love + loathe list

i’ve seen a few bloggers post this recently. thought it was neat!

beach 335x500 love + loathe list


1. reading. libraries and bookstores are two places i frequent…for fun. there’s something so special about opening a book for the first time, turning the crisp pages and hearing the spine crack. i’ve said for years that i’d love to get married in a library so let’s hope there’s another bookworm weirdo out there willing to book that venue. 😉

2. sunshine. one of the things i miss most about charleston is the weather. maybe not the humidity, but the fact that the sun is shining more often than not. if there was just one thing i’d change about boston, it would be the weather.

3. fitness. some people struggle to get themselves to the gym, but i actually enjoy going. i love trying different routines and classes and get such a sense of accomplishment after a good workout.

4. food! cookbooks are my favorite read, not just for the recipes but the colorful photos of delicious meals. i love keeping up with food trends and health-related issues too.

5. my family. my people are crazy and wonderful in all the right ways. they support me, make me laugh, and are always so caring.

6. water. i don’t even have to be in it, but just be able to see it. i always do a little happy dance in my head when i drive by or fly over water. it’s beautiful and calming.


1. honking. unless i am about to crash into you, is tooting your horn really that necessary? people in boston honk incessantly. please stop!

2. grammar errors. people are getting worse and worse with how poorly they write. texting has screwed us all over! related: people who say “expresso” instead of espresso and those who don’t know the difference between your/you’re.

3. red onions. i can’t even see them without cringing. the taste, the color, the way they have a slippery crunch. ew ew ew ew ew.

4. when cabinets/drawers/doors are ajar. this makes me shudder. i can never go to sleep if my closet door or dresser drawers are open, at ALL.

5. stepping in water with socks on. such a strange feeling!

6. people standing too closely behind me in line. ooooh, back up please. sometimes if i’m feeling extra feisty, i will purposefully back up an inch to signal “you are too close, honey.”  : O

tell me what you love + loathe!

The Friday Five 7.24.15

Woooah, it’s been a long time since I’ve written a Friday Five post! Let’s get right to it.

1. Watching: The Age of Adaline. Try not to let your jaw drop, but this was the first time I’d ever seen Blake Lively in action. I understand all the hype around her now; she’s a wonderful actress and flawlessly beautiful. The film was no different. It was so touching and definitely worth watching at least once.

The Age of Adaline film poster The Friday Five 7.24.15

2. Reading: This is What You Just Put in Your Mouth? by Patrick Di Justo. Ever wonder what exactly all those weird ingredients in your food are? This book tell you straight up. In addition to food ingredients, it also delves into beauty products, personal care items, and household goods. While Di Justo is thorough in the array of ingredients he covers, it’s not always easy to tell if they’re safe or harmful. But it’s a neat read and will have you questioning everything you put in your mouth.

22238370 The Friday Five 7.24.15

3. Eating: I Heart Keenwah clusters. These little bites are strangely addicting! With a quinoa & nut base, they’re lightly sweetened and super crunchy. They come in a variety of flavors: chocolate sea salt, peanut butter cacao, cashew cranberry, almond, and peanut ginger. I often buy the peanut butter cacao for a sweet & salty treat. I’ve seen them at Whole Foods and even TJ Maxx, but you can use their store locator here.

 The Friday Five 7.24.15

4.  Bookmarking: Mint Chocolate Chip “Nice” Cream. It’s made with coconut milk!

NiceCream resized The Friday Five 7.24.15

5. GIFs!

any day i get to work before my boss

tumblr inline nr3idwfVq71r79k32 500 The Friday Five 7.24.15

when my friend says “come over, i have wine”

tumblr inline nrei2lNExK1r79k32 500 The Friday Five 7.24.15

when someone says they have a juicy secret

tumblr nrkbspIoJo1ql5yr7o1 500 The Friday Five 7.24.15


tumblr nqvz2g6moq1ql5yr7o1 500 The Friday Five 7.24.15

the combination of champagne + secrets

tumblr nrihjpU3lc1ql5yr7o1 500 The Friday Five 7.24.15

the usual cure:

tumblr n340tmxQVG1ql5yr7o2 250 The Friday Five 7.24.15

looking for prince charming

tumblr npuxyxS2y11re4hf4o1 500 The Friday Five 7.24.15

have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday Tidbits

1. I’ve eaten a lot of salads lately. The heat always suppresses my appetite (yay, bikini season), so salads are usually a lighter option. When I was in RI for work last week, I discovered Garden Grille, a super cute vegetarian café in Pawtucket. (Side note: is that not the weirdest city name?)IMG 9726 500x500 Tuesday Tidbits

This beauty is the Reggie’s Raw Heaven: arugula, mango, grapefruit, avocado, beet-infused jicama, cashew gamasio, and pomegranate dressing. So summery.

2. It has been HOT here lately. I love it but geez I do not want to wear anything but a bikini. Or basically anything breathable. This outfit is like the closest I can get to wearing a bathing suit to work. Yes, work is verrrrrrry casual. No employee handbook in that joint.

Screen Shot 2015 07 21 at 9.07.09 PM 392x500 Tuesday Tidbits

Those shorts are sold out, but these are just as good.

3. I finally got my first gel manicure. Life changing. I’m not kidding when I say they lasted over 2 weeks. The only reason I got them redone was because both of my thumbnails chipped. Probably from all the instagramming, let’s be honest. I got a pale pink first, shown here:

IMG 9920 500x500 Tuesday Tidbits

And my second visit I went for something much brighter. I can’t believe how long it lasted, especially because I’m pretty rough on my nails and cook a lot.FullSizeRender3 500x500 Tuesday TidbitsOne question I have is has anyone ever done white polish? I love the look of them but worry they’ll stain really easily.

4. Please tell me I’m not the only girl who leaves Sephora with 28572987928 lipstick marks on her hand. Or eyeshadow. Or blush. You know you do.

IMG 9971 e1437526893272 500x500 Tuesday Tidbits

For the record, I ended up buying this magenta lip luster and it is the prettiest (and loudest) shade of pink. When I wore it to work, one of my bosses said “That’s an aggressive pink.” and another said “That color says you want to make a statement.” MEN.

s1568104 main hero 300 Tuesday Tidbits

5. I love my girl Teri. We’ve read each other’s blogs for like, years, but have recently become closer friends. She sent me the sweetest, most unexpected birthday surprise that just made my day. The earrings are so pretty and exactly my style. #blogfriendsarethebestfriends

IMG 9943 e1437526908212 500x500 Tuesday Tidbits

6. Made me laugh.

FullSizeRender 3 500x500 Tuesday Tidbits Have a great week!


Boston Feature: Cocobeet Organic Juices & Pure Foods

One of the best things about living in a big city is the surplus of restaurant options. Boston is also a very active, wellness-minded city so we have plenty of healthy spots. Cocobeet is Boston’s original organic juice bar. But it’s more than just a juice bar — it’s a grab-and-go health food concept. All of their products are organic, unprocessed, GMO-free, and locally sourced. Everything is raw, vegan, and gluten-free. Seriously, how much healthier can you get?pure cocobeet boston2 500x500 Boston Feature: Cocobeet Organic Juices & Pure Foodspure cocobeet juices boston 2 500x500 Boston Feature: Cocobeet Organic Juices & Pure Foodspure cocobeet boston juices 500x500 Boston Feature: Cocobeet Organic Juices & Pure Foods

Unlike many juices on the market, all of Cocobeets’ are cold pressed and made daily. Many in-store juices are made from high pressure processing — a technique used to extend the shelf life that unfortunately degrades the quality of juice. Cocobeet has over 30 different juices, smoothies, and power shots. Using these beverages, they’ve designed 3 different cleanses:

  • the plant-packed juice cleanse — best for advanced juicers
  • the reroot juice cleanse — for intermediate cleansers, a mix of juices & smoothies
  • the transition cleanse — best for beginners, a mix of juices, smoothies & pure food

cocobeet juice cleanse options 435x500 Boston Feature: Cocobeet Organic Juices & Pure Foods

Before starting a cleanse, it’s important that you begin eliminating processed foods for several days. Leading up to one, I typically eat Whole-30 style: no grains, sugar, alcohol, dairy, or legumes. It helps prepare your body to go from eating whatever to just drinking liquids. After my visit to choose my juices, I went home with some of their delicious pure foods.

cocobeet boston pure foods e1437352549614 500x500 Boston Feature: Cocobeet Organic Juices & Pure Foods

  • fortitude health shot – a mix of ACV, probiotics & aloe water
  • kale chips – one of my favorite snacks and I really enjoyed theirs
  • vanilla berry chia pudding – SO good and very filling
  • kale chips – one of my favorite snacks and I really enjoyed theirs
  • chocolate coconut truffles – the best healthy treat that’s packed with energy-boosting ingredients
  • veggie quinoa sliders – these came with a delicious spicy cashew sauce
  • raw zucchini basil pesto – zoodles!! and dairy free pesto IS delicious

    pure cocobeet boston vanila berry chia pudding 500x500 Boston Feature: Cocobeet Organic Juices & Pure Foods

Seriously this chia pudding…I could eat it every morning.
pure cocobeet boston raw zucchini basil pesto 500x500 Boston Feature: Cocobeet Organic Juices & Pure Foods

I was really impressed with the freshness, quality, and flavor. I think so many people fear foods that are vegan or plant-based, assuming they’re lacking in flavor. So not true! I got a few of my coworkers to try the pudding and the kale chips and they were pleasantly surprised. This week I’m starting their plant-packed juice cleanse so stay tuned for my findings!

What’s your favorite thing about unprocessed, whole foods? Boston locals: Have you been into Cocobeet before?