Fresh Foodie Finds

Your snack queen is back with some goodies. Once I spot a new product, I almost always have to try it. Here are some of my latest finds.

KIND Snacks Dark Chocolate Almond & Mint Bar – KIND recently came out with a bunch of new flavors including this sweet treat. It’s really good and only has 5g of sugar.

kind dark chocolate almond mint

The other new flavors include Dark Chocolate Almond & Coconut, Black Truffle Almond & Sea Salt, Honey Roasted Nuts & Sea Salt, and Raspberry Cashew & Chia. I’m going to pick up the raspberry next.raspberry cashew chia kind bar snacks

That’s It Fruit Bars – I try not to eat a ton of bars because they’re usually loaded with weird ingredients or a bunch of sugar, but these are a safe bet. With just two (yes, 2!) ingredients per bar, you know you’re in good hands. My favorite is the Apple + Coconut.

that's it fruit bars

Alive & Radiant Quite Cheezy Kale Chips – When I need a little salty crunch, these fix my craving. They’re GF, DF, Paleo, and raw…but delicious. I also love that they list “blessings” on the ingredient list.

Vermints – And when my breath needs a pick-me-up after eating kale chips (you know what I’m talking about), I like these mints. They have such interesting flavors. I tried all six and ended up liking Chai the most! I shared them at work and one of my bosses said that the Cafe Express flavor tasted “like a hipster coffeeshop.” Ha.


365 Mango Habanero Pickles – If you like pickles or anything sweet & spicy, you need these asap. Seriously. I’m considering buying a case because they’re limited edition and this jar won’t last me long. They pack some serious heat but the sweetness of the mango cools you right down. Love love love these.

365 mango habanero pickle chips

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Chips – Shameless plug bc they’re one of my social media clients but eeeehhh these are the best! If you’re going to pick up a bag of Cookie Chips, do yourself a favor and get this flavor or the Original, my second favorite. If you’re GF, you must try the Lemon Sugar. Or you can just come over to my house and try them all. 😉

Cinnamon Sugar

What new products have you recently found? I’ll just go ahead and add them to my never-ending grocery list. 😉



Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?

EEK, it’s been over 2 months since I’ve posted. How did that even happen? I kept thinking about posting, then putting it off, then was overwhelmed with everything I wanted to update you on. Does anyone feel like instagram has replaced blogging in a sense?

Any who, all is good over here. I recently celebrated my 2-year anniversary living in Boston and my 1-year anniversary at my current job. Both of which have me wondering where the time went. I’ve been so lucky to have my Charleston friends visit me up here. This year alone I’ve had visits from Nancy (twice!), Boding, and Carter.

SC friends

All three of those nuts came up during the winter so whoever wants to come up when the sun is actually out…be my guest. Literally.

In travel news on my end, I’m thrilled to say that this week I’m headed to San Francisco for the first time. SF has been on my travel list for a while, and when I saw a steal of a flight, I just booked it. Within, oh, say 24 hours, I convinced two of my gal pals to meet me out there. We’re so excited to be coming from three different states (SC, OH, and MA) to see each other for the first time in 5 years! It’s gonna be a great, wine-filled reunion. Here’s Jenna, me, and Callie in 2010.


If anyone has any San Francisco recs, do send! I may or may not have 12 restaurant reservations already bookedbut heck, send over what you’ve got.

My first two years here, fitness wasn’t really as much of a focus. This is so different from when I lived in Charleston and I seriously wonder if it has to do with the weather. Less sun = less beach time = less motivation…you get what I’m saying. But in the past 6 weeks I’ve worked out like a champion and I feel so much better, mentally and physically. It’s tough getting back into the swing of things, but when you start seeing physical changes after 4-5 weeks, it’s incredibly motivating. I’ve got an 8-week plan if anyone is interested in seeing some workouts! Happy to post those.

Running was totally missing from my life too. I always do sprints at the gym, but anything long distance seemed like a chore. Last month, however, my friend Taylor and I decided we’d start doing monthly races. We’ve been texting each other every morning encouraging each other to hit the gym or go for a run. It’s SO motivating having a workout buddy, even if we’re not always exercising together. Our first run was at the end of April — part one a 5K series in Cambridge.

We work together, so we designed shirts to advertise the restaurant. We run for the buns!


And when we’re not running, we’re playing in the kitchen. BBC’s newest thing is outrageous frappes, so we’ve been candy shopping for some specials. Taylor decided we needed a unicorn frappe so we put our superpowers together to make them.


Let’s just say that Taylor is the frappe queen and I am…the trap queen of milkshakes. I mean, just look at mine. Homegirl looks like she had a ROUGH night at the bar. WOOF.


I’ll be back tomorrow with some fresh foodie finds. And as far as the upcoming posts, I’ve got a book review, a recipe, some beauty finds, and maybe I’ll post a workout if you’re interested. Ciao!

10 Years Ago vs. Today

10 years ago seems like an eternity, does it not? But it has seriously flown by. At 21 I would’ve looked ahead ten years and though “Ugh, I do not want to be 31.” And today, at that age, I cringe thinking about having to do 21 over. I never believed a soul when they said 30s are the best but my god they are better than 20s.

10 Years Ago vs. Today

Fast Food: Chick-fila. No doubt about it. I lived across the street from one for years and I would go like 3x a week. I can’t even tell you how thrilled I was to ride in one of their cars.

Today: b.good, for sure. They have a solid menu full of delicious burgers, salads and quinoa bowls. And they’re really good about being transparent with their nutrition, ingredients, and food sources. They aim to use local as much as possible which is something to be proud of. My favorite item is their Southwestern salad, but I usually love everything I order.b.good salad collage

Favorite Food: 

Pickles. pickles. pickles.

Today: I still loved pickled anything, but I don’t say it’s my favorite. Now I always want charcuterie and veggie boards or a Nicoise salad. I’m also on a grilled calamari kick. CF0CA89D-9657-4743-A6B9-C5B5FED64853 2


Oh I was definitely riding the oatmeal train back then. Like Quaker oat packets. Yikes.

Today: I eat the same breakfast every single day. 2 eggs (either hard-boiled or over easy), avocado or bacon, and a piece of fruit. I love eggs a LOT.IMG_1404 2


I was in a relationship from 18-21 and another from 21-23…then a couple more.

Today: That’s laughable. My last serious relationship was when I was 25. Yes, 6 years ago. I have dated people on and off since then but no one has really won me over. I’m a tough cookie and I really, really value my independence. (Cough/working on those attachment issues/cough)

I was 21, finishing college and drinking Bud Light.

Today: I am 31, fully invested in my day job and my social media clients and loving what I do. I don’t drink bud light anymore. Haha. It’s wine only now! And still, with my best girl Nancy.



At 21 I had just finished college and was working at a medical practice with Nancy’s mom.

Today: I’m the Director of Marketing for a restaurant group and I have several social media clients. I take lots of food pics and eat all day long, usually with my shoes off.



A black Honda Accord.

Today: A grey Honda Accord. So that didn’t change much…

Coffee Shop of Choice:

I didn’t really drink coffee back then. We had a Keurig at work that I’d sometimes use.

Today: My favorite is 9 Bar in Davis Square. I dig the local thing now. Much better service and quality.


Gap, Old Navy, Belk, Wal-Mart for random stuff

Today: LOFT, Banana, J. Crew, Nordstrom (my fave!) and obviously Target

Hair Care:

I didn’t highlight my hair, had a boring cut, and  probably used any shampoo that smelled good.

Today: All I use now are Living Proof products and I’ve had an angled bob in various lengths for years.

My grammy.

Today: Still my Grammy. That woman is pure gold. She’s the closest thing I have to a mother and I love every bit of her for taking care of me. I should get her a trophy.


Fiction. Light, girly beach reads.

Today: cookbooks, or anything related to health, nutrition, food, or marketing.

A lot can change in a 10-year span! Who knows what my answers will be at 41. I’m sure I’ll still be driving a Honda and high-fiving my Grammy though. : )

What’s something that is really different about your life today than it was 10 years ago? Or better yet, do one of these posts as well so I can see lots of differences!

Watch This: The Answers

Every now and then I find a short film or clip that I find so moving. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this one, but I’m fascinated by every second of it. I’ve watched it several times and sent it to many people, all of whom loved it as much as I do.

I know most of us are so terrible about watching anything more than like 45 seconds (am I right?!) but this is worth it! Don’t let that little 7:44 timer scare you. 😉

Let me know what you think!

What would YOU ask?