The Friday Five 12.20.14

1. Reading:

2. Listening: I’ve loved Ivan Gough’s “In My Mind” for a while now…but somehow missed the version with Flo Rida. So pumped I discovered this one.

3. Eating: Sooooo I’m slightly obsessed with Whole Foods’ matzoh ball soup. I first tried it when it was on the hot bar for Rosh Hashanah. It was so good, I went back and snapped a pic of the ingredients and bought everything to remake it. I’ve made it a couple times but it never comes out as delicious as theirs. I think it’s my broth. Knowing they use products they sell in store, I *know* I can improve my version. I’m thrilled that it’s back for Hanukah. So much that I tweeted about it and Whole Foods graciously alerted my local stores to help me find which locations would have it. They’re the BEST.

IMG 5453 500x500 The Friday Five 12.20.14

This entire chain cracked me up. I love how multiple Boston locations started chiming in to help me on my hunt for matzo balls.Screen Shot 2014 12 18 at 11.20.25 PM 500x149 The Friday Five 12.20.14Screen Shot 2014 12 18 at 11.19.46 PM 500x394 The Friday Five 12.20.14Screen Shot 2014 12 18 at 11.22.24 PM 500x83 The Friday Five 12.20.14

4. Bookmarking: Chickpea Stew with Spinach & Sausage. Yum!!

chickpea soup 11 The Friday Five 12.20.14

5. GIFs!

running on the treadmill

tumblr inline nexwnvMdHy1r79k32 The Friday Five 12.20.14tumblr inline nexwnxX0HV1r79k32 The Friday Five 12.20.14

after every workout

tumblr nf74e3Z3QM1ql5yr7o1 500 The Friday Five 12.20.14


tumblr inline nf766q9Xji1ro2d43 The Friday Five 12.20.14

my diet on the weekends

tumblr inline ndtjcfELCN1ro2d43 The Friday Five 12.20.14

when the whole foods employees ask if i want to sample something

giphy The Friday Five 12.20.14

when there’s no wait at a restaurant

tumblr inline mgwlfuV4rT1rqli3p The Friday Five 12.20.14

how i feel about christmas bonuses

tumblr inline ne4nrcnXmL1ro2d43 The Friday Five 12.20.14

happy friday friends! xo

Shop Til I Drop

As do most girls, I have a love hate relationship with Forever 21. For one, I am forever 25, not forever 21, so I feel like I have no business in that store. Two, it is rare to find a location that isn’t a complete $%@#show. But truth be told, sometimes all those flashing lights and rave music lure me in. Not to mention the prices.  Here are my finds from the weekend.

Stretch-Knit Lace Top, bought in black and cream. $10 for a top? Sure, I’ll take two.

forever 21 stretch knit lace top 500x500 Shop Til I Drop
I thought this faux leather trimmed top was pretty cute too. Don’t worry, you’ll see it on instagram this weekend. icon wink Shop Til I Dropforever 21 faux leather trim blouse blue 500x500 Shop Til I DropTo my surprise, I saw that they are now carrying petite-sized jeans. I gave them a whirl and was shocked to find that they fit me really well. And wait for it…they were $7. SEVEN. My roommate said “Do NOT wash them and do NOT dry them.” OK so wear them twice? Still worth it.

00102183 01 Shop Til I Drop

These mesh panel leggings, while not Lululemon quality, are super fun. Sadly, they are sold out online but there were plenty in store. Similar here and here.

00101543 01 Shop Til I Drop

All of that was like $55. What!? Thank goodness, because my next stop was at Kiehl’s and you know I spent more than that there. I love Kiehl’s so much. I’ve only been using their products for a little over a month but wow, they are good. Their customer service is amazing as well. Everyone in the store is more than happy to show you the products and they always give out tons of samples. No joke, each time I’ve made a purchase I’ve gotten at least 10-12 goodies!

I’m kind of crazy about eye treatments, as it’s been the first area where I’ve spotted aging. Puffiness is my main issue, but I’ve also noticed some fine lines. EW. I currently use their avocado eye treatment and their midnight recovery serum, but wanted a preventative treatment as well. My favorite girl highly recommended the super multi-corrective eye serum for lifting, firming, hydrating, and correcting. Sounds magical.1046580 02a 1044534 09c  metal bottle 129 gracol flat re Shop Til I Drop

I had a holiday coupon for $20 off a $65+ purchases, so buying something else was a no brainer. The next thing Kiehl’s product I wanted to try was a mask, and after playing with a couple, I went with the rare earth pore cleansing masque. The white clay, aloe vera, and oatmeal mixture is good for removing oil, dirt, and toxins. You only use a thin layer, and with this being a 5 oz. jar, I will get a ton of uses out of it.  Shop Til I Drop

My last purchase from the weekend (aside from top secret Christmas presents!) was a pair of drifter capris from Athleta. They were in the clearance section ($31 down from $64!) and I was immediately drawn to the color. They’re pretty thick and have two little zippered pockets on each leg. For snacks, right? Or keys. Sure.cn8304900 Shop Til I Drop

And yes, they suck you in nice and tight!

Monday morning my boss sent me an email with “Help Me” in the subject line. I opened it in a panic, but discovered she was jokingly telling me how she was trying to Christmas shop but kept finding things for herself! I think we all have that issue, especially with the amazing sales going on. I try to limit myself to one purchase for every 3 Christmas gifts I buy. icon smile Shop Til I Drop So far, so good.

Oh, and today when I was going to buy some clothes for my little brother, I (awkwardly) found myself trying on hats in the Girls section. Don’t judge, they have some really cute winter accessories. And for $8, I needed this neon pink hat. If you have green eyes like me, get it. It makes them pop!cn8709827 Shop Til I Drop

I’m sure you’re like how the heck does your head fit in a kid’s hat? Size XL baby.

Playing Catch Up

Oh hello there!

So, I’ve mentioned my love for b.good before, but I need to rave about one of their new kale & quinoa bowls. Look at this beauty.FullSizeRender 4 500x500 Playing Catch Up

It’s the Curry & Grilled Avocado bowl with organic quinoa, kale, sautéed veggies, cauliflower, roasted red pepper, peas, almonds, and spicy curry, mint-yogurt sauce. Get it!!

Another go-to bowl I sometimes pick up when I’m traveling is Panera’s Power Chicken Hummus Bowl. It usually comes with red onions (eeeek, no thanks) but I nix those and add feta. IMG 5086 500x500 Playing Catch Up

Chicken, cilantro jalapeño hummus, baby spinach, cucumbers, and diced tomatoes, finished with freshly squeezed lemon juice and freshly chopped cilantro.

I try my hardest to eat healthy during the week and work out at least 3x, because the weekends are for fun and fattening foods. Call it cheat days if you will, but I prefer to call it balance. This margherita pizza from Pini’s pretty much saved my life on Sunday.FullSizeRender 7 500x500 Playing Catch Up

Because on Saturday Lindsay, her friend Danielle, and I thought that vodka was water and a means for survival. Ok, no. Let’s just say that my 2015 resolution is to ban that devil juice from my life. Honestly the only thing we should’ve been drinking from is that ice bucket. FullSizeRender 9 500x500 Playing Catch Up

I spent the majority of Sunday watching football with my friend Harold who also went out with us. Watching football with boys is always so amusing. They can be such die-hard fans. When I asked Harold, “Who would you root for if the Patriots didn’t exist?” he said “I would not watch football.” Oh. Cheers to the Patriots clinching their division! FullSizeRender 8 500x500 Playing Catch Up

Massachusetts is one heck of a sports-crazed state and I love it. You can find fan gear pretty much everywhere. Even the grocery store. Would it be totally insane if I bought this for my pre-baby? (Answer: yes)

FullSizeRender 5 500x500 Playing Catch Up
See you tomorrow with some fun purchases from the weekend! <3

Weekend Steals

Happy shopping, friends!

  • Amazon: Green Monday Sales
  • Ann Taylor50% off full-price sweaters and pants with code JOYFUL50 and extra 40% off sale
  • Anthropologie: Extra 30% off sale items with code EXTRAMERRY
  • ASOS20% off select brands, including Boss Orange, French Connection, and  Zadig & Voltaire
  • Athleta: Up to 50% off sale
  • Banana Republic40% off with code FESTIVE
  • Gap40% off with code FESTIVE
  • J.Crew: Up to 30% off with code MERRYMERRY
  • J.Crew Factory:  30% off everything including new arrivals
  • Kate Spade Saturday$25 off $100, $50 off $150, $75 off $200
  • LOFT: full-price sweaters and tops 50% off
  • Madewell: UP TO 30% off with code GOFORIT
  • Nordstrom: Up to 40% off select new markdowns
  • Piperlime30% off select holiday styles with code CELEBRATE