August 2014 Goals Check

Hi! Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend. The weather was gorgeous in Boston so I spent as much time as I could outdoors. I’m enjoying the temperature being in the 80s most days and our nights are now in the 60s! Yes, 60s! I can hardly believe it. Sleeping with the windows open is wonderful.

Enough about Mother Nature, let’s review my goals for August.

1. Go to the beach. I went! Phew! My Grammy and I went to Gloucester on a really beautiful Sunday afternoon.

photo 2 3 e1409617330620 500x375 August 2014 Goals Check

I always love spending a whole day with her. I was her first grandchild and we’ve always had a really special bond. She’s always in a good mood, is the best listener, and gives great advice. I’m 30 and when I lay on the couch next to her, I still ask her to rub my head. icon smile August 2014 Goals Check

2. Try 5 new workouts. I’m so glad my new gym has a variety of workouts so I feel motivated to go. The classes I tried in August were:

  • Tabata Total Body - 20 second intervals of extreme exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times without pause
  • Urban Rebounding - Aerobic conditioning performed on mini trampolines
  • Triple Threat -  two different twenty minute cardio segments followed by twenty minutes of muscle conditioning
  • Fierce Fit Body - Combining cardio, toning, and muscle development
  • Rhythm Ride - 5 minute cycling class formatted to the beat of invigorating music

3. Go on at least 1 blogger date/meet up. Make that 2! My first was the Boston Blogger Summer Soiree at Precinct Kitchen + Bar. I met several new bloggers (there were at least 50 people there), but most importantly, I got to hang with my girl Biana.

 August 2014 Goals Check

Biana and I also went to another blogger meet up at LOFT with a few other girls. Though neither of us bought anything, we snacked. Of course we snacked.

photo 2 1 e1409617349330 375x500 August 2014 Goals Check

4. Eat a lobster roll at James Hook & Co.  Sadly, this didn’t happen. I did have 3 other rolls though.

lobster rolls collage August 2014 Goals Check

5. Make at least 2 new recipes. I half assed this one. I made *one* recipe. But bonus! I used Krave Jerky as an ingredient. Here we have shaved brussels sprouts with sweet teriyaki jerky.

krave jerky sweet grilled teriyaki brussels sprouts 500x500 August 2014 Goals Check

I liked it, but I wish I had used our Lemon Garlic flavor instead. When I make it again, I’ll definitely share the recipe. icon smile August 2014 Goals Check

6. Hang with any Charleston friends who come up here. I was so excited to see Rachel not once, but twice while she was here for work!

photo 1 1 500x500 August 2014 Goals Check

We went out on the weekend and also had a delicious meal at Alden & Harlow.

alden harlow cambridge 500x500 August 2014 Goals Check

Tomorrow I’ll post my September goals. What do you guys have on your list? I need ideas!

The Friday Five: Links, The Mind of a Chef, Lobster Rolls, Tofu Scramble, and GIFs!

1. Reading:

2. Watching: Thanks to Carly, I’ve been watching The Mind of a Chef on Netflix. Narrated by Anthony Bourdain and hosted by David Chang, the reality show combines travel, history, science, humor, and of course, food. Season 2 is hosted by Charleston local Sean Brock! If you’re at all into food or cooking, you’ll definitely want to check this out. It airs on PBS but you can catch the first two seasons on Netflix.

3. Eating: A couple weeks ago, I ventured out for a day trip to Newburyport. A lobster roll may or may not have been my motivation. Oh, and sunshine. I told you guys yesterday I’m soaking up the last of summer by wearing white jeans/shorts as much as possible, but I’m also spending a lot of quality time with lobsters.

bob lobster newburyport lobster roll e1409278963611 500x500 The Friday Five: Links, The Mind of a Chef, Lobster Rolls, Tofu Scramble, and GIFs!

bob lobster newburyport lobster roll chowder pickle e1409278998441 500x500 The Friday Five: Links, The Mind of a Chef, Lobster Rolls, Tofu Scramble, and GIFs!

That sucker right there was from Bob Lobster, a tiny little shack on the way to Plum Island. The place had crazy good ratings for fresh seafood–their lobster rolls and chowders in particular. Given the ratings, we ordered two lobster rolls and lobster chowder, and I of course ordered a pickle on the side. Because if it’s on the menu, I get it. The verdict? Yes, the food was fresh. But tasty? Not so much. There was nothing at all special about this. The bun was barely toasted (just at the bottom) and the lobster itself had no flavor. Same with the chowder. Super hot but barely any flavor. icon sad The Friday Five: Links, The Mind of a Chef, Lobster Rolls, Tofu Scramble, and GIFs! Onto the next roll!

biglink The Friday Five: Links, The Mind of a Chef, Lobster Rolls, Tofu Scramble, and GIFs!

4. Bookmarking: Tofu Scramble with Kale and Sweet Potatoes. You know you thought those were eggs! I bet you could easily trick someone with this too. Trust me, I tricked one of my ex boyfriends into thinking he was eating scrambled eggs. It was so satisfying when he was exclaiming how much he liked them. icon wink The Friday Five: Links, The Mind of a Chef, Lobster Rolls, Tofu Scramble, and GIFs!

e19633f0eca24e2c Tofu Scram.xxxlarge 2x The Friday Five: Links, The Mind of a Chef, Lobster Rolls, Tofu Scramble, and GIFs!

5. GIFs!

when i saw how much money i spent dining out last month

tumblr inline nay6cfYWQl1ro2d43 The Friday Five: Links, The Mind of a Chef, Lobster Rolls, Tofu Scramble, and GIFs!

and when i think about all the delicious food i ate

tumblr inline nanxqhULnA1ro2d43 The Friday Five: Links, The Mind of a Chef, Lobster Rolls, Tofu Scramble, and GIFs!

but when i think about all the calories it must’ve been

tumblr naw3auNFoS1ql5yr7o1 500 The Friday Five: Links, The Mind of a Chef, Lobster Rolls, Tofu Scramble, and GIFs!

and how much time i need to spend on the stairmaster

tumblr inline nazehgQFNH1ro2d43 The Friday Five: Links, The Mind of a Chef, Lobster Rolls, Tofu Scramble, and GIFs!

when a creepy guy asks me out

tumblr inline naxs2hzvrP1ro2d43 The Friday Five: Links, The Mind of a Chef, Lobster Rolls, Tofu Scramble, and GIFs!

but the reality is i’m…

tumblr inline naviobIQx41ro2d43 The Friday Five: Links, The Mind of a Chef, Lobster Rolls, Tofu Scramble, and GIFs!

have a great weekend!! xo

Things That Drive Me A Little Crazy

Join me in sharing what’s driving you a little bonkers lately.

1. I’m usually pretty careful about how much toothpaste I put on my toothbrush but this new tube I have is giving me issues. As I was walking around the house scrubbing away, my mouth was suddenly full of a LOT of foam. I kid you not, I swallowed a little and started choking to the point where I thought I might throw up toothpaste. I mean what the heck kind of chemicals are in this paste that makes it foam up to the point of making me choke? I mean I was literally foaming at the mouth…

2. Every time a FedEx or UPS truck drives by my house, I’m like a dog waiting for her owner to come home. I stare at the window praying it stops in front of my house to bring me a package. When it doesn’t stop, I pull a mini mental tantrum in my head wishing I got an order. What’s worse is when I come home, see an actual package, and realize it’s for my roommate and not me. Sad.

giphy Things That Drive Me A Little Crazy

3. When people on instagram go like-crazy on your photos, hearting like 10 in a row…but DON’T follow you. Listen chicks, if you just liked at least a handful of my most recent photos, I’m gonna guess you’ll probably like the future posts in my feed. Just sayin’. This isn’t gonna make me follow you. #stubborn

giphy Things That Drive Me A Little Crazy

4. Pedestrians when I’m driving/Cars when I’m a pedestrian. How messed up is this? When I’m walking/running and I near a sidewalk, GUESS WHO IS GOING? ME. Massachusetts will slap you with a $200 fine if you don’t stop for a pedestrian at a sidewalk and when I’m walking, I like to just jump straight into the street. A)Because I feel daring sometimes or B)I usually am not even paying attention and am in a rush. But when I’m driving…pedestrians make me insane. If they’re on a crosswalk, you go girl, walk on with your bad self. But when they’re just randomly walking in the middle of the street, oh my god don’t make me use my horn.

5. My work events include anything related to food, fitness, or wine & beer. We go to some pretty kickass places and meet really fun people. Every now and then we meet a super strict vegetarian who just isn’t a fan of jerky. That’s all fine and dandy until they call us meat killers. Yes, this has happened at least 3x. I have no problem with anyone being a vegetarian–more power to ya!–but is that comment necessary? I proceed to hold it together with a slightly awkward grin.

giphy Things That Drive Me A Little Crazy

6. Pumpkin spice everything being here in AUGUST. WHYYYYYYY. Ok, I’m happy for you PSL lovers who seem to be *thrilled* that it’s here early, but it doesn’t stop there. Like I said in my last post, I saw the Pumpkin Spice and Candy Corn M&Ms in Target already. Why do we seem to rush the seasons away? I will hold onto Summer as long as I can. These white jeans aren’t coming off my body anytime soon.


And this is why I drink wine! Cheers!

200 Things That Drive Me A Little Crazy

What little things drive you crazy?

Happy Things

On Friday Jess and I went to the Patriots game. They played (and won!) against the Carolina Panthers. Though I was never a Panthers fan and yes, it was only a preseason game, it was still awesome to see the Patriots kick their butt. We had beautiful weather for the game, too—a cool, breezy 60 degrees.

new england patriots gillette stadium2 500x375 Happy Things

This week has been much warmer than the last. It’ll be 90* on Wednesday! Heat wave! And what does that mean? Ice cream. I went to Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream again, this time to their original location in Inman Square. I had peanut butter chip and carrot cake. The carrot cake was perfect! Just a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg and full of raisins. I like Christina’s Ice Cream a lot because the texture is lighter but very smooth.

christinas homemade ice cream cambridge carrot cake peanut butter chip e1409019416364 500x375 Happy Things

On Sunday my friend Mick and I basically had an eating tour through Cambridge. I’m not kidding; we ate at like 4 different places in Harvard and Central Squares. The highlight was the Biggie Brunch at Alden & Harlow. This rap music themed party brought together 5 local chefs who cooked up culinary delights while Notorious BIG, among other hip hop artists, played loudly throughout the restaurant.

We shared two plates. First up, Michael Scelfo (of Alden & Harlow)’s dish. “Honey’s Play Me Close Like Butter Plays Toast”: chicken fried rabbit, holliston honey butter, cold smoked grits. No joke, that was the name. I’m glad this plate was small because it was very rich. The rabbit is dipped in buttermilk and then panko crumbs so it had a very interesting texture.alden harlow biggie brunch cambridge chicken fried rabbit 500x500 Happy Things

The second was a dish by Jake Rojas of Tallulah on Thames. Huevos Rancheros: chorizo con papa y huevos estrellados. [huevos estrellados = eggs sunny side up] Look at the cute little chips and tiny dollops of avocado! I just wanted to stare at it and not eat it. It was delicious though. I’ve eaten at A&H three times now and I love it more each time.

alden harlow biggie brunch cambridge huevos rancheros 500x500 Happy Things
I almost always go savory for brunch; I think sweets are best reserved for dessert. But honestly I was pretty shocked to see that the pumpkin and candy corn m&ms have already arrived at Target. IT’S AUGUST!!!! Let the sun shine a bit longer puhleeeeeease. I tried both flavors last year and I liked candy corn much more. Which did you guys like?
pumpkin candy corn mms e1409019668551 500x500 Happy Things

And finally, the last thing that’s making me happy is actually making me crack up, every time I see it. This is my cousin Nolan. He’s such a cutie, isn’t he? One of the cousins’ girl friends told them about the Beauty 365 makeover app, so they downloaded it and gave themselves makeovers. Before:

photo 6 343x500 Happy Things

makeover beauty 365 app iphone 335x500 Happy Things

I cannot look at this without laughing. Those boys!