?

The Friday Five: American Hustle, Christina Perri, Back to Nature, Sriracha Meatballs, and GIFs!

1. Watching: I finally got around to watching American Hustle. I thought it was good, but not the best movie I’ve ever seen. I just wasn’t much into the plot. The actors gave stellar performances and the costume design was outstanding. Jennifer Lawrence’s character (Sydney) was my favorite, followed by Amy Adams’ (Rosalyn).

AMERICAN HUSTLE poster 1024x7681 The Friday Five: American Hustle, Christina Perri, Back to Nature, Sriracha Meatballs, and GIFs!I could not get over how unattractive they made Christian Bale, who’s usually a stud, IMO. That comb over and his belly! What did you guys think of the flick?

2. Listening: Human by Christina Perri.

3. Eating: Jennifer had a box of these Back to Nature Crispy Wheat Crackers and I thought they were really good. They reminded me of a better version of Nabisco Wheat Thins, without all the junk. They’d be great with sliced cheese or hummus.

back to nature crispy wheat crackers 363x500 The Friday Five: American Hustle, Christina Perri, Back to Nature, Sriracha Meatballs, and GIFs!

4. Bookmarking: Slightly Sriracha’d Lamb Meatballs from Shrinking Single.

srirachad lamb meatballs 1024x768 The Friday Five: American Hustle, Christina Perri, Back to Nature, Sriracha Meatballs, and GIFs!via

5. GIFs!

when r&b comes on the radio

tumblr inline n45bhuiqHN1rnvwt1 The Friday Five: American Hustle, Christina Perri, Back to Nature, Sriracha Meatballs, and GIFs!

when hip hop comes on the radio

tumblr inline n41wnrFAXY1rnvwt1 The Friday Five: American Hustle, Christina Perri, Back to Nature, Sriracha Meatballs, and GIFs!

waking up on a monday

tumblr inline n41vvdm47f1rnvwt1 The Friday Five: American Hustle, Christina Perri, Back to Nature, Sriracha Meatballs, and GIFs!

waking up on a friday

tumblr inline n41vlcuEfa1rnvwt1 The Friday Five: American Hustle, Christina Perri, Back to Nature, Sriracha Meatballs, and GIFs!

when my aunt pointed at some onesies and told me i needed to hurry up and have a baby

giphy The Friday Five: American Hustle, Christina Perri, Back to Nature, Sriracha Meatballs, and GIFs!

when my other aunt tells me i still have time

tumblr inline n2rnwmzZfA1rnvwt1 The Friday Five: American Hustle, Christina Perri, Back to Nature, Sriracha Meatballs, and GIFs!

On the agenda this weekend:

  • Red Sox game with my aunt and her friends (aka my new wingwomen, they have no idea)
  • Shopping in the city with Maddie
  • Easter! Bring on the church and chocolate!

Have a lovely weekend! xo

Thursday Tidbits

I get lost all the time lately. I use my phone’s GPS to navigate from place to place, but I never fail to miss one of Siri’s commands. It makes for some interesting drives. Especially when I see polka-dotted houses. Hello!

polka dot house shirley massachusetts 500x500 Thursday Tidbits

My aunt told me that house has been pastel speckled for over 10 years now. Nope, it’s not just Easter themed like I assumed. Wow.

Grammy and I are both really curious about Indian food and have our favorite entrées (chicken tikka masala for her, chicken vindaloo for me). In an effort to branch away from our signature dishes, we ventured out to a highly rated Indian restaurant, Bombay Tandoor Grill. bombay tandoor grill buffet fitchburg1 500x375 Thursday Tidbits

It was in a super sketchy building and had a ridiculously small buffet, but we gave it a go anyway. I tried everything there was to offer: chicken tikka masala, lentil soup, vegetable pakora, and a couple unpictured items. It was ooookay. As soon as we walked out we both craved chocolate. Typical.

minilink Thursday Tidbits

Speaking of cravings, I often get a hankering for iced coffee. Nolan and I picked up some Dunkin’ Donuts for a treat. My aunt/his mom said he could have a Coffee Coolata because it doesn’t have a lot of caffeine. Little did we know,  a medium has 660 calories and 69 grams of sugar.
dunkin donuts coffee coolata 375x500 Thursday Tidbits

His reaction to the news? Priceless. And yes, he drank it anyway. 30 minutes later he had a hockey game. I imagine he performed like a champion.

Switching gears, how about this healthy option? Using my new Camelbak Relay, I made fruit-infused water with sliced strawberries, oranges, and lemons.
camelbak relay water pitcher filter e1397703834506 Thursday Tidbits

It adds a nice little hint of flavor so it’s not so bland. And to make things extra zippy, I add a bit of seltzer to it. So much more fun than plain water! As far as the pitcher goes, it’s super easy to use and filters water so much faster than other brands I’ve used.

Need an idea for a super simple but delicious salad? Using all Trader Joe’s products, I threw this lunch together.

photo 21 375x500 Thursday Tidbits

What you need:

  • cruciferous crunch mix (kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli)
  • jalapeño chicken sausage
  • kalamata olives
  • french cucumber
  • avocado
  • light feta
  • light champagne vinaigrette

Chop, slice, drizzle, toss, eat.

Have a lovely day, friends!

Brancott Estate’s “Flight Song” Lower Calorie Wines

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Millennial Central for Brancott Estate Wines. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.DSC 0997 500x333 Brancott Estates Flight Song Lower Calorie Wines
How often do diets suggest not consuming liquid calories? All the time. While I don’t keep track of my calories each day, I have a general idea of what I’m eating. But when I treat myself to a glass of wine (or two!), I don’t think too much about the calorie intake. I figure a glass of wine or a cookie for dessert isn’t going to wreck my diet and I’m much more sane not worrying about it. That said, the idea of a wine with less sugar and fewer calories is a pretty exciting concept.

Brancott Estate Flight Song Master logo NEW 500x227 Brancott Estates Flight Song Lower Calorie Wines

Brancott Estate Wines recently came out with the “Flight Song” line featuring two varietals:

  • Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc - Pink grapefruit and passionfruit aromas, with a ripe lemon acidity
  • Marlborough Pinot Grigio - Floral notes with pear and sweet lemon, while white peach and guava create a full palate with ripe, citrus-like acidity

song hero Brancott Estates Flight Song Lower Calorie Wines

Both wines are 20% lighter in calories with the same fresh flavor as the typical varietal. I’m sure you’re wondering how they’re actually lighter. Low calorie wines usually mean the wine is run through a reverse osmosis filter, stripping it of alcohol, aromas and structure. But Brancott keeps it simple, for the better. The wine is made using grapes harvested earlier in the season when their sugar levels are naturally lower, resulting in a lower calorie beverage.

Nutritional information, per 5 oz. serving:

  • Sauvignon Blanc – Calories 88, Carbohydrates 4.5g, Protein 0g, Fat 0g
  • Pinot Grigio – Calories 87, Carbohydrates 5.2g, Protein 0g, Fat 0g

IMG 0971 375x500 Brancott Estates Flight Song Lower Calorie Wines

I received a goodie box with a bottle of each varietal, so I had an impromptu tasting party with my aunt Jennifer. She’s new to wine and I’m trying to be a bad good influence by exposing her to different varietals so she can figure out what she likes. With these two, there was a clear winner.

IMG 0974 500x375 Brancott Estates Flight Song Lower Calorie Wines

The Sauvignon Blanc was not good. Like a true SB, it had a grassy pungency that was unappealing. It wasn’t terrible, but I would not buy it in the future. Jennifer simply stated, “It’s not bad when you plug your nose.” HA. The Pinot Grigio was much more drinkable. It was light, fruity, and zippy. I think this bottle would be a crowd-pleaser and great to bring to a small gathering or book club meeting.

Each of the wines can be purchased for about $15. Come Summer, they’ll be a great poolside beverage. They were both lower in alcohol content (9%) so, to be honest, you may end up drinking more than normal. So that fewer calories thing…may not be a strong selling point. But if you stick to just a glass, then yes, you’ll save some.

Check out Brancott Estate’s facebook and twitter for more information.

What’s your favorite varietal? Have you ever had a lower calorie wine?