Life Update: The JOBS. What I do!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I took on a part-time gig. Though I’m still full-time with Krave Jerky, I’m always on the lookout for fun opportunities to further my career. At Krave, I’m in field marketing. Field marketing is spreading brand awareness to the consumer by field activation (events and influencer seeding) to create a personal connection. Simply put, I am in charge of activating events in the food & wine and health & fitness industries. You know how after a 5K you see lots of vendors at the end? That’s a little bit of what we do in field marketing. I have a team in Boston (me + 2 amazing brand ambassadors) who help me with these events, either by coming onsite with me or activating smaller events by themselves. The majority of the events I schedule are races, Crossfit competitions, yoga festivals, wine tastings, and food festivals. All the events that I would normally love to go to…I do. But for work! Another aspect of this job is the sales side: retail merchandising, product placement, and opening new accounts. Fun fact: There are 37 Whole Foods locations in New England. I have been to 30!

 Life Update: The JOBS. What I do!

 Life Update: The JOBS. What I do!

 Life Update: The JOBS. What I do!

And let’s not EVER forget the time I met Julian Edelman…and some more hunky Pats players.

IMG 3870 500x500 Life Update: The JOBS. What I do!

My day-to-day responsibilities range from extreme introversion to extreme extroversion. There are my admin days when I’m handling a silly amount of emails, doing event research, stalking social media hits, and writing reports. These days I’m in my pjs with messy hair. Then there are my retail days when I’m schmoozing (read: flirting) with Whole Foods employees. These days I wear a lot of mascara. IT WORKS. And then there are event days where I’m spreading brand love and talking to up to hundreds of people per hour. The last part can be very socially exhausting. Sometimes I want to hibernate after events! But I really love the product, my responsibilities, and most of all, my team. I couldn’t ask for a better boss; she’s a mentor, a friend, a natural leader, an excellent shopping advisor, and best of all, yogi partner.

 Life Update: The JOBS. What I do!

Onto the second job. With my blog, I’ve gained a lot of experience in the digital marketing world. This type of marketing is engaging with consumers via electronic devices with websites, e-mail, and social networks. I enjoy both types of marketing, but besides the blog, hadn’t really experienced the digital side in my professional career. And I wanted that. Enter the side gig. I took a position with /Superdigital, an advertising agency that specializes in digital strategy, video production, branding, and social media. I am the Social Media Manager for one of their clients, OCHO Candy. My responsibilities include creating a content calendar full of posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I also spearhead blogger campaigns and outreach. As a blogger, it’s pretty neat to be on the other side of things, reaching out to my fellow peeps and spreading the candy love to them.

FullSizeRender2 500x500 Life Update: The JOBS. What I do!

How the hell do I do all of this? I don’t know! Some days I feel like my head is going to pop off trying to get things done. Some days I squeal with excitement when I come up with a witty tweet or when someone tells me we have the same favorite jerky flavor (Black Cherry BBQ!). But at the end of every day, I smile thinking about all the jerky and chocolate I’ve been eating and how much fun it is working for two delicious startups. : )

If you’ve ever been in a marketing or worked for a CPG company, what did you do? Share!

Getting Back to Nature with LÄRABAR (and a giveaway!)

 Getting Back to Nature with LÄRABAR  (and a giveaway!)In May 2000, Lara Merriken found herself on a hike in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where she came up with a big idea. She wanted to combine wholesome ingredients, such as fruits and nuts, to create a food product that’s tasty, healthy and convenient. Her passion for natural foods, fun and an active lifestyle inspired a brand that wants to get more people eating clean and getting outside. From bars to grain-free granola, LÄRABAR products are made from 100% real and wholesome ingredients. Everything they offer is gluten-free, non-GMO, and Kosher, with the majority of the products being soy-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Did you know that November 17th is “Take a Hike Day”? Yup! To inspire a hike, LÄRABAR sent out these awesome LÄRAbag full of treats. FullSizeRender1 500x500 Getting Back to Nature with LÄRABAR  (and a giveaway!) • 16 LÄRABARs (various flavors) • 12 packs of LÄRABAR RENOLA, a new grain-free granola (Cinnamon Nut, Cocoa Coconut and Berry) • Two pairs of hiking socks I’d have to get out of the city for a real outdoor adventure, but I figured an “urban hike” would be just as fun. I packed up some snacks and headed out to tour my own city. I’m lucky we’ve been having such beautiful weather the past few days! I love exploring for hours and always think ahead by bringing a healthy snack with me. photo 4 1 400x500 Getting Back to Nature with LÄRABAR  (and a giveaway!)photo 3 2 500x375 Getting Back to Nature with LÄRABAR  (and a giveaway!)top of the hub boston view 2 375x500 Getting Back to Nature with LÄRABAR  (and a giveaway!)boston common 3 500x375 Getting Back to Nature with LÄRABAR  (and a giveaway!) boston harbor 500x375 Getting Back to Nature with LÄRABAR  (and a giveaway!) Find out where these products are using this store locator. While you’re at it, snag a 50-cent off coupon here. Want to win a prize pack full of 16 LÄRABAR bars and RENOLA? Visit the LÄRABAR site and then in the comment section below, tell me which bar you’d most like to try. If you’ve had them before, tell me  your favorite! I’m curious to know what’s popular. Giveaway ends Monday, November 3rd at 12PM.

The Friday Five 10.24.14

1. Reading:

2. Listening: “Secrets” by Mary Lambert is a quirky, fun song. The lyrics make me laugh and the song is upbeat — perfect for Friday.

3. Eating: thinkThin came out with 2 delicious seasonal protein & fiber bars: Pumpkin Spice and Dark Chocolate Peppermint. I almost always prefer peppermint to pumpkin but I picked up both, for obvious reasons. Must taste test all seasonal products! Believe it or not, I actually liked the Pumpkin Spice a lot better. I even went back to Whole Foods the next day for more. The Dark Chocolate Peppermint was pretty good, but I think I preferred the Pumpkin because it was covered in white chocolate. The combo rocks. 

thinkthin lean protein fiber bars seasonal limited edition pumpkin spice dark chocolate peppermint 500x500 The Friday Five 10.24.14

4. Bookmarking: Caramel Ginger Thumbprint Cookies from Healthy Delicious. How good do these look?

salted caramel gingerbread thumbrint cookies The Friday Five 10.24.14

5. GIFs!

99% of the guys I see on tinder

tumblr inline nd8pfkwdGF1ro2d43 The Friday Five 10.24.14

drive-by flirting

tumblr inline nduqkxPwYt1ro2d43 The Friday Five 10.24.14

when my roommate suggests we pre-game before my date

tumblr inline ndg1qw1H031ro2d43 The Friday Five 10.24.14

trying to figure out if my date and i are compatible

tumblr inline ndtk6xhC2n1ro2d43 The Friday Five 10.24.14

when someone asks if i like my crush

a9MKOq0 460sa v1 The Friday Five 10.24.14

when someone says they’re in an open relationship

tumblr inline ndtjqgBNZn1ro2d43 The Friday Five 10.24.14

when the closest thing i have to a boyfriend is my scarf

tumblr inline nds4oq5JMr1ro2d43 The Friday Five 10.24.14

i was cracking up laughing typing those up. hope you are too! have a great weekend.

Delicious Lebanese Food at Cafe Barada in Cambridge

Ohhh man. If I could eat one thing every single day, I’d probably choose hummus. Yes, hummus over chocolate. You read that right. I’m a sucker for a lusciously creamy hummus that’s so smooth it seems like a sin. One of my foodie friends here and I both have a love for Mediterranean food, so that’s usually our go-to cuisine when we eat together.

I had read oodles of glowing reviews for Cafe Barada in Cambridge, and after a Boston–>Charleston friend highly recommended it too, I knew I had a winner. After a killer spin class at Turnstyle last night, my buddy Mick and I made moves to North Cambridge for a phenomenal barada cambridge family style meal 500x500 Delicious Lebanese Food at Cafe Barada in Cambridge

The two of us are trouble together; we both think of eating as a sport and it’s like a competition as to who can stuff themselves more. He always wins but I’d like to think I can put up a good fight. Any time we’ve eaten together, we usually share a bunch of apps so we can try a lot of items. Tonight wasn’t very different as we chose the family style option for a little bit of everything.

Our starter plates were hummus and baba ghannouj with stuffed grape leaves. I usually find that hummus is either thick and somewhat gritty or lusciously creamy. Cafe Barada makes the latter. It was so light that it was almost fluffy. Wonderful. Baba ghannouj is a tricky one, prepared so many ways depending on the region the chef is from. It can be chunky, where you actually see bits of the eggplant, or whipped similarly to hummus. This was the first baba ghannouj that I’ve ever liked. It was amazing! I couldn’t stop eating barada cambridge hummus baba ghannouj 500x500 Delicious Lebanese Food at Cafe Barada in Cambridge

We also had fattoush — a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, parsley, crunchy pita bread and spices. I loved this too! It definitely had sumac in it, which is a really lovely tart spice.

cafe barada cambridge fattoush 500x500 Delicious Lebanese Food at Cafe Barada in Cambridge

And then came the meat plate. Protein overload. It consisted of chicken shish kebab, beef shish kebab, and kafte kebab (ground beef with parsley & onion) all over a plate of buttery rice pilaf and grilled barada cambridge meat plate chicken beef kafte kebab 500x500 Delicious Lebanese Food at Cafe Barada in Cambridge

Wow. The kafte was my favorite, followed by the chicken. The grilled squash was sweet and buttery and the tomatoes juicy. I really enjoyed slathering baba ghannouj all over the meats, while Mick preferred making mini wraps with the pita bread and hummus.

We were stuffed to the brim–well, I was but Mick kept going–when our server reminded us we still had dessert. I almost opted to take mine home but Mick wasn’t having it, saying it would be better enjoyed in the restaurant. Ha. I told him I would love to be eating this on my couch in yoga pants, but I settled since I was…still in yoga pants. The baklava was barada cambridge baklava 500x500 Delicious Lebanese Food at Cafe Barada in Cambridge

If you’ve never had baklava, do yourself a favor and find some. If it’s made right, it’s crazy good. This Turkish pastry is made of layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey. Yeah, let that sit for a minute.

I know I still am. I’m currently sprawled out on my couch still stuffed to the brim from all this amazing food. I live 1/2 a mile from Cafe Barada so I’m anxious to go back. And often.

biglink Delicious Lebanese Food at Cafe Barada in Cambridge

Favorite Mediterranean cuisine/dish? I love Turkish, Lebanese, and Israeli dishes most. Aside from my obsession with hummus, I really love shawarma (I eat it at least once a week!), ful medames, and shaksuka, and falafel.